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1 I Don't Want to Be

Love this song this is the theme for One Tree Hill please vote this song up should be number 1 by miles

This song should be number 1 by far the best song and its the theme to one tree hill an azming show I have all 9 seasons love it and love this song vote this one up to number 1 please - mneilan

Love this song so much. One Tree Hill 4 life!

Love this song 4 One Tree Hill

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2 Not Over You

I absolutely love this song! Listening to it right now! Gavin has such a way with words that I can't really relate to. I can only listen to his golden voice over and over again!

I'm at the Billy Joel concert in Syracuse right now, and just found out Gavin is opening for him! Awesome

I think it is an awesome song. But the video gets a little to close on the girl a few times.

Incredible song. I love it so much! I think it is his best so far.

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3 Chariot

This seriously needs to be higher! This is my favourite Gavin Degraw song!

What?! Tenth? That doesn't make sense. Wake up people.

Seriously the best Gavin DeGraw song! I love this song so much!

Really good, no more to say.

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4 We Belong Together
5 In Love with a Girl

My favorite it's so sweet and catchy.
Although he doesn't seem to have any good reasons for loving her in the song laugh out loud

This was the first Gavin DeGraw song I heard (way back in 2008) and I was instantly hooked. This is my #1 pick.

I any stop listening to this song It gives me a felling I've never gotten from a song before

I love this song sooo much, being an African-American female I get the weirdest looks while singing along in public. When ever or where ever.

6 Soldier

I listened to the song and it should at least be in the top five

I love this song, it means he or she is your everything

Plain and simple, just a beautifully produced song with a powerful meaning!

I like the beat and the style...the way he twists the rhythms is insane... - Fakeout

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7 Radiation

A perfect song for the great audience, and there's few people that can capture the audience like Gavin! Love this one!

8 Follow Through

Song meant for me

9 Sweeter

Edgy, bold and truthful. Straightforward and the tune is impeccable. A song that MUST be heard! Simply Amazing.

One of the best Degraw songs for sure. Belongs higher than 8th

Awesome song! Hear it on xm radio in your vehicle and in spite of driving your torso is grooving!

Love this fast version!

10 Belief

Going through a very rough patch right now n this song is what puts me through every day. I can't say more.

I absolutely love this song. It is so good that he realty should have released this as a single.

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11 Best I Ever Had

I absolutely love this song. It really needs to be up higher on the list!

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12 Cheated on Me
13 She Holds a Key
14 Meaning
15 Who's Gonna Save Us
16 Make a Move

This song is amazing,kind of like adam levine..this should be 1st in the list

This is new so many people might not know sbout it. Its s good song, not one of the finest but good.

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17 Fire

The reason why this song is so low is because this song is relatively new

Definitely should be higher in my opinion! Great song!

This song is so good it has to be in top 3

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18 Where You Are

Greatest song of all time!

19 Run Every Time
20 You Know Where I'm At
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1. Not Over You
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1. I Don't Want to Be
2. Soldier
3. We Belong Together

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