Best Full House Characters

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1 Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie just steals the show. She is incredibly funny. I cannot remember an episode where she didn't stand out, even when she wasn't the main focus. That's really a testament to Jodie's talent that managed to make this character so great!

I love her sooo much she is so kind I wish I met her in real life she is just like me loving kind love's music and I love her words of how RUDE I use that all the time

She is super funny and awesome

I love Stephanie! She is so funny and full of life. She is super sweet and just has a ton of spunk. I love her catchphrase How Rude! I wish more people in real life were as excited as she is. Her clothing style reminds me of my clothes from that period too, so I probably like her for the nostalgia factor too.

2 Jesse Katsopolis

He is my favorite because he is super funny I would give him the 1 and give Stephanie a number 2 on my list.

I always have loved Jesse and will always love him. He is the coolest, daring and yet sweet uncle that everyone wished they had! He loves his three nieces and makes a joke every now and again. He is a amazing musician and has the worlds best male hair that makes everyone want to say "Have Mercy!."
He never gives up on Becky because he knows that one day she will love him back and when she does they make the worlds cutest couple. He loves his twins very much and gives them the world. Jesse (Hermes) Katsophalis deserves to be number one and be number one FOREVER!

I don't like Jesse in the beginning of the show because he is kind of selfish and everything to him was his hair. But as the show progressed finally Stephanie cut off his ugly hairdo and he became more loving and mature. He is very funny and he is a cutie I have to admit! I just don't like how obsessed he is over girls. But he becomes very kind and has a very close relationship with everyone

Jesse was the best by far! His love for music, family, Elvis, and his hair is adorable! He is the ultimate character and my BIGGEST crush! I love, love, LOVE this character!

3 Michelle Tanner

She annoying

Michelle is my favorite Tanner daughter. She is so sweet. I love her so much. You are NOT welcome. You got it dude.

She is super nice

Michelle is totally the best charecter
Got it dudes

4 Joey Gladstone

Joey is so funny. But I also like that, at the right times, he can be the most serious or loving character on the show. He makes a great father figure. Plus, he doesn't always want to hug everyone, like Danny.

I think they should have made joey get married to his old girlfriend or stacey or Christine it seems like there making him unable to find love get married and have children it seems like there making him feel like loser or the type of guy that no woman would want how could any woman not want to marry him he is so funny

Joey should be at the top because he is so kind and funny. he's always funny at the right moments too!

I like his cartoon voices like popeye, bugs bunny, daffy duck, porky and so on, the woodchuck voice was especially funny

5 Donna Jo "D.J." Tanner

DJ is almost like me except that I never had a boyfriend and she is a lot older than me. At the beginning of the show I didn't really like her because she looked really weird and her hair was really bad. But after season 2 passed, she became more beautiful and mature. Definitely one of the best characters.

My favorite character is D.J. since she is smart nice and she is almost like me.

Dj is a great older sister and is so smart and kind! She should definitely be in the top 3.

She is very cute! - MabelPinesJessieJ

6 Danny Tanner

Danny should be first by a ton! He is hilarious, and no one compares to him. In every episode he is definitely the funniest character! He should not be this far down on the list. FYI: he is sixth at the moment.

He's cool and funny but his cleaning and hugging obsession are annoying sometimes. Like in that episode where he wouldn't date a girl just because her house was messy, what a boring piece of crap.

He's the most relatable character, I love him

Danny is funny and cool

7 Kimberly "Kimmy" Gibbler

She should be number 1

Kimmy Gibbler is D.J. S best friend who is annoying to the rest of the Tanner family. Kimmy is not very smart, but she is funny.

KIMMY KIMMY KIMMY! She is so funny! I am a lot like her! I was so happy when andrea barber was in the credits for the first time! HUGE fan of her

Kimmy is easily the best character and in my opinion made the best transition from Full House to Fuller House. Love her oddness.

8 Mr. Bear

He was a man of mystery

Best Character because he was the only one who didn't talk

He had the talent, the looks and a fedora. Absolutely perfect.

Love love Love!

9 Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis

I love her

Aunt Becky was always my favorite character. She was always able to be the voice of reason among some crazies!

She's pretty and nice

Becky is so amazing she should be number one. Loved her since season two's "Tanner V.S. Gibbler"! Also she and Becky were adorable.

10 Steve Hale

Steve is not only super athletic, BUT He Can EAT and never gain weight. A true gift if you ask me. And even when dj is a spaz he gets over her and together they make AND BREAK their relationshipS

Steve Is One Of My Favorite Characters

Scott Weigner plays Aladdin for heavens sake. Plus I like Steve though the episodes centered around him and DJ got annoying after awhile. - Anonymousxcxc

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? Ramona Gibbler
? Fernando

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11 Nicholas "Nicky" Katsopolis and Alexander "Alex" Katsopolis

Are my favorite character full house fuller house Nicholas Nicky Alexander Alex katsopolis. To little boys to young man. Still my favorites I like

Nicky Alex katsopolis are my favorites

Nicky. Alex Katsopolis.
You two. Are my favorite full. House fuller. House Character
I know why. They are favorite you. Look cutie. Nicky Alex Katsopolis are mine want you show up One of episode. Fuller house New Year

They are cutie favorites character Nicky Alex katsopolis

12 Comet

Comet is a very kind character. He always made the kids (and adults) feel better in sad situations! Though Stephanie is my favorite human character, I've got to say Comet should be #1

Comet is number 10

He is awesome
In top 10 he is funny
And he is smart he knows what street they live on and he Is good at basketball

I love Comet he is a golden lab!

Comet for top dog

13 Mr. Woodchuck

Is that made of... Wood?

"Wood" you vote for Mr. Woodchuck?

Is this post made of... Wood?

14 Becky Donaldson

She's the same as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis. - Anonymousxcxc

15 Rusty

Ok but needs to to put an end to all of the pranking and joking and tricking or one of these days he's gonna prank the wrong person or trick the wrong person or joke off the wrong person or he's gon end up hurt or send to juvenile detention the stupidest joke I've ever seen him do is when he almost ruined the tanner family with a stupid love letter stupidest thing I've seen him do is when he was trying to stop Danny and his mom cindy from dating cause he wanted his mom and back together but if his mom and dad don't want to get back together then they don't have to deal with it kid maybe your mom will find a better husband and dad for you like Danny or joey

16 Nelson
17 Vicky Larson

I like Vicky she is nice

18 Gia Mahan

Loved the way she Treated Michelle

She is the best character and I don't even care

Gia is cool and gorgeous I'll tell you that

Gia is probably the best antagonist

19 Dwayne

The antagonists were even better than this guy...



20 Papolli

Papolli is fun-loving and cared very much about his grand and great grandchildren.
It was so sad to see him go in the episode he finally came back

21 Denise Frazer

Denise is by FAR the best of Michelle's friends apparently the rest are kinda... annoying

I like Denise she is cute

22 Manny Tanner

I love manny he is by far better than Danny Jesse Joey Michelle dj and Stephanie manny should be number one manny manny manny he rules he is the best

Funny, oh and by the way he's Danny's (evil) twin brother

I like Manny the evil twin of Danny

I'm sorry but who the heck is Manny!?

23 Max Fuller

He was from fuller house.

24 Charles


25 Michael Monford
26 Jake
27 Harry
28 Teddy

Teddy was so adorable why did he have to move

Teddy makes me cry

Teddy is so cute

I love Teddy he is SOOO cute

29 Viper
30 Sloppy Joe Gladstone

I love joey Gladstone

Funny as hell

31 Joe Schutte
32 Jasper
33 Ricky the Paper Boy

He was a very minor role in two episodes what the hell

34 Derek S. Boyd

He is a great character

He never shuts up

35 Aaron Bailey

Nothing but a smart alac and smart mouth and rude and disrespectful I hate him

36 Comet Jr. Jr.
37 Walter
38 Stavros
39 Jackson Fuller

.Did not know how to make impactfull decisions when he becomes a teenager and should do better with Lola instead of Rocky. Very funny and caring and loving. When I saw Jackson I thought I hope this guy plays a good character in the series because he is a guy and he looked like someone that can be loved and become an attractive watch as the series progresses.

40 Alex Katsopolis

Nicky Alex katsopolis
Are cutie person.

Nicky Alex katsopolis Little Boys to young man

Nicky. Alex katsopolis are my favorite character from full house fuller house they are. Cutie twins boy whole world begins full speed film. Lot sage backlot.

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