Top Ten Best Gatorade Flavors

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1 Glacier Freeze

I like this the best because it is the most mild tasting and refreshing. I'm not the biggest fan of Gatorade to just drink (I prefer water), but in the summer when I get dehydrated, I need it and this flavor is probably the best (followed next by fruit punch, which just tastes heavier, relatively)

As mentioned by another, it's mild and is closer to water, so it's been my favorite for years because it's easy to drink. It's also the only one which I can make in very weak strengths to encourage me to drink more water, without all of the sugar--and it doesn't taste bad like other watered-down flavors or disgusting G2, even in weaker strengths than the G2 version. You'll have to work your way down to half, to quarter, then lower strengths to get used to it...then it just tastes really good, with barely any sugar at all, and I'll chug it.

I use the 32oz bottles, buy the larger canisters, and use between 1/5 and 1/20th (I haven't busted out my caliper yet) of a scoop (a full scoop is normal strength for 32oz). It deepends on whether I've worked out or am just ensuring that I drink enough water, daily. Watered-down Glacier Freeze tastes better, and is much "healthier", than any G2 which has more sugar AND disgusting artificial sweeteners.

It's the best

I love Glacier Freeze

2 Lemon Lime

This is the Best! Yum Yum

Best by far

If you put anything else above this you are uncultured and a swine who drinks filth.

Classic Gatorade and still the best. My go to flavor.

3 Orange

Hated this ugh

Ok, honestly, this tasted GROSS. I hate orange juice and it was like, a million times worse than that.

My story: During track there was this food stand, my best friend decided he would be nice and buy me like 7 orange gatorades. It was amazing.

The BEST! Hands down, bar none, undeniably, and no questions asked.

4 Cool Blue

When I was in Kindergarten, my mother and I went to Minnesota for a week or two to visit my cousins. On day two, I caught the stomach flu and threw up all day. After I drank some Cool Blue, I began to feel better. This flavor has been my favorite because of how when I was little, I thought Cool Blue was the cure to everything, even cancer.

Just, childhood.

So flavorful and refreshing

YUMMY! I love this stuff. Gatorade is so good! This is much better than lemon lime! Thank you whoever made this flavor

5 Fruit Punch

I drink a lot of gatorade. Never drinking just one flavor. Also drink other sports drinks such as powerade and all sport but mostly gatoraid and mostly fruit punch. Fruit punch is always a good choice.

It is a simple fact that Red Gatorade, aka Fruit Punch, is by far superior to other flavors, such as yellow pee. There is no dispute on this matter; it is a fact that people, especially boys of the eighth grade, must come to accept.

I love this flavor! I drink it all the time especially after horseback riding. When I'm sick, I always drink this flavor and only this flavor. Also when you mix it with orange, half and half, it's amazing.

This is THE best flavor, hands down! Something about this drink, this flavor works the best against fighting a hangover. EVERY time I've taken this flavor, I feel revived and back to my old self in record time! It really does replenish your energy! Keep up the good work Gatorade!

6 Riptide Rush


This is the ONLY gatorade flavor I will drink. All the others are too chemically tasting, overpowering and honestly make me feel more thirsty. When I drink Riptide Rush, I feel quenched, and the flavor is subtly akin to Purplesaurus Rex Koolaid, and it tastes good. The only one I will drink ever. If they do away with it, I will just eat more bananas and stick to only H20. Sad. The newer light purple flavor tastes like chemical pineapple. It's too sweet and gross. I bought it by mistake. Got poured straight down the drain. Boo.

"like drinking a fruity mountain waterfall after wandering dehydrated through the desert."
This is the best gatorade flavor ever formulated. Too many flavors are either too thick and syrupy (Looking at you Fierce Grape), or the new G2- more like water but with a bitter crap aftertaste. Give me this or Mango or GTFO

People are quick to judge this flavor before they try it, but it is by far the best.

7 Ice Punch


Not only the best tasting, but also doesn't have all the dyes that make my stomach feel weird. Wish it came in a full size, but the minis are pretty dang good too.

Ice punch is the best then rain lime

This flavor is really awesome. Yeah... It's only at my school, too. But I think it is really cool. It looks like water, but with and extra ZING to it. I drink this EVERY day, literally. And I drink it at lunch, breakfast, and I buy one and bring it home for dinner! This gatorade should be #1.

8 Lemonade

Becasue I have always liked lemonade and this tastes like old fashioned lemonade with the added benefit of the electrolytes.

I would like to know where I can buy this flavor of Gatorade in Knoxville I drink nothing but lemonade Gatorade in Mexico and haven't noticed it in any stores in Tennessee. I have to say this as one of my top favorite flavors of Gatorade I like it better than lemon lime and equal to fruit punch I drink Powerade as well but gatorade is My preferred daily beverage

Hands down the best flavor of Gatorade! Perfect flavor not too tart or sweet! Difficult to find so have to seek it out. Wish all stores would stock this flavor. Have to watch carefully so as to not pick up lemon lime because so close in color!

My husband loves this flavor. It's the only one he wants me to buy anymore. He drinks gallons of this while working every week.

9 Fierce Grape

Tastes like the grape medicine from my childhood


Grape is my favorite gatorade flavor. The taste great and refreshing

Pretty Much the only flavor I drink! It is really good tangy/sweet not to sweet and not to dull. Its one of my top favorites it never gets old

10 Fierce Strawberry

By looking at it's ranking, I'm sure not many have tried Fierce Strawberry. You rarely see this flavor in stores but I must admit, the one time I did get to drink it, it was probably the best Gatorade I've had by far.

Fierce Strawberry is the best, I blessed this holy drink. Even though it's true by saying it's rare, it's still the best drink there is. I enjoy the drink just by both it's taste of flavor & color. I think this drink should more common in certain stores like wal-mart or your corner gas station to get it instead of certain 7/11's. God Bless Fierce Strawberry.

Fierce strawberry should be number one. This is by far my favorite flavor from Gatorade. Among others but this is number one for me

Are you kidding me? Fierce strawberry is godly. No one has tried it yet obviously. Go fierce strawberry ny fave

The Contenders

11 Glacier Cherry



I only drink this or lemon lime

Only flavor I will drink.

12 Lime Cucumber

I found this recently and it is my new favorite. My boyfriend thinks it is gross. So refreshing!

U icky odor like

Because I am Black

The #1 Gatorade flavor for Mexicans. Mix in a little bit of Chile salt, and it tastes exactly like a real cucumber Mexican style. Simply delicious. However if you don't like cucumbers, you should stay away from this.

13 Raspberry Lemonade

Love this flavor.. it's so hard to get where I live.

It is Great flavor,it's so refreshing. and hard to get where I live.

It's so good for refreshing

Best flavor in the world

14 Grape

It is the best. All other flavors are crap!

So good! Why can't I ever find it? Only ever find "fierce grape" which clearly is not as good!

How is this at 20? My favorite

So much better than Fierce Grape!

One of the best flavors for sure.

15 Watermelon

I have not seen this flavor in years, but it was far and away my favorite Gatorade flavor. Especially when partially frozen to a slush consistency.

Light and refreshing. The best of them all. Wish they had this flavor everywhere they sell Gatorade.

I miss this flavor... Was the 1st Gatorade I ever drank way back when, and I literally cried when I couldn't find it anymore. This needs to make a come back, not that strawberry watermelon crap. If I ever found it at a store, I would buy in bulk, its that good.

WATERMELON ICE was like liquid watermelon jolly ranchers. very refreshing and IT WAS THE BEST!

16 Strawberry Kiwi

By farrr the best. and I can't find it anymore all I can find are these stupid G2 drinks. Gatorade tried to hard to compete with life water and energy drinks they should just stayed like they used to be

This is the best Gator flavor ever... But it is gone from the shelves in markets around me. What gives?

This is the only one worth buying. Can't find it. Tried to find a replacement and tried many, but they are all horrible. Please, please bring back Rain Strawberry Kiwi

Why is this no longer available - PLEASE bring it back!

17 G2 Grape

This is the best flavor.

Great after a late night. Even before going to bed. Wake up and feel like you've just come out of a 10 year coma. Refreshed, healthy and ready to hang with friends. That's if you have friends. If not, at least G2 Grape is friendly. Well kind of. Its friendlier than the other flavours by at least 40%.

Grape Gatorade is so much better than fierce grape but so much harder to find these days

Best of all Gatorade taste best frozen

18 Citrus Cooler

This flavor actually beat Orange the flavor that I had been drinking for years as my favorite. Until I had Citrus cooler! This flavor is lighter and more quenching. #1 Citrus cooler #2 Orange #3 Mandarin/Tangerine flavor

I love all the classics, but when you can find it I grab a Citrus Cooler. It has a taste that's so unique you will never forget it, it super refreshing, and just flat out amazing. No other beverage can compare.

I have not been able to find this flavor in years. How I miss it so much. I still get cravings for it. It is by far the best flavor Gatorade has ever made!

So glad they brought Citrus Cooler back! Love this flavor. Also Michael Jordan's favorite flavor.

19 Berry

Love Rain Berry! I can no longer find any to buy! Please bring it back!

The best flavor by far

I love this flavor although its not the most popular flavor its gotten me threw my childhood. whenever I'm sick it helps me feel better whenever I'm thirsty I go to my fridge in the garage and get a chilled bottle of delicious, tangy, thirst quenching berry gatorade.

Gatorade normally has three ingredients: sugar, water and some strange fruit flavor. Rain berry eliminates one of those variables, it is just sugar water. Although it could probably be better described as Nectar.

20 Strawberry Splash
21 Arctic Blitz

Mellow star fruit flavor. Really good

the best

It’s the number 2 best

I don't think the name fits the color or flavor a tropical sensation came to mind

22 Kiwi Strawberry
23 Rain Lime

Best flavor ever! Hands down. Unfortunately not available anymore, although it popped up at my local Big Lots store in southwest Florida. Bought every last one every time they get it in. Though seems like it's passing out of that store also. Please bring back this flavor!

This is the most refreshing flavor. I do not think that they make it anymore, but when they did it was always sold out in the gas stations and supermarkets around my house.

Rain lime is my favorite gatorade flavor, but unfortunately they discontinued it! I look desperately anytime I get gatorade in hopes they will bring it back!

G2 Rain Lime is crisp, clear, and smooth. Best tasting of all so far. Don't get it mixed up with the sour Lemon-Lime.

24 Green Apple

This is the best gatorade ever

Best flavor hands down!

This one is good for horses, horse electrolytes are way over priced. Just add water with powder and give in bucket. They need it before big ride and after to rehydrate.

If people actually tried this flavor it would easily be mine 1...

25 White Cherry

One of the best

26 Citrus Crash
27 Blackberry Wave

This is my favorite Gatorade of all time! Having trouble finding it.

Best ever, smooth and mild berry flavor. Sadly though, I'm starting to have trouble finding it and my soul is crying. Please bring it back! What flavor could I possibly find to match this beauty?!?

It's SO smooth. It's my #1.

I love how mild the flavor is.

28 Strawberry

Had it once but love it!

Strawberry is the best! (;

Can't find it!

29 Rain Berry

My favorite Gatorade! This one is hard to find because if Wal-Mart sales out I have to go to kroger to find it. Literally the only reason I ever go to kroger is to buy this one particular Gatorade! It needs to be advertised more often and sold in more convenient stores!

The only one my entire household agrees on. Please get it to more stores.

Please DO NOT discontinue this flavor! It is by far the best, the others do not compare!

If god pissed in my mouth... that good

30 G2 Orange

I love it my favorite flavor of all

It's the best ever, I'm having real trouble finding it though!

Normal orange is better

I love its flavor also!
Why is it so hard to find?

31 Strawberry Watermelon

Love this flavor, my favorite!

It's better frozen but is really delicious any kind of way

Definitely top 3 favorites next to Strawberry Lemonade and Fierce Strawberry

How is this not the best? It tastes like pixie stix!

32 Blue Blast

I don't know if it's the same as Cool Blue.

33 Rain Cherry

This is the BEST Gatorade of all time. I've tried searching for it everywhere even online, no luck. Last time I had it was maybe 07'? But I do remember when it came out in late 05' I believe. I might have to get on the horn with PepsiCo. and see what the deal is.. (that's how much I miss this flavor) and I'm sure I have many backers on that. I pray that one of the ceos or analyst people see this and reintroduce this beloved flavor! -Matt (Florida)

34 Melon

If you haven't tried FIERCE MELON then you haven't tried gatorade. It's the best flavor, extremely refreshing, light, sweet taste that just makes you crave another sip.

It was hard to find for a while, but is now back. This is hands down the BEST flavor of Gatorade and definitely my personal favorite.

This is the best flavor and it's always so hard to find. My college roommate and I bonded over fierce melon.

Melon Gatorade is SOOO good, but they got ride of it. What is up with that! 🤬

35 Cherry Rush

Had it with every hockey game growing up

Remember this as a kid, had it all of my soccer games. They should bring this back

Absolute best flavor of all time. Bring it back!

I wish they had this flavor still! :(

36 G2 Mixed Berry

I love that it has lower sugar. The taste is light and easy in a sensitive throat. Thanks for this flavor!

Wish you would make this available again; it was my favorite.

So good, sweet with a bit of an almost coconut taste. Hard to discribe but very tasty. By far trumps all other flavors I've had.

At least there's no artificial coloring or food dyes.
And it tastes very good like strawberry/raspberry

37 Fierce Green Apple

Best flavor ever

The first time I had the chance to get the green apple gatorade it was amazing

It is my third favorite but my friend love it.

its green

38 Cascade Crash

When they say don't judge a book by it's cover, we'll ladies n gents don't judge this flavor by it's color cause this is by far the best out of the frost series n u can find these at Kroger in 8packs for 5 dollars

The best. Period.

I used to buy the Frost series flavor pack strictly for Glacier Freeze and never bothered to try this flavor because I thought it would taste like blue berries. Anyways, I finally tried it and I can no longer enjoy Glacier Freeze because Cascade Crash has a much better flavor! Especially, if you drink it slowly and let the flavor linger in your mouth.

This flavor can be hard to find, but it is well worth it. You owe it to yourself to try it if you say you like Gatorade. It has always been my fave and always will be.

39 Strawberry Lemonade

This is the best. The lemon lime and glacier freeze are close behind though!


This is the BEST flavor of them in my opinion! Should be a lot higher up on the list.

It is the best! Too bad you can't find it anywhere.. Should be higher up on the list

40 Fruit Punch + Berry

Perfect mix of flavor.

Fruit punch and berry is such a great flavor in my opion.

My favorite!

41 Lemon Ice

Best flavor ever to the point there are social media groups designed with the sole purpose of getting Gatorade's attention and letting the company know they discontinued a goldmine. Even before its limited released sold out everywhere people loved this flavor from its first incarnation. This would not be so low on the list if more people knew of it! Gatorade is missing out on serious money here

There isn't a flavor sold in the US that I haven't tried and this one is my overwhelming favorite. The only reason this is so low on the list is the fact that it hasn't been in stores since the mid 90's. Most people have never even seen this let alone tried it.

Hands down their best flavor for my taste buds. I bought it by the case over the summer 2015. It saved the day on 7/4.

Green apple was limited the year before, now it's everywhere. I hope the same happens with this.

Glacier cherry is the best one now but Lemon ice was heavenly. Not sure why Gatorade decided to take it off the shelf. To have it again would make me a very happy man!

42 Cool Blue Cherry

My new favorite flavor. I can't get enough. Bought it on a lunch break, and haven't bought another flavor since.

It's a great mix of the original cool blue flavor which is my number 2, and an added mix of a cherry flavor to put it on top, it's just as good the the name itself

This is my favorite and I now can't find it in stores! What's up with that ;(((

I tried this flavor over the weekend, and it is by far the best flavor. I love all of the blue colored flavors, but this one is the best of all.

43 X-Factor Fruit Punch + Berry

I usually like the Fruit Punch and when I reach in the cooler and get this flavor by mistake it makes me happy. I'm surprised that it's so hard to find. I usually buy two when I see it but it's not always available.

This is my absolute favorite, that of my family as well. I cannot find this flavor in stores in my area, Portland, Oregon. Please let me know where I can purchase.

Favorite flavor ever I have at least 10 of these in my fridge always

This is a good flavor.

44 Tropical Mango

Very smooth flavor, not too sweet, but very refreshing.

It is the best when it is cold

It is the best frost flavor.

Best on the market

45 Blue Cherry

You guys need to try it

Blue cherry is the best the first time I tried it, it tasted like heaven and it still does

46 Mango

This drink is possibly my favorite thing ever

This is the best

The best of the best. I love it really teasty during

A taste of the islands, not too sweet, refreshingly satisfing

47 X-Factor Lemon Lime + Strawberry

I never knew there were so many flavors up until now so all I can say is this flavor is by far the BEST I've had "so far" (and I've tried a lot of them)

This is the best flavor so far

Just found a couple bottles at a little market. I'm probably heading back for what little they had left

I used to LOVE this stuff. It was a sad day when I could no longer find it at the local convenient marts.

48 Tropical Cooler

Such a good flavor! I just had to get it because I never seen it before, now I better go get more! This is delicious!

This is my favorite Gatorade! Tastes just like a fruit cup but it's hard to find.

Love this flavor but I can't find it anymore I would buy a case craving this flavor pleas help let me know where it is available PLEASE

Really wish I could find it in the small bottles again... it wasn't distributed properly "enough" in my area

49 A.M. Tropical Mango

The fact that NONE of you said this flavor makes me lose a little hope in the pallet of humanity

The best by far, but extremely frustrating that I can never find it

Great smooth fruit taste of mango. One of my top 5 favorite.

THE BEST HANDS DOWN GATORADE TO EVER EXIST I drink it like every day I have it right next to me right now

50 Rain Grape
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