Top 10 Best Hot Dog Toppings

There are few things in this world as universally beloved as a good old-fashioned hot dog. Whether you're at a baseball game, a backyard BBQ, or just looking for a quick and easy snack, nothing hits the spot quite like a juicy, perfectly grilled hot dog.

But let's be real, the hot dog itself is only half the battle. What really makes a hot dog truly great are the toppings. From classic standbys like ketchup and mustard to more adventurous options like chili and sauerkraut, the right toppings can take a hot dog from good to great in just a few bites.

Whether you prefer a classic dog with just a bit of ketchup and mustard or like to pile on the toppings until your hot dog is practically bursting at the seams, this list has got you covered. So go ahead, take a look, and get ready to spice up your next hot dog with the best toppings around.
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1 Ketchup

Ketchup is the only thing I have on a hot dog. I'm a girl that likes plain food, everything has to be plain.

Ya know, it's a topping lots of people like. It tastes really good too!

Definitely ketchup! Plain boring without it!

2 Mustard

Mustard is the most common topping why is it number two?! Ketchup is basically artifical tomato paste, sugar, and corn syrup. Mustard is way better. Ketchup does not go good with it and mustard does. It adds color to the hot dog while ketchup takes away the flavor and makes it too sweet.

Mustard is my go-to for a great dog. Sauerkraut and Relish must accompany. The Hot Dog itself also must be a quality dog, not the typical supermarket brands, I prefer Don't Hot Dogs made by Bests Provisions.

I thought hardly anybody liked mustard, until I came here. I knew it would always be behind ketchup though, unfortunately. Love my 'dog with just a little bit of this, not nasty sweet catsup!

3 Onions

They are so yummy yummy, in my tummy tummy. Yummy yummy, in my tummy tummy.

My husband loves them! I like grilled onions

Yep. Onions are an essential on hot dogs.

4 Mayonnaise
5 Cheese

Cheese is good only if there is chili. The saltiness of the cheese combined with the hot dog can be a bit much.

I love them hot off the grill with shredded cheddar, and that red onion sauce. Best snack ever.

Cheese should be number 2 by a landslide.

6 Pickles

A pickle on top? Especially a garlicky one? Simply awesome!

7 Chili
8 Sauerkraut

Take the time to make your own kraut. You won't be disappointed.

Always only Sauerkraut and mustard. No other way for a dog to be eaten

! So good will eat it out of jar

9 Bacon

I love bacon but it's too salty on a dog.

10 Avocado
The Contenders
11 Relish

Unreplaceable! Countries without relish cannot understand the value of a hot dog, if they've never tasted it with relish!

Ketchup AND mustard suck! Relish is the only thing necessary.

I like plain hotdogs

12 Jalapenos

People need to try this. I had an amazing dinner when I put Caesar salad dressing on my hot dog. The toppings mentioned are amazing alone or together.

13 Honey Mustard
14 Barbecue Sauce

Used to eat this as a kid, and it was so good.

15 Celery Salt
16 Coney Sauce

Of you do the coney make sure it is Flint style.

17 Cream Cheese

Add onion flavor cream cheese to your dog with coleslaw. Totally good and fresh!

18 Coleslaw

Yes! Slaw, diced onions and meat sauce...culinary perfection...

Not a great dog without slaw and onions.

19 Teriyaki Sauce
20 Lettuce
21 Tomatoes

Must have Chicago style

22 Potato Chips
23 Brown Mustard

Simply the best. Better than all the rest

24 Cooked Onions
25 Sriracha
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