Best Female Resident Evil Characters

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1 Ada Wong Ada Wong Ada Wong is a fictional character in the Resident Evil horror franchise by Capcom. She is a mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure, working for the series' villains but also helping the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy.

Nice body smart she could be the best female in the game or may be in the world

The prettiest women in the world

Great body smart I prefer she is the best in everything

-Smart and Witty
-Sexy and Beautiful
-Amazing in combat without any Enhancing Drug
-Bold and Daring
-Great Back-Story
-Double Agent
-Loves Leon <3
Ada Wong will always be the Best and most Bad Ass female character
The resident evil world has seen.

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2 Jill Valentine Jill Valentine

Best female on every video games...

Independent, sexy, strong, matrix moving hard ass b*tch

Sexy, badass, took on the nemesis and is the master of unlocking.

Awesome, skilled and sexy

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3 Sheva Alomar

An African agent send to help chris in Africa but decided to help him in all of the missions she is a loyal and respectful women

Sheva is very pretty and bad ass in my opinion

She's a stupid bitch.

4 Claire Redfield Claire Redfield

No Claire is the best

Best and she sup sexy

Her love for her family
She's so beautiful
Kick ass moves

5 Christine Yamata

The best uss delta team member she can control BOW'S and is really focused on the job she would kill or leave her squad behind as long as she completes her objective

6 Caroline Floyd

The best spec ops team member she is a bad ass in all of the traileres and her active camoflage is cool

7 Michaela Schneider

She is the best medic and has really cool accent

8 Alice
9 Sherry Birkin

She was a shy kid back then, and grown to be a optimistic and determined adult which makes super awesome character. Plus she has cool regenerative powers

She's an awesome character

10 Helena Harper

Great new character to the series

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