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21 So Alive

It's a shame how underrated this is. The singer's voice actually sounds so sincere. The production is great to with the backing drums and piano twinkle. But where this song really shines is the lyrics. This isn't some generic empowerment anthem. It's a story alternating it's view going from a tone of I once did this, to now you do the same. It's two completely different stories meant to actually empower you. Nowhere near Iris (but that's one of my all time favorite songs, but still really damn awesome) 5/5, best comeback of the year bar Nick Cave and Green Day - ProPanda

Hi, I love this song. I did this song at music camp and the day that we had to preform we spent so long practicing it because it was rhythmically off. I literally worried because I started to doubt that we could do good. It turns out all of the time put into made us do a good job. The goo goo dolls did an awesome job creating this song. I think that it has powerful lyrics. I would give it a 10:10. Awesome job. God bless you all.

22 Cuz You're Gone

One of their originals and it sounds good! - Curti2594

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23 Stay with You

Not in the top ten?

1. Iris
2. Before It's Too Late
3. Black Balloon
4. Stay With You
5. Better Days

Awesome song, really awesome. Iris is obviously number 1 here and justifiably so, this has to come second surely?

Underrated, should be in top ten

Great song! Why not in the top 10

24 Impersonality
25 Give a Little Bit

This song should be in the top ten I mean it is one of those songs that when you listen to it, it feels like you were born with it already implanted into your head I just love this song!

This is in my opinion much better than Supertramps Version - Curti2594

26 All Eyes on Me V 1 Comment
27 Over and Over
28 Still Your Song

This Song is Absolutely Amazing. When I first heard it, I thought, where have I been living all this time. It may not be as good as the rest, but I think it deserves to be on the list.

29 Let Love In

People slate this song for some reason, I absolutely love it to be honest.

Amazing song! Deserves to be way higher on the list.

The best goo goo dolls song by far

30 Come to Me

With lyrics like "Come to me with secrets bare, I'll love you more so don't be scared", this song should definitely be on top. It describes what a real relationship is like!

Come on this is one of the best TRUE love / real relationship songs out there. Videos are touching. Should be in top 10

I have always loved this song it reminds me of looking back on the good times with the person I loved

Love this song.
So many great verses.

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31 Ain't that Unusual

Nice Song from the album. Pure punk and an awesome riff. A real lovely song. One of my favorites. Should have been a single from the album. Guys give this song a chance. M/

32 Keep the Car Running

Great song keeps me moving through adversity

33 Flat Top

Deep meaning, good music, cool video. It could be a great hit if they released this song after "name", but not before.

34 What a Scene

Why isn't this song somewhere nearer to the top?

35 Can't Let It Go
36 Lazy Eye
37 Home

Very Good Song! This is one of the GGD's great songs in the modern era and they've had quite a few! - Curti2594

38 Real
39 Dizzy

One of my favourite! Love it!

40 Without You Here

Great Song... You Should Listen To It Once And Decide If It Is Not Better Than Most Songs Above It...

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