Top 10 Resident Evil: Outbreak Characters

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1 Cindy Lennox

She is the most important team member. She is just as good as the rest of them in battle, but she also has the herb case and is willing to heal you. Also, she is just so upbeat and happy when everyone else is depressed. Cindy can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A waitress.

Special Skill: Dodge enemy attacks. When you time it right, you can dodge enemy attacks by ducking.

Item: Medicine. With this item, she can heal other people and mix herbs.

One of the most useful characters in the game, very underrated.

2 Yoku Suzuki

A quiet student with a mysterious past.

Special Skill: Dodging creatures. When timed right, you can escape from enemies and run away without taking damage.

Item: Backpack. She can carry more items than the others.

3 Kevin Ryman

One of Raccoon's finest. Much like Leon Kennedy, he's an excellent shot.

Special Skill: He can kick enemies back a few steps, giving you time to either lay in a couple of rounds or run away. This is useful against zombies, as you can keep kicking them back again and again to buy time for your friends to escape. Also, when you aim, if you continue to hold the aim button without firing, he'll aim for a better shot and do a lot more damage, most of the time taking down a zombie with one shot.

Item: Custom handgun. A much stronger version of the standard handgun. It's useful to have from the beginning while others desperately search for weapons.

4 George Hamilton

George should be number 1. He helps you out when you're in need. He doesn't have an irritating speech selection, and he has some pretty good personal items. He is quite fast and has a surprising special move, "dodge tackle." As well as being a great partner in an adventure, he is also great to play as.

A doctor working in one of Raccoon's hospitals.

Special Skill: He can knock over several enemies with a strong tackle.

Item: Medical Bag. With it, you can use herbs to create different healing items.

I did not like the story of Yoko, but I loved George. His abilities and story are great.

5 Alyssa Ashcroft

A reporter for Raccoon City's local newspaper. Like Jill Valentine, she can use her lockpick to become a "master of unlocking."

Special Skill: Dodging enemies. Like Yoko, Alyssa can dodge monsters similarly to Jill in RE3.

Item: Lockpick. Using her collection of lock picks, she can crack several locked doors.

6 David King

A resourceful handyman.

Special Skill: He can toss wrenches at enemies. Not a very strong attack.

Item: Tool Box. He can make use of his tools to create new weapons and repair broken items.

7 Leech Man
8 Larvae
9 Thanatos-R
10 Zombies
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11 Scissor Tail

Giant scorpion-like insects that have a poisonous sting. They are slow and attack by jumping, biting, or striking with their tails. It's not necessary to kill them because they're slow and need some time to locate a character before attacking. Keep your distance and use fire whenever possible or use the shotgun from afar.

12 Hunters
13 Wasps
14 Thanatos
15 Mark Wilkins

Former security guard working for a business in Raccoon City.

Special Skill: Baseball swing. With a melee weapon in hand, you can deliver big hits using this skill.

Item: Handgun. Like the other handguns found in the game, this one is the same and can be reloaded with standard handgun ammo.

16 Jim Chapman

A union man working for Raccoon's transportation industry (subway employee), he has a talent for problem-solving. Jim is very cowardly but a friendly guy.

Special Skill: He can fall over and play dead, fooling enemies. Umm, yeah.

Item: Coin. He can toss his coin, and things happen around him.

If Jim gets 3 heads on his coin, he can have the most damage in the game.

17 Lickers
18 Regis Licker (Suspended)
19 Moth

Your normal everyday giant moth with poisonous pollen. Not very dangerous on its own, but the cloud of poison it leaves behind can be a pain. Shoot them out of the sky.

20 Crows
21 Hunter Gamma
22 Cerberus
23 Giant Spiders
24 Mutant-G
25 Neptune
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