Best Emperor Albums

Best albums released by Norwegian Black Metal band Emperor led by Ihsahn and Samoth.

The Top Ten

1 In the Nightside Eclipse

Best Popular Black Metal album. - Vip3r

Impressive and memorable...among the best black metal album of all time if not the best...I dearly wished that they carried on with the same approach in their following albums as they completely lacked the essence of black metal.. - Arhaan95

This is the finest piece of Symphonic Black Metal I've ever listened to. The atmospheric excellence created throughout this album will blow you away... You will reach another dimension In the Nightside Eclipse... - Nord666

Absolutely brilliant album. One of the best of the second wave. - Caleb9000

2 Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

Horrible album except for the intro Alsvartr and Ye Entranceperium, this album is a nasty Excrement.. - Vip3r

Good album, but the production doesn't work and sometimes the music is incoherent. - Caleb9000

3 Prometheus: Discipline of Fire & Demise

This album is a piece of garbage. - Caleb9000

4 IX Equilibrium

Average album that doesn't do anything interesting. - Caleb9000

5 Wrath of the Tyrants
6 Thorns vs. Emperor
7 As the Shadows Rise
8 Reverence
9 Emperial Live Ceremony
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1. In the Nightside Eclipse
2. Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
3. Wrath of the Tyrants
1. In the Nightside Eclipse
2. Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
3. IX Equilibrium

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