Top 10 Hardest Bosses in the Paper Mario Series

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1 The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door The Shadow Queen is the overarching antagonist and final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is widely considered one of the most difficult bosses in the Paper Mario series.

I found this boss to be very difficult. It took my roughly seven tries, over a span of three days to defeat her. However what I still laugh about today is that I had such a hard time beating her, but I finally finished her off with a party member. With whom? With Goombella. I guess she was of some use after all.

In my opinion, the toughest boss in the Paper Mario series. Some would argue that Bonetail is tougher, but I personally found The Shadow Queen to be harder, as her attack pattern is way harder to predict. She can also attack multiple times with her hands while Bonetail can only attack once.

2 Bonetail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

People voted for the Shadow Queen because if they thought she was hard, then they were probably less likely to have even gotten to Bonetail. Bonetail is statistically the hardest boss. He has 200 HP, higher defense, can do about 8 damage per normal attack, inflict status effects, and can only be dealt raw damage or burned. He can also heal himself for 20. This would be difficult enough, but the main cause of difficulty here is that you have to beat him directly after the 100 trials with no save point. You can heal yourself with any items that you have prior to the fight, but you probably don't have any left because of how hard the trials were. Excellent challenge though, 10/10. Shadow Queen's hands are easy to deal with.

3 Bowser - Paper Mario Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first... read more

Let's review Paper Mario games & their scores of how good they are.

Paper Mario (the original) - 16/25.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - 2/25.

Super Paper Mario - 19/25.

Paper Mario: Super Seal - 10/25.

Also, the Bowser boss in this game sure is hard, yet it's always worth persisting on anything that is extremely difficult.

This boss was not only hard, but had an amazing theme!

Which game PM TTYD or PM original? I don't know what to say about PM original but in PM TTYD just kill Kammy Koopa and you're pretty much in for the win.

4 Grodus - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

It is taking me days to beat this guy! He keeps on making barriers after every turn!

Gale Force and Fiery Jinx are useful.

5 Anti Guy Unit - Paper Mario

This was definitely a very challenging boss to beat. My friend kept jumping in front of the T.V. and I ended up having to fight them. I was not prepared, I lost all my life shrooms and repel gels. Definitely a fun yet extreme fight.

OP. Nothing else. A minimum of 27 damage per turn, this is easy death. Luckily this is optional. You face him by losing in one of Bowser's Castle's puzzles.

They just made this boss fight as an alternate game over screen.

6 Huff N. Puff - Paper Mario

Alternating between strong attacks from Mario and all-foe attacks from your partner (Lakilester's Spike Storm, Sushie's Tidal Wave, Parakarry's Air Raid) is a very solid strategy, it decreases attack and prevents him permanently from healing back his health.

The most annoying part about this boss is when he's down to 6 hp, he makes an earth quake causing 15 damage! I use the berry's but the tuff puffs keep getting me below 15 hp. Hardest boss in Paper Mario. (But I still need too fight The Crystal King. )

Guys I reccomend you use the star that decreases the power (best when more tuff puffs on the field) and if good enough they will deal no damage or if not then 1 or 2 P.S. I spammed star storm on him at first.

7 Shadoo - Super Paper Mario

My almost biased love for Super Paper Mario can't stop me from calling most of the bosses fairly easy, but there are exceptions. Count Bleck, Francis, and most notably, Shadoo. He turns into dark clones of Luigi(even if he hasn't joined you yet), Bowser, Peach, and Mario in that order. You're going to hope you had some healing items saved up from the first 99 floors. Even spamming Bowser's flame doesn't make this fight easy-it's the ultimate test of your SPM skills.

Oh yeah, did I mention that ALL of his attacks do 10 damage? Except Bowser, of course. He does 20!

8 Wracktail - Super Paper Mario

It's always worth persistence, though.

Also, Leslie Swan is STILL a great voice for Princess Peach, unlike Jen Taylor (back in old times) & Samantha Kelly & even Tracey Moore, Jeannie Elias & even Mami Yasuke who all voice (d) Princess Peach terribly.

If you use Luigi, it's not too hard. But with anyone else, I wish you luck.

This boss I think it's a girl like hooktail and is hard as count bleck.

9 Crystal King - Paper Mario

God this brings back 2 years of frustration. The ice beam had finished me every time, never ever managed to beat him until 2011.

I found this boss much harder than Huff N. Puff.

I could never time the ice beam block right, and the crystal king ALWAYS healed literally the moment I got one of my attacks in

10 Shadow Sirens (3rd battle w/ Doopliss) - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Their health and attack strength is greatly increased, and the fact that Doopliss can copy your partners is pretty tough. Especially if he copies Bobbery...

The shadow sirens are a tough boss.

Take out Marilyn and Beldam first.

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11 Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Better hope you have defend pluses, have a good guard/superguard, or have hp over 30 once crump launches his cannons. It does 30 damage!

12 Gloomtail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

My favorite Mario character! Gloomtail is undeniably hard as one of the Chapter 8 Bosses in The Thousand Year Door (wow I made a pun). He has 80 HP, access to most attacks he shares with Hooktail and Bonetail, such as their Stomp and Bite attacks but he has his own breaths and 1 different attack only he can use. He has Poison Breath, and his charged up breath move is his signature move and one of the strongest boss attacks in the game if not the strongest. Megabreath. His secret move he has that none of the other 2 dragons have is his Earthquake attack which is what makes him really unique. Its basically like Magnus Von Grapple 1.0's Earthquake attack where it penetrates your defense, but Gloomtail doesn't bang his feet and arms on the floor like crazy to do the attack. Instead, he jumps up, and when he lands back down it triggers the attack.

13 Super Dimento - Super Paper Mario

This is the only paper mario game I have played and I haven't beaten the pits yet.

If you use Mario this boss can be pretty tough.

It took me awhile to figure out his weakness.

14 Bowser and Kammy Koopa - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Grodus was actually pretty underwhelming to me, but this fight was where it really kicked up. I reccomend taking out Kammy Koopa before even bothering with Bowser.

15 Brobot L-Type - Super Paper Mario

I beat Shadoo first try. This guy? I'll pass, I think I'd rather defeat all four of Shadoo's forms simultaneously.

The beginning is a little challenging, but after that it turns easy

16 Smorg - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

I did not know this boss was coming in chapter 6, it scared the living life out of me.

17 The Master Fight 3 - Paper Mario

20 HP, mega rush, super charge and power bounce are all you need for this fight.

18 Cortez - Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

I hate Cortez! Man, that dude is annoying! I am a raw hater of The Thousand Year Door anyway. Shouldn't this game be called "Paper Mario: The Millenium Old Door" anyways? Anyways, Super Paper Mario rocks!

It should be noted that Gale Force completely removes Cortez's weapons from battle, while Fiery Jinx only knocks them out for two turns.

Used all my ultra shrooms on this boss, it was my first attempt though, I did beat him on my first try.

19 Black Paint Bowser - Color Splash

His attacks are absolutely devastating. I loved this fight, but it was hard!

20 King Olly - Paper Mario: The Origami King
21 Mimi - Super Paper Mario

Well, I can finish this difficult boss in no time & Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario game ever!

The spider is pretty hard, but the fight with her in Sammer's Kingdom is definitely the hardest.

Mimi is pretty hard in her spider form(and disturbing), but her second battle(normal form) is the hardest.

22 Kent C Koopa - Paper Mario

6 defense, 70 HP, takes your partner out for 3 turns, immediately gets back up and attacks after you flip him, and finally can do 10 damage.

Unlike any other boss in this list if you don't know the correct strategy, you will lose.

In short less of a boss, more of a puzzle. The precursor to Stick Star and Color Splash.

Stratagy for beating Kent C. Koopa: use lullaby every time he wakes up with mario, and just keep attacking. use FP attacks to go faster, or just use normal attacks to save FP. use mario to focus so you can always lullaby.

23 Bowser - Paper Mario Sticker Star Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first... read more

The bosses in this awful game were like vacuums: You use ALL of your stickers! This guy is no exception.

This games bosses suck they all take away your stickers and you also do nothing else

24 Lava Piranha - Paper Mario

Literally couldn't pass this fight as a kid, and it was my favorite back then. Not to mention, the boss himself, and the them and cool as hell

Ice Power is your best friend. It makes the second phase ten times easier.

This took me like four days! And what I thougt I beat him, his second form appeared! I screamed!

25 King Croacus IV - Super Paper Mario

This guy's pretty hard, since you can hardly go anywhere on screen without getting hurt. Bowser helps immensely, however.

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