Top 10 Easiest Mario Bosses

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1 King Bomb-Omb - Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 on the N64 is the top 1 best video game of all time. This is for everyone to believe, even Shigeru Miyamoto, whose favorite video game is Super Mario World on the SNES.

Super Mario 64 gets 64 times 15625 (aka 1 whole million)/100 stars.
Its DS port, however, gets 61/100 stars.

Super Mario World for the SNES gets 90/100 stars.
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World gets 6/10 stars.

I think there should be an even harder version of King Bob-Omb.

Shouldn't he be blowing up in your face or something? He doesn't have to die because bobbery doesn't die when he blows up. I dunno he's not even a bob omb. I don't even know what he does in this battle because I jut throw him instantly.

Man if you played SM64, know what trying doing it closing your eyes and give a one minute time, you will still bet it, it's the easiest bosses in Mario games, GOD... Whoever failed it he's a Nintendo dumbass

The easiest Mario boss in the best Mario game of all time!

2 Topmaniac - Super Mario Galaxy

I kind of like this guy but he is super easy

Not hard even in daredevil conditions!

This mobs weakness is obvious

Ah yes I love the waiting game

3 Lord Crump - 1st Battle - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I think we should include actual easy bosses and not tutorial bosses where it is literally impossible die.
If you jump in to the water 9 times and end up with 1 HP you'll start with at least 5 HP and you can only attack and defend. DON'T FILL THIS LIST WITH TUTORIALS!

This is probably the easiest boss in Mario history.
He only has 5 hp and his attack is 1 it's just ridiculous.
I don't think that you can even die against this boss.

You can't lose to him and that's because it wa sjust meant to show off the basic battle system he's not supposed to be hard.

I lost the game as a 4 or 6 year old (I'm 9 now). But every time I fought him I never EVER died. So easy

4 Bowser Jr. - New Super Mario Bros. Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. He is the youngest son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

Anybody who thinks king bob-omb is an easier boss must not have played new super Mario brothers. You can lose to king bob-omb if you don't know you have to throw him or you accidentally let him grab you and throw you off the edge, but you only lose to Bowser Jr if you just stand there so he can run into you over and over.

He gets an improvement in world 6 (if you didn't find any secret worlds otherwise it's world 4) where he throws shells and you can't jump on him.

All he does is charge at you, he only takes to stomps to kill if he is ground pounded, and his shell isn't fire proof, like seriously so easy.

King Bob-Omb is harder because he can throw you off the mountain so you die. Bowser Jr. on the other hand, only runs at you.

5 Dino Piranha - Super Mario Galaxy

It's an INCREDIBLY easy fight. I once beat him in 30 seconds. This guy is just so annoyingly easy.

I had sixteen seconds to fight him/her and beat them in twelve seconds and still got the star.

He's the easiest and he's also the first boss which is why. I love his design though.

I can actually beat him in 12 seconds in boss blitz galaxy.

6 Petey Piranha - Super Mario Sunshine

Easy all you have to do is squirt water in his mouth and jump on him 3 times and you did it

Beach koopa is easier

7 Shadow Mario - Super Mario Sunshine

Shadow Mario ( Bowser Jr)
isn’t that GOOD He just Runs carrying peach with him as his only attack just like Bowser from Supper Mario Galaxy 2 (Grand Final with him). So Easy he like takes 8 or 9 minutes to beat

I beat him once in about 10 seconds

He doesn’t even attack

8 Larry Koopa - New Super Mario Bros Wii Larry Koopa is the youngest koopaling. He first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3, which came out in 1990. He is known for his blue mohawk hair. He was created by Nintendo.

This guy is pathetic! All he does is jumps and throws these comets at you. He was hard when we got this game, but not anymore! They should replace him with something harder.

Larry Koopa is so easy. He hush shoots blue fireballs and jumps around. Too easy! This boss fight tool 5 seconds to complete

Koopalings should die in the most painful way ever. Even PGP and Baby Rosalina were better at having character

The other bosses are just like this too easy

9 The Two Mandibugs - Super Mario Galaxy 2

These guys are so easy. All you have to do is ground pound them twice and they die. Shouldn't be considered bosses. They're also in the 1st game.

The only reason this isn't number one is their so lame that people don't know whether it's a boss or not.

Literally the easiest boss in either of the Super Mario Galaxy games

The two guys were pretty easy, I was sad we had to kill the little one

10 Gooper Blooper - Super Mario Sunshine

Easy but an example of the creativity that Nintendo used for this unique Mario game.

He Is In Many Games

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11 Cloud N. Candy - Yoshi's Story

No Easiest Mario Bosses list is a list without this one!

He can't damage you and you get healed for damaging him! Thisshould be #1!

You just eat him! Even I could win this fight!

You Can't die and it heals you. This should be #1

12 Boom Boom - Super Mario Bros 3

I played SMB3 and made it past world 1 and 2 fortresses! I also played Super Mario 3D Land and beat every fight in the game! In NSMBU I made it to the very END OF THE GAME! In SM3DW I beat every Boom Boom fight! And I wasn't really interested in NSLU, so I only beat 1 Boom Boom fight in the entire game! But it makes sense that I am putting this on this spot of the list, yet I have played EVERY GAME BOOM BOOM IS IN!

In all of the games Boom Boom is in, they're easy. Also, people complain Nintendo rehashes the Koopalings as bosses too much, but they should see how Boom Boom fights there is. There's at least over 50 or 60 fights with him!

Boom boom is so easy, he should be number one. That doesn't take away the fact he is fun.

This is like so easy

13 Baby Bowser - Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is the best Mario & Luigi game ever!

You can't lose! Just like Lord Crumple!

14 Kent C. Koopa - Paper Mario

Is hard until you beat the game. Then he's a cake walk.

15 Burt the Bashful - Yoshi's Island

Quite a basic one - just hurl a few eggs and avoid getting jumped on. He is still one of the more entertaining bosses to defeat!

Yoshi just strips the poor fellow

16 Jr Troopa 1st Fight - Paper Mario

Is This Guy even a Boss!?

17 Fracktail - Super Paper Mario

This guy is so weak, I beat him with no damage and just items (three fire bursts)

You can easily do this without hurting yourself

18 Goomboss - Paper Mario

He would been more of an actuall boss if he was more like the goomboss in paper Mario sticker star

This is a mini boss. He's not holding any star spirit.

This guy only has 10 hp. What the heck Nintendo? Why is this boss so easy?


19 Baby Bowser - Mario Party 5
20 Wiggler - Mario Party 9

Lol. It took me a longer time to type this than beat him

Okay so in all boss fights something happens halfway wiggler goes faster so you miss red spots I beat it in 15 seconds

Wiggler The Homie

21 Sorbetti - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Just hit his nose three times and he's dead

22 Beef Cloud - Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Will not even bother to attack you cause he is too fat. He heals when he sleeps but he wakes up and will not go back for three turns. Only bad thing is the dumb I still have lots of HP wow my HP is half gone I might get ko, d here and the shelltop saying you can level up and try again but still easy

This battle isn't about losing. It's about attacking him fast so he doesn't have time to heal. The toughest hooraw battle to me.

All you have to do is wake him up and use a Luiginairy Attack, Beef Cloud doesn't even attack! he heals himself for every one of his turns!

Is nothing no one can die

23 Bouldergeist - Super Mario Galaxy

HUH?!? It took me awhile to beat him! And then again on daredevil mode! His fist make it hard to hit him instead of the fists and he can also use FALCON PAWNCH!

Do you just say Bouldergeist is hard? I beat him on that mission where you have to fight him without taking damage 1st try

This boss is very easy. I beat him on the daredevil run on my first try!

This boss on Daredevil mode is only easy when you watch Roliation's tutorial on YouTube.

24 Wart - Super Mario Bros 2

Because all you need to do is throw vegetables in his mouth

Why is this boss number 20?

25 Goomba Tower Attack - Mario Party: Island Tour

The only mediocre fight from Island Tour

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