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1 Magnus Bane Magnus Bane is a warlock in "The Mortal Instruments," and one of the more flamboyant and enigmatic characters in the series. He has a romantic relationship with Alec Lightwood and is several centuries old, providing him with a unique perspective on events. Magnus is known for his wit, magical abilities, and intricate personal history that spans multiple books and spin-offs. His character serves as a link between the various supernatural elements in the series.

Magnus Bane, where do I start. the man is a person who valued money over a life. he didn't care about love because he lost his true love a long time ago but as the show and book and movie progressed we get to see great character development in him. His love for Alec Lightwood is undeniable and he gives him the world.

Ahhh! I love him. He's sarcastic and always there for the other characters (although I think that's only because of Alec). Sassy and utter perfection. You can't not like him, you have to! If you don't like him, you can't enjoy the series.

Also, MALEC for life.

Magnus in my opinion is the best character. I love wizards and warlocks and magic stuff anyways, and his character adds up to one of the best characters in the book.

If you don't think that the sass of Magnus Bane is utter perfection, you're one of the lucky few who hasn't had their heart stolen by him.

2 Alec Lightwood Alec Lightwood is featured in "The Mortal Instruments" as a Shadowhunter and the older brother of Isabelle Lightwood. He is known for his sense of duty, loyalty, and his struggle with his sexual orientation. Alec develops a romantic relationship with Magnus Bane, adding layers to both characters. His character arc touches on themes of acceptance, family obligations, and personal growth.

Alec is the best (besides Will) I never really liked Jace, I found him selfish, or Clary, she was obsessed with just Jace, not caring for anyone else. Alec had flaws also, but he went though a lot of character development. Weather it be book Alec, movie Alec (he only shows up like twice) or T.V. show Alec (I do not like the T.V. show) I love him in all. Now if only there was a show about Will

He is possibly my favourite fictional character ever - he's loyal, and he grows so much through the books/T.V. series - his character development is incredible. He is everything I admire in a person.

He is a stand out leader who cares for everyone, he always finds a way out of a sticky situation. He is an amazing person just like Will Herondale. he keeps everyone alive and returns safe.

My favorite boi. His dedication, loyalty, and the way he gives himself away completely.
To name a few.

3 Jace Herondale

Jace is awesome, and the similarities between him and Will are endless. I basically love all the Herondales especially Jace, Will, and Kit, because they all try to cut themselves off from everyone else and to love is to destroy and all that but they are all so funny, sarcastic, and sweet.

I'm not fangirling over him, but he's a cool guy. After I read the first book of this series, I thought his father was Valentine (SPOILERS AHEAD) even though it really isn't. The irony in this is that I actually know a guy named Jace Valentine.

He should be number one! Magnus is cool and everything but not as much as jace. He is amazing! Partly fangirling but he really is a well rounded and developed character

Jace has been through so much, and still comes out to be great.

4 Simon Lewis Simon Lewis is a main character in "The Mortal Instruments" series. He starts as a mundane, or ordinary human, and is Clary Fray's best friend. Over the course of the series, Simon undergoes significant changes, including becoming a vampire. His transformation allows the series to explore themes of identity and adaptation to new life circumstances.

Simon is super funny and sweet, and I love how he would sacrifice himself for Magnus when he doesn't even know him that well, and he would lose all of his memories from the Shadow world just for Magnus. I also like how he stood up for downworlders/faeries in the Shadowhunter Academy, it made Simon one of my favorite characters. I love Simon's character development throughout these books.

He ist mz favorite character, though it's really hardo to decide between all those great characters. He is a geek like me. His character development during the book series is just unbeliveable.

Adorable little cinnamon roll that is too pure for this world.

Who doesn't love Simon

5 Will Herondale

Will Herondale might just be my favorite character ever. He made me so sad with his curse and everything. :( I love how he cares about Jem and Tessa so much and it makes me sad that he doesn't care about himself, but that's the Herondale way. Friendly reminder to not catch demon pox and to never trust a duck. but wait why is he on this list

So like... He's not in the mortal instruments, but he's fully the best character ever and deserves number one in every spot

Will herondale...where do I begin? He's so funny, charming, handsome and kind. Tessa is extremely lucky to find a man like him...I do love jem too! Will is willing to sacrifice so much tosave those he loves showing how noble he is! DEMON POX ON ALL YOUR HOUSES! His words are beautiful as is his personality...

He's the best. Obviously. There is no other answer.

6 Isabelle Lightwood Isabelle Lightwood is a character in "The Mortal Instruments," and is a Shadowhunter like her brother Alec. Known for her beauty and combat skills, she often challenges traditional gender roles and expectations. Isabelle undergoes significant character development throughout the series, grappling with issues of love, identity, and responsibility. Her arc adds a strong, feminist voice to the series.

Isabelle is my bae. She rocks; she is sassy, she is feminine with being a badass at the same time. She shows that in order to a female to be a strong, you don't have to hate your femininity or generally girly-girly things. I like how she shows her love for the fashion, and displays her that feminine side with embracing it. I like how she fights. She is one of the best female character in the series so far, 304959x better than Clary.

Izzy is the most beautiful woman in the whole world! I love her so much! she is brave, selfless, nice, pretty, and wise. I don't know how she ended up at 6th place, but I love her more than anything. I am so glad my 2 favorite character Isabelle and Simon ended up together.

Why on earth is Clary higher up on this lost then Izzy?! Like, what? Clary is like Bella form Twilight.

She's the HBIC. Even if you don't realize/admit it. That's all I have to say.

7 James "Jem" Carstairs

I know that Jem isn't technically in Mortal Instruments, but he's so pure and adorable and I love how he's just so done with Will

He is so beautiful and wonderful! He has a truly terrible life but he doesn't let that make him bitter. He has the kindest heart he is always trying to share and love with others. He is just so amazing! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Whoever keeps talking about The Infernal Devices stop it.

He is an immortal shadowhunter who got to keep his humanity, how is that not awesome!?

8 Clary Fray Clary Fray is the protagonist of "The Mortal Instruments" series. She discovers her Shadowhunter lineage after her mother is kidnapped, propelling her into a hidden world of magic and demons. Clary is known for her bravery, artistic talents, and her complex relationships with other characters, including Jace Wayland and Simon Lewis. Her journey of self-discovery serves as the backbone of the series.

What I truly adore about Clary is her humanity (even though she's Nephillim...). She makes many mistakes and questionable actions but people need to remember that without her there would be no Shadowhunter series. She makes mistakes but she has a good heart and is the bravest soul of them all. Going through hell and back, she still has the beautiful smile on her face in the end. LOVE HER.

How is clary not no. 1! if you did not vote 4 her you are not a true TMI fan. clary is so fierce and loyal and just utter perfection. most people complain that she argues with everyone but that is because she has a MIND of her own. she is so smart and amazing... I love her so much, thank you so much cassie clare for making this character

Awful protagonist
Mary Sue
Clare develops her horribly
If she can determine someone's sexuality or recognize her partners heartbeat then how can't she figure out simon is in love with her?

Clary is so underrated, and such a great protagonist. How is she not higher? People always say she's annoying but HOW. She stopped two wars, and she was brave enough to kill her BROTHER AND DAD. How hard that must've been for her. People always say that she is annoying for no reason at all, she is brave, kind, loyal, bold, everything that a protagonist should be. It annoys me that everyone ranks other characters above her, when Clary is the main character from TMI and she is awesome. When I say this I'm just talking about Clary from the book series, I have never actually seen the movie or TV show and I think the Clary from those films might be dragging the book Clary's reputation down. And again, DON't CALL CLARY ANNOYING UNLESS YOU HAVE A VALID REASON PLEASE.

9 Sebastian Morgenstern

He is a totally misunderstood character. He did NOT deserve his fate. He just wanted to please his father, who turned away from him. He never got the credit he deserved. He didn't get even a single proper family member! Valentine was a psycho, Jocelyn a baby abandoning monster, and Clary a sister who totally misunderstood her brother and...and...KILLED HIM! Though Jocelyn tries to reason with what she did, I don't see any sense in why she had to abandon Sebastian! He was her SON! Clary didn't even have a shadow of guilt after killing her brother! HOW HEARTLESS! Sebastian was right, Clary did, indeed have a darker side in her. He is the BEST character in the books and the T.V. show as far as I am concerned!

He is (was) an evil psycho but a dam clever one and lets all be honest he made the mortal instruments amazing and was hot as hell and I don't know why I love him as a character so much but I just do.

A very misunderstood character who could've been good if Valentine didn't turn him into a monster.
I really cried when Clary killed him

I'm not saying that he's my favorite...but that's exactly what I'm saying. I feel bad for voting for this psycho

10 Tessa Gray

Before I read the books I already really liked Jem and Will, so I thought I'd hate Tessa because both of them were in love with her and I didn't know anything about her personality. But then I read Clockwork Angel and totally changed my mind about her and now I think she's awesome.

She is brave and awesome

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11 Raphael Santiago Raphael Santiago is a character who appears in "The Mortal Instruments" series as a vampire leader. Known for his stoic demeanor and strategic mind, he plays a complex role in the relationship between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Raphael is driven by a strong sense of community and responsibility towards his vampire clan. His character enriches the series by introducing nuanced perspectives on leadership and morality.

I love Raphael and I have no idea why. I literally have no idea why his character is so interesting in my opinion, but it is. Maybe it's his grumpy attitude? I don't know.

Weirdly I actually very much appreciate Raphael in both the books and series.

I didn't exactly like him in the books, but he is phenomenal in the T.V. series.

12 Emma Carstairs

Emma is only in this book as a 12 year old but her character in this series is a great start to her character in TDA.

Feisty, blonde mini Jace.

13 Luke Gracian

He keeps in touch with Clary after her mom dies and that for me is just awing. He cares for her like he would his own daughter and shows that same love to others like Maya. He is brave, smart and a loyal character who never questions the people he loves and never abandons them

14 Jordan Kyle
15 Gabriel Lightwood
16 Matthew Fairchild

He is just absolutely amazing, my favourite character and he should be number 1 on this list. Absolutely hilarious he is.

Wow. I love how he's on this list even though he was alive hundreds of years before this series took place. But anyway, I love Matthew, he deserves the world. He's just amazing and I love him. :)

17 Jessamine Lovelace

Her flower card is a bay leaf.

"I Change But In Death"


I absolutely love her

18 Maia Roberts
19 Jace Wayland Jace Wayland is a prominent character in "The Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare. He is a Shadowhunter, a human with angelic blood trained to hunt demons. Known for his charisma and combat prowess, Jace is initially one of Clary Fray's love interests. His complex family history and internal struggles add depth to his character as the series progresses.
20 Sophie Collins
21 Jocelyn Fairchild
22 Lucian Graymark / Luke Garroway
23 Valentine Morgenstern Valentine Morgenstern is the main antagonist in "The Mortal Instruments" series. He is a former Shadowhunter who aims to purify the world of demons and Downworlders. Driven by a twisted ideology, Valentine is willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve his goals, including manipulating his own children. His actions serve as the catalyst for many of the series' events, making him a compelling villain.
24 Gideon Lightwood

Gideon is the best character even though I haven't met him or read anything he was in, he's cool

25 Charlotte Branwell
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