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81 Tower of Babel

Totally agree with that dude. One of my top 5 favourite songs, from any artist, of all time!

One of the Elton Jonh�'s BEST song, if not the BEST!

82 Home Again

Really good Down to Earth song! - Curti2594

One of the best.

83 Hello Hello

Best song with best old vocal and best lyric for the best animation:"gnomeo & juliet"

84 The King Must Die
85 November Rain
86 High Flying Bird

Listen to this then vote.
It's on the don't shoot me I only the piano player

87 Ticking

An absolute masterpiece, haunting and so incredibility intense from start to finish.

This song is way to low. A top 15 at the worst, in my humble opinion.

Brilliant, Caribou album has hidden gems on it!

88 Come Down in Time
89 The Best Part of the Day
90 Cold As Christmas
91 I Think I'm Going to Kill Myself
92 Love Song
93 Too Low for Zero
94 Friends

"If your friends are there, then everything's all right"

95 Belfast

Fantastic song, moves me every time!

96 Street Kids
97 Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

Brilliant. Definitely in my top 5

98 Emily
99 Step Into Christmas

Best song ever.. I wish they would play it more!

100 Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future)

Dan Dare was a British comic book hero, fighting the evil Mekons. Joe Jackson writes about Dan Dare in his autobiography.

Uhh pretty sure this song is about a guy Elton John had sex with.

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