Best Epic/Fantasy Book Series of All Time

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81 Bone - Jeff Smith
82 Inkheart Series - Cornelia Funke

The ink heart series by Cornellia Funke is awesome, it consists of lot of surprises which overwhelm and give the reader the emotions and feelings in the book.

83 Michael Vey - Richard Paul Evans

This series has a been the best. It is almost a close contender to Percy Jackson, if not beating it

84 Chronicles of the Overworld - Licia Troisi
85 I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

This is the best book series I've ever read

86 The Secret Series - Pseudonymous Bosch V 1 Comment
87 Ringworld Series - Larry Niven

This is truly the one of the Best stories I ever read!

88 The Firestaff Chronicles - James Galloway
89 The Pyrosian Series - James Galloway
90 Montmorency Series - Eleanor Updale
91 Tuesdays at the Castle Series - Jessica Day George

What can I say? I like this book series! It has griffins and wizards, unicorns and magical moving castles, Other worlds and siblings united together. This I would recommend.

92 Xanth - Piers Anthony

I'm surprised this wasn't on here. Not only is it the second longest series I have ever read, but it is chock full of magic, adventure, and enough puns to make you groan for weeks!

93 Die Zwerge - Markus Heitz
94 Caster Chronicles - Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This should be in the top 5, I mean it's just so good and breathtaking, epic and romantic. FABULOUS

95 Last Apprentice - Joseph Delaney

Impossible to put, full of adventure, and over all awesome book series.

96 The Maze Runner Series - James Dashner

Really good quick read. Not the best but should be higher on the list.

Why is this so low? The movies were a bit off the book, but love it!
The few plot twists that make me want to get all my lunch money and buy all the books! - Fandom_Lover

97 The Painted Man - Peter V. Brett
98 The Land of Stories - Chris Colfer
99 Bartimaeus Trilogy - Jonathan Stroud

This is better than Rowling, Riordan and Tolkien's boring crap. So innovative!

100 The Lighthouse Land - Adrian McKinty

Awesome series by Adrian McKinley the boy Jamie fought cancer then went to Ireland and found Ramsay. The salmon of knowledge and the planet Altair and wishaway

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