Best Foods In Southern Cooking

Some people may think that Americans are just about hamburgers and hotdogs when it comes to food. But in the good ol' Dixieland, USA we definitely have more than that :)

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1 Bar-B-Q

In the south, when you hear a person talking about Bar b que, instead of talking about a cookout, that person's most likely talking about pulled pork bar b que. One of the most delicious and traditional foods in the south, the way bar b que can be cooked and what type of sauce is used can depend on which state it's cooked in. One state, such as North Carolina, may have more of a vinegar based sauce while another state, such as tennesse, may have more of of a sweet and smokey based sauce. - guyonawebsite94

North Carolina bbq is the best

2 Banana Pudding

Really delicious! Especially as a milkshake flavor and when it's homemade! - guyonawebsite94

This is one of the best puddings expecially when done homemade. There are days when I crave it and this is one of those days. My second choice was grits.

3 Southern Fried Chicken

Chicken tenders are my favorite kind since you can dip them in bar b que sauce - guyonawebsite94

4 Grits

This is one of the only Southern foods you won't find anywhere else. Tastes good with sugar

5 Apple Pie
6 Po' Boy

A popcorn shrimp sub sandwitch famous in New Orleans. - guyonawebsite94

7 Scrambled Eggs With Cheese

Colby cheese is my favorite for this. I like American cheese also but I mainly like that for when I'm eating omelets - guyonawebsite94

8 Fried / Grilled Gator Tails

Yup, this ain't no fancy way of saying chicken legs or bacon. When you go to a cajun restaurant and see gator tails on the menu, what it is is what it's called. Some tasty alligator tails. It may seem nasty at first, but when you try them, I about bet you that your gonna like them - guyonawebsite94

9 Cheese Toast

To be honest, I don't know for sure if this is really a true southern food or not but it is something that I grew up eating for breakfast. And I haven't heard of any westerners or northerners knowing about it so yep. But all it is is toast cooked usually, if not always, in an oven toaster with a slice of cheese on it. It tastes really good and is very simple to make - guyonawebsite94

10 Fried Okra

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11 Cobblers

Like peach cobblers and apple cobblers - guyonawebsite94

12 Chicken & Dumplings
13 Sweet Potato Pie
14 Cornbread
15 Collard Greens
16 Black-Eyed Peas
17 Slaw
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1. Bar-B-Q
2. Banana Pudding
3. Southern Fried Chicken
1. Bar-B-Q
2. Banana Pudding
3. Grits


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