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61 Naengmyeon
62 Baby Steps
63 Europa

Musically, this is one of the very best SNSD songs, with really pleasing and catchy melody and arrangement, and the lyrics is wistful but also optimistic.

It's so relaxing. For me this is one of the best songs of SNSD. It has a catchy tune and a rejuvenating feel. "You are the only one. YOUNGWONHEE ~"

One of the best songs of the group. One, along others of the "Mr.Mr. EP" + CMIYC, which made me really like the group. I listen to it at least five times a week.

64 Only U

This song is lyrics by SNSD Seohyun.

This song is sooo good. The chorus is just beautiful. The people I knew who didn't like kpop or never listened to it before changed their opinion on kpop after I sent this song to them. that's how good it us. I hope this can reach at least top 20 soon because it really is a lovely song

65 Holler

As soon as I listened to this song I could not stop singing to it, so catchy!

I love this song, it should be 4th, why is this so low.

Fantastic dance song and very very catchy!

66 Say Yes

I love this song.. ! Cause this song can make me feel so happy!

I will like I'm in the snow when I sing it

67 Boyfriend
68 Mistake
69 Everyday Love

This one needs to go up higher than this!

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70 Motorcycle

I love this song ♥download it

71 Lips

Really good song so underrated

72 Top Secret (Shake the Tree)

Love this song, the chorus is the best!

73 Beginning
74 Cabi Song

Yoona is sexy and yuri is favorite snsd

75 Look at Me
76 The Great Escape

This song has a catchy melody along with great harmonization and adlibs, not to mention a fun theme. Top-ten worthy in my opinion!

77 Show! Show! Show!

Cute sexy song, and I like taeyeon voice, so powerful here. Diamond is good to listen

78 Soul

The best track from their new EP "Mr. Mr.", in my opinion. The harmonies are excellent, the rap isn't bad, it's got energy and some beautiful high notes from Taeyon and Seohyun.

79 Tears

Beautiful tune. Could be an OST for a Chinese drama

80 Vitamin
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