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41 Edge of Darkness
42 She's Waiting

Best song on Behind the Sun - conor8991


43 Wanna Make Love to You
44 Circus
45 Next Time You See Her
46 Inside of Me

I am surprised that no one has included this song in the list.. Its one of his lesser known songs but a very good one..

47 Who Am I Telling You?
48 San Francisco Bay Blues

The best song of Eric Clapton. Always!

49 Broken Hearted
50 Behind the Mask
51 Tangled In Love
52 Holy Mother

To not see this song in the top 20 or even the top 10 makes me think people have not heard it. This song is uplifting, peaceful and full of so much emotion and heart. Truly a go to song when the cruel times in life rear there ugly head. Hope you enjoy

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53 Easy Now
54 Motherless Children

Great song, surprised it's not on the list

One of five or six songs that defines Eric Clapton. Great slide guitar work, but it's the quieter parts that show Claptons soul.

55 Give Me Strength
56 Hello Old Friend
57 It All Depends
58 Rocking Chair
59 Five Long Years

Off his 1994 blues album From The Cradle. Amazing vocals and the best guitar playing on any record ever.

60 Breaking Point

Another gem from journeyman good vocals and some incredible guitar work

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