Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth Books - J.R.R. Tolkien


This is the best series ever written. It has so much to offer. It can be taken for the story only, or for the symbolism and hidden meanings throughout the book. Tolkien was an incredible author, and he created languages for his novels, which is incredible. The Hobbit, which started The Lord of the Rings series, is also a great read, and a little "lighter reading" (not as difficult to read as some of his other books. )

The Lord Of The Rings is definitely the best book trilogy EVER - and I won't talk about the plot r r r heroes as other fans have! I will speak with real and proved criterions... So for everyone who doubts that LOTR is the best book trilogy ever, I'd tell you just go at J.R.R. tolkien's biography and see that he is considered to be "father of HIGH FANTASY" did you get that? -"not just fantasy - but HIGH FANTASY" and if it is not enough for u, I think you should know that LOTR is the 3rd most succesful book series in history (as having sold over 150 million copies) while each HP book has sold about 10 million and only the last one has hardly reached 44 million copies... So leaving aside the Holy Bible which is the 1st book in the list but not literature- LOTR is the 2nd most succesful book series in history! It is also worldwidely known that LOTR trilogy has been rendered as the "standard" books for every other fantasy books... So I do not see the reason why some even try to compare it ...more

Lord Of The Rings is the best of the best, with it's incredible plot, heroism and morality. It's one of the most successful books in history. It's literature in my opinion has no equal. Professors at universities would obviously say that. And unlike Rowling Tolkien actually devoted his lifetime to create maps languages, etc. The movies won 17 oscars in three tries yet Harry Potter won none in eight tries. Talk to that hairy potter (and yes I wrote this on purpose). Lord Of The Rings shall always remain the best classic ever written.

I thought we were comparing books, not movies, And it isn't Rowling's fault that the Harry Potter movies turned out to be complete garbage. - SassyEquine

The Lord of the Rings is not only the best epic series, it is also one of the first ever. It could be considered the grandfather of all fantasy series. It was, in fact, so good that they made a four and a half hour movie out of the last book and it still wasn't boring. It's too bad that Tolkien didn't write more books.

Tolkien wrote his books like biographies or historic records - sometimes I wonder if he had ever been to Middle-Earth himself! He has written with that much detail and care. Moreover, his style of writing is somewhat... other-worldly, you are IN his world when you read his works. - TheSudhanva

This is THE epic fantasy book that started the whole thing. And it is truely epic not by it's size (like Wheel of Time for example) but by the unforgettable story, brilliant characters and the most in-depth written fictional world out there. I love many fantasy books and I am not a Tolkien fanatic, but he just can't be beaten and that's a fact.

Just fantastic. Such a huge leap forward in literacy history, Tolkien transformed fantasy writing forever. While this series may not be the easiest read, it truly embodies creativity, passion, life, death all in one. Amazing.

Greatest fiction books of all time, without one doubt. J.R.R. Tolkien was the first to write fantasy... without him, it is likely that Harry Potter would not be here, and it is undoubted that Martin's book "A Song of Fire And Ice" wouldn't be here as well. - Tolkienite

Even after decades of reading books in this genre, nothing has touched me deeply as Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Other authors have created wonderful stories, but none have so effectively created a "world" as Tolkien has.

Yeah, song of ice and fire is just awesome! I remember enjoying it a lot! But this ones got an even greater scope for sacrifice, which isn't non existent, but subdued in the game of thrones

To describe how incredible this story is would require me to write more than the books themselves, I just can't. This is the true ultimate fantasy story, it is a disgrace to compare it the Game of Thrones because GOT focuses way to much on sex I mean I get it it's HBO... But still. LOTR is just pure fantasy and it is done in such a respectable and clean way.

Greatest masterpiece of them all. No writer could ever possibly outclass Tolkien, he is THE writer of the fantasy genre. One writer to rule them all.

How could anyone not like The Lord Of The Rings!? Tolkien is so good with words and characters. Leopard is super boss because he's an elf and he's funny. Best. Series. Ever.

I can honestly say that the lord of the rings is one of the best books in history, not only among fantasy but one of the best that the world s literature can offer.

What the... How come this isn't the first? This is really like THE fantasy novel trilogy. It's like the father of all fantasy books.. This really deserves to be 1st.

It was a really close call between this and Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is a more complete series, and therefore takes the win for me at least.

Deserve number one spot. tolkien make completely world, language, creatures and harry potter just copied them

The best book series becomes the best movie series? Not something you see often, but it's true for Middle Earth.

C'mon, without Tolkien there wouldn't be your beloved WoW, nerds!. Ah, and whole fantasy genre as well. - kondzio717

This is the greatest fantasy book ever! There is no question about it. No one has influenced fantasy as much as Tolkien. Sure, Tolkien did not invent fantasy C. S Lewis did that, but he brought it up too the front. After Dicken's Tale of two Cities, The Lord of the Rings is the bestselling book ever. Toss in a extra hundred million copies of The Hobbit and The Silamarilion and the figures are staggering.

My first taste of epic fantasy. This trilogy is the reason I continue to read epic fantasy today!

JRR Tolkein was a brilliant man and created what is the greatest of all fantasy literature.

Number 1 for sure. He's like the father of fantasy literature. - metalmaiden

This is absolutely Number 1. There's not living up to the Master of Fantasy himself.

I've never read the books but my daddy has. I've seen the movies and they're awesome