Thinking Out Loud


This is such a wonderful song... And the video is breathtaking... Such wonderful feelings and emotions are thought out loud using this song

I am 71 and have collected all kinds of music since the mid fifties, many recordings which I still have. I count many love songs among my favorites. This is perhaps the best I have ever heard which has completely amazed me for two reasons; hearing it so late in my life and coming from such a young man. Thank you Ed Sheehan for this wonderful gift. Love truly is evergreen.

This is my ALL DAY ALL TIME song curiously, I use this song for : Boring days I became seriously fun,I also like to search some remix of this song but this also have a scary part tat you can see theirs a clown, seriously a clown at the first heart part of this song BUT it just freak me out, if I were the creator of this rank, I would seriously pop this song to TOP 1 so I'M BEGGING YOU ALL PEOPLE WHO CAN GO TO THIS SITE DON'T PICK OTHER SONGS TO VOTE PLEASE! ITS YOUR LAST CHOICE PICK THIS SONG OR VOTE OTHER SONGS (if you really pick this fave song)

I always look forward to hearing a song by Ed Sheeran because I know it will be inventive, will have outstanding lyrics, be sung well, and will be honest and heartfelt. I also really like that Ed doesn't have to resort to profanity or anything like that. If you are truly talented, you can just speak from your heart.

Great video of him surprising a girl performing this song at an Edmonton mall. Great to hear a young artists writing great love. Songs the way Taylor, Dylan, Lightfoot, Stevens, Mitchell, and others did in my day. At only 24, the sky is the limit for this talented young guy.

It is such incredible love song. And become one of the most great song from 2015. Eve time I heard to it it makes me sensible person. Ed's voice also real. The video also great. The song makes ed to be one of the most good rated singers in today's music industry

What an amazing song it is! Not only the music but the lyrics also make you love this song even more. I don't get tired of listening this song again and again. What a beautiful composition. I think only a true lover's gonna appreciate this song.

Brings warmth to your heart just hearing it. One of my favorites. A raw beautiful song of love and life. I felt emotional when I first heard it and had to get it right away on my phone. I will never grow tired of this song.

WHY IS THIS SONG AT NO. 4?! Its deserves top spot! Ed Sheeran is so talented and I really hope people realize that he is one of the best songwriters out there.. This song is number 1 in my list!

This song is so beautiful and catchy as well as tied with Perfect. Whenever I hear this song play my heart skips a beat and I start to get the swoony feels. The tune, melody, and beat is catchy. It tugs my heartstrings and when I first heard it Back in 2014 it made me fall deeply in love and it put me in a romantic mood. The words and lyrics are meaningful and the whole song gets stuck in my head as well as Perfect. It is definitely the hit of the heart. I love Ed’s vocals and he can make any girls from ages 12-20 catch their hearts and swoon with his music whenever I hear his romantic songs as well as Perfect and Tenerife Sea I start to close my eyes and picture the song with imagery. This song is Masterpiece as well as Perfect and those songs will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Thinking Out Loud make me have strong emotions and I want my boyfriend to sing this song (Thinking Out Loud) or Perfect to me one day. Those 2 songs Thinking Out Loud And Perfect definitely ...more

The first ever song I heard of ed sheeran. I love it so much. I think its one of the best songs of ed sheeran. For those who haven't heard this song please listen to it, it's amazing!

Oh I love this song more than A Team, which is close. It reminds me of Ron and Hermione's relationship, which in my choice is an absolutely great relationship. It also reminds me of my relationship!

Outstanding song. Love the lyrics. Love ed sheeran. One of the most amazing and talented artists of the moment. This song reminds me of many things. Love him. Ed forever!

This has to be the number one favourite, all his songs are wonderful but this is extra-special. I don't know anyone who doesn't think that he's one of the best performers ever, such talent

There aren't many songs that I've heard in my life that captivated me the same way this song did, right off the bat. It's sang with such passion, you can just feel it. Simply amazing

Love this song. Can only say makes me think of the time I have with my husband and how amazing love really is and to be thankful to god for giving me a chance at this kind of love

Why the hell is this so low on the list?

This was the song that made me devote 100% to Ed Sheeran. His voice is absolutely mesmerizing in this melody, and his vocals blow me away every time I listen to it.

Great song... I love it! I just recently discovered Ed's music and he is so talented and a wonderful song writer and performer. I hope he makes music a long time!

What an amazing song this is! Not just the music the lyrics make it even easier to love this song. The video too is really cute. Ed Sheeran is simply Adorable

NUMBER 1! This song is so beautiful and emotional. I'm 15 and I've already claimed it as my future wedding song

Amazing song. It stays in your head and warms your heart into believing in a pure love that can last a whole lifetime. Beautiful.

This song should be at the top of the list. I mean, how can a GRAMMY nominated & a Grammy winning son can be at this level. Come on! Vote for it to be number one.

This song TOTALLY deserves to top the list! It's so magical. I can't stop singing this song. It's just so

Just recently heard this song and I AM CRAZY ABOUT IT! Top of the charts for the best song by any artist really. In my opinion.