Best Female Vocalists of the '70s


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81 Alla Pugacheva
82 Jennifer Warnes
83 Karla Bonoff
84 Millie Jackson
85 Ann Wilson Ann Wilson Ann Dustin Wilson is an American musician, best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the hard rock band Heart.

Totally agree Ann should be number 1. Although there was an abundance of good female singers in the 70's. Ann Wilson was in league of her own. I saw her live twice and she was outstanding.

Number 99 what a joke! The best female singer of the 70's or any other decade for that matter.

One of my top three singers of all time along with Linda Ronstadt and Grace Slick!

Ann should come in about no. 9

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86 Loretta Lynn Loretta Lynn

She's from Texas like Sissy Spacek.

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87 Lena Horne
88 Sarah Vaughan

What a range! I like her later work best.

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89 Wendy Waldman
90 Mary Travers
91 Kathy Kirby
92 Freda Payne

The best their was, the best their ever be

93 Dottsy
94 Alicia Bridges
95 Valerie Carter
96 Judee Sill
97 Linda Thompson
98 Beverly Bremers

"Don't Say You Don't Remember", "We're Free", "Hair" on Broadway

99 Merry Clayton
100 Susan Maughan
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