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21 Steve Green

Incredible tenor with millions of albums sold, over 30 years of ministry and tremendous international outreach/

Should be #1 on this list!

22 Karen Clark Sheard

I agree, her voice is phenomenal. She has an incredible range. Her "Finally Karen" album should be considered the best gospel album ever. I love 90s Karen more than today's (the modern) Karen. I pray she bring that era back. She can whistle too.

I believe she is because she is my favorite singer and she can sing real good. And all of her music I her I think it got sum to do with mea in mi life and how I feel inside and outside.

I am amazed Karen Clark Sheard has not been voted number 1 considering this is a vote for best Gospel singer.


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23 Ron Kenoly

Awesome uplifting praise from him

Definitely top 5. Uplifting music

Extremely good when it comes to the aspect of prasing the lord thanking him

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24 Daryl Coley

Others LEARN from Pastor Coley! Enough said. If one were to ask other singers on this list who influenced them - MY FAVORITE SINGER that people like Rev. Cleveland, The Hawkins, Pastor Kee and others called upon when they want it done RIGHT & WITH ANOINTING would make the list more than most others. Just Google his a capella offerings - you'll join the friendly argument with my son and I in Baltimore. Daryl Coley is one of the best! Even as good (in MY opinion -better :-) ) as his favorites: "The K's - Burrell & Clark-Sheard".

Just the most gifted and anointed singer I've ever ever heard. Love you Daryl and thanks for your gift of sweet songs of praise. No one else compares to your style and talent. Your in a class above the rest.

My opinion? Go check him out! He is not the most popular... But anyone with the ability to hear should notice it! YouTube it!

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25 Marvin Sapp

One of my FAVORITE gospel singers, I can feel the annointing whenever he sings

Sings with conviction, love his songs, and his character is respectful, as a child of God is required to be.

Anointed man of God he can sing. And lead a worship service.

Marvin Marvin - marvelous. Love his songs and the perfect voice for his songs. May God bless 'i'm. the real critique*

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26 Frank Edwards

He is adorable when it comes to vocal exhilaration, a true gospel blessing

He is a man send from God

He is my music father, I was inspired by him

Keep it up my bro. your songs are very spiritual

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27 Larnelle Harris

How Larnelle is not in the top is mind boggling. Any of you try singing with him note for note and then youll get it. There's a reason he sung duets with Sandi Patti on I've just seen Jesus and more than wonderful. he's the best male vocalist in gospel.

28 Isreal Houghton

Now her is a Man of God that has taken the Word and made it alive in song. He brings youth and classical Gospel style together. The Gift God dave him is more than I have seen with any other artist.

He has a true love and heart for God and it shows in his music. I can feel the anointing God to minister to the people of God. May God continue to bless him and his family.

Think his blood flows with music...

His music is so sophisticated and anointed.

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29 Steele Croswhite

Steel is a beautiful Holy Spirit, filled soul. And He's one of the pastors of our church, "The Rock". He's very dedicated to our precious, Jesus Christ. He's always anointed with the Holy Spirit all the time. His love for Jesus Christ, goes beyond what words can ever describe.

30 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was a American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. more.

Elvis was the BEST! He really was a gift from God. Something and I mean something just came over him when he sang gospel. You can hear it and see it. He knew every gospel song that was ever written. Lets not forget he got 3 Grammies for Gospel music. Sure do wish he was still with us...

What can we say? His Hand in mine, How great thou art and He touched me. Just listened to those albums and you will see the man deserves even better than number 8! To me he is tied with Mahalia...

Elvis Presley was an unbeatable Talent. Only uneducated people can deny that. His Gospel songs always were deep, touching and very emotional. His vocal always sounds phenomenal - Irina2932

Ă„lways a matter of taste - the "critics" should be thankful to Elvis, because without Elvis they would have no job today!

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31 Marvin Winans

One of the greatest voices of all time!


Full of the anointing of God, his Style pulls you in to worship, the song Amen from Adre Crouch Album and faithful from his resent album, the praise Worship experience and Draw me close to you


Anointed to preach and sing! He is such an amazing talent! All glory to God.

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32 Guy Penrod

Love the country style Gospel tones of Guy's beautiful voice. His true love of Jesus shines through his whole being. Whenever he sings he praises God, no performance just a real true Gospel Singer. His voice is unmistakable even within a group.

Guy has a beautiful voice and the ability to blend with any group. He has large vocal range. His belief in God is so evident in all that he does. I have never seen him "performing" instead of praising God. His sincerity always shines through.

His Love of God shows in every song he sings. Guy praises God in all types of Gospel Music; whether it is Southern Gospel, Country Gospel or Contemporary with his beautiful voice. The best gospel performer of all time!

Guy came to the Milwaukee area in September--his faith is unmistakable--his singing is fantastic--hopfully he will be back in the not to distant future ty Guy

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33 Cheri Keaggy
34 Fred Hammond

From jazzy gospel, to all out worship fred Hammond packs in the spot at number 9.

The gift of God is without repentance big up, represent the kingdom.

Fred Hammond is simply one of the best to ever do it.

He is one of the most greatest of all time. A true minister of GOD

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35 Jason Crabb

Jason is a Grammy award winning vocalist and multiple DOVE Award winner including ARTIST of the year and MALE VOCALIST of the year.

His songs touches everyone from through the fire to please forgive me he shows God's true love

He's the real deal

When I am down and out I just put his CD in and I praise my LORD as I sing along. You can feel the spirit in his voice and action.

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36 Vestal Goodman

The most beautiful voice I've heard in my whole life

Not top ten? Go back and rethink this please... You need to listen to this lady sing "I'd do it all over again"... And "Searching for the city"... She is an icon

If you don't think Vestal was a good singer you don't know talent.

Love Vestal. When she sang Gospel songs tears would run down her face like the Holy Spirit really took over. Amen

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37 Bridget Blucher

I am always touched each time I listen to Bredget's music. She has what it take to be a gosple singer, keep it up God bless you

38 Marshall Hall

An amazing voice with a true love for God!

Great voice

39 Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp is an awesome singer, music is fabulous and her voice is beautiful... Love listening to her.

Knapp's Undo Me is one of the best Contemporary Christian songs of all time.

40 John P. Kee

I think Pastor John P Kee has been underrated his career. How could someone like Kirk Franklin be ahead of him and he don't even sing. John never got the the credit he deserved.

His ranges and control is great. Been my favorite since 1989, along with james moore and marvin winans... Constanty listen to john, through Jesus Christ his songs has has always made my faith stronger and help me endure.

Ahead of his time, probably one of greatest all time gospel singers

A man who sings to touch lives. I love his music. the real critique

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