Top 10 Best Things About Resident Evil 4

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1 Amazing Control Scheme

Even first-time gamers will agree that the control style for the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is one of the most intuitive yet in a Nintendo Wii game. Aiming, shooting, and movement controls make perfect sense and are easy to master.

Previous Resident Evil players will agree that the controls afford greater control over your character's line of sight and avoid the inevitable controller panic that can occur in intense situations. Resident Evil 4 makes use of the Wii Remote's motion-sensing capabilities as if it was designed for the console.

2 Tons of Replay Value

One of the complaints leveled against the Wii is the shortness of gameplay and the lack of replay value. RE4 excels in this regard, offering players loads of unlockables, including new playable characters, super-powerful weapons, and items to improve the general gameplay experience.

Better yet, when played through a second time, the player can increase the difficulty, dramatically changing the gameplay experience.

3 Sweet Graphics

In an area where the Nintendo Wii console has repeatedly failed, Resident Evil 4 succeeds spectacularly. Looking even better than the GameCube and PS2 versions, the Wii version of RE4 features stunning vistas, enemies rendered with grisly clarity, and smooth, graceful cut sequences.

Compared to the somewhat limited graphics of some other big-name Wii titles (especially Spider-Man 3), Resident Evil 4 looks absolutely amazing.

4 Fear Factor

One thing that Resident Evil 4 offers that no other title for the Nintendo Wii can boast is that it is the only truly terrifying game on the Wii console. In an ocean of bubbly, cartoony games, Capcom has produced a truly gritty, scary masterpiece that's a lot of fun to play - when you've got someone else in the room with you.

With few "scary" titles announced for the 2007 Wii lineup, Capcom stands to dominate the horror genre with this and with their upcoming Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. With the rising popularity of the Nintendo Wii console and no end in sight, Resident Evil 4 is set to climb to the top upon its June release and stay there for the long haul. With its polished presentation, addictively frenetic action, and lasting replay value, you'll find a lot more than five reasons to love Resident Evil 4.

5 Addictive Gameplay

One of the best things about Resident Evil 4 is how much you want to keep playing it. Every save point reached seems to beg players to reach the next, and each pulse-pounding sequence of action promises more to come.

The great replay value means that even the end promises further beginnings and more action, making Resident Evil 4 one of the most playable games yet released on the Wii.

6 The Merchant
7 Chainsaw Men

Hell yes, these guys are scary as hell.

8 Regenerators

They're scary. I've never felt so much fear, not even fighting Nemesis.

9 Ada Wong Ada Wong is a fictional character in the Resident Evil horror franchise by Capcom. She is a mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure, working for the series' villains but also helping the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy.
10 The Music
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11 Leon's Hair
12 Luis's Outfit
13 Ramón Salazar's Voice
14 The Forest
15 The Zealots
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