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41 The Girl From Yesterday

More country perhaps than most Eagles fans like, but one of my favorites.

Was this Eagles or was this Glenn Frey solo?

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42 Guilty of the Crime
43 Dirty Laundry

Not the Eagles, Don Henley by himself

44 Journey of the Sorcerer

Simply awesome!

The creativity just flows out...

Deserves to be in the top 5 at least.

Amazing instrumental...

People really have bad choices on this site!

Number 2 after Bitter Creek


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45 Busy Being Fabulous

Love this one!

46 Outlaw Man

Epic song! Starts with a banjo and then transforms into a real good jive. Makes me want to shoot whiskey bottles and rob stagecoaches

47 James Dean

Song about the greatest actor of all time

48 Certain Kind of Fool

You guys are deaf. Listen to this song...why hasnt anyone voted for this? It has so much meanings...and the song itself is eargasmic. One of the top tens at least. LISTEN AND VOTE.

49 Ol' 55

Love this song. Though I can't rate it number one my list it most certainly would be in my top 10 Eagles songs. I'm sure a lot of people aren't familiar with it... The only reason why I can imagine it is so far down the list.

The Eagles captured a sense or nostalgic longing for times past. It is a lovely arrangement on their hands.

Would probably rate it higher if the Eagles had written it, but this is actually a Tom Waits song.

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50 Most of Us Are Sad

Especially on the day that Glenn Frey passed away - Billyv

What a shock that was. I had heard he was sick but had no idea it was that bad. 67 is way too young...

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51 Midnight Flyer

The Eagles took this bluegrass cover and ran with it. A great vocal performance by Meisner and an awesome instrumental outro showing off his bass skills and Glenn Frey's guitar slide.

52 Hollywood Waltz

Really pretty melody and instrumentation. In the same vein as Saturday night.

53 King of Hollywood

That groovy style complemented by the solos. Strange it wasn't already on the list.

54 Please Come Home for Christmas
55 Train Leaves Here This Morning
56 Nightingale
57 What Do I Do With My Heart V 1 Comment
58 You Never Cry Like a Lover

This is representative of the melodic ballads and has soaring harmonies.

The guitar solo is just absolutely amazing

59 Bitter Creek

This actually deserves a higher ranking. Bernie Leadon sang and wrote this song about the warning and the foretelling of an outlaw's fate.

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60 Frail Grasp On the Big Picture
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