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81 New Earth

Very awesome episode! Bring back Carandra (sorry I don't know how to spell it)... Very fun. The catkind are awesome too.

82 Gridlock

You gotta love the car-jumping part, but its "Oh I'm Novice Hame, and due to an amazing plot convenience, I'll take you to see the Face of Boe who dies in order to open a giant skylight" Yeaaahh...?

Absolutely amazing episode with my favourite doctor! The jumping from car to car and 'The Motorway' :D I'm a hardcore Whovian and this is one of my favourite episodes

83 The Name of the Doctor

The end is great, but it seems very rushed at times and slow at others.

84 The Woman Who Lived
85 Dark Water / Death in Heaven
86 Flatline
87 The Krotons
88 The Daleks' Master Plan V 1 Comment
89 Tooth and Claw

A historical full of suspense and werewolves!

90 The Aztecs

Probably my favorite Hartnell story. It is dramatic, slightly humorous, and introduces the element that you can't change history.

91 Let's Kill Hitler

The whole episode is about River Song, not Hitler (who is portrayed as flat-out stupid), and the whole thing just seems not good. Period.

Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! This episode is so funny and touching. Wish I could vote again to put it higher on the list a bit.

One of the funniest episodes-had some great lines.

92 The Rebel Flesh
93 The Fires of Pompeii

This is a really exciting and well-done episode. I wish I could vote again, because I feel this should have at least been in the top twenty.

Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan as supporting characters make this my favorite episode.

94 The Enemy of the World

One of the few 6-part stories that uses its length to its advantage. It's a very interesting plot, and I'm thankful it was found a few years ago.

V 2 Comments
95 The Ambassadors of Death
96 The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
97 Sleep No More

One of the very few Doctor who episodes that have scared the pants off me. And that 4th wall break is 'Fantastic'!

98 Under the Lake / Before the Flood
99 Into the Dalek
100 The Tenth Planet
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