21 Guns


It was the first Green Day song I ever heard. It is not my favorite and you'll be surprised why I want it first but I don't know, every time I listen to it I just feel that feeling, this amazing feeling that I can't just describe. The first time I listened to it, I was so amazed by Billie, I fell "in love" with him but with Green Day too and I just started searching many informations about Green Day. I know everything about them now and I even have a fandom account. 21 guns it's a beautiful song and 5 of my friends even though they don't like Green Day a lot, they LOVE this song. Personally, my favorite song is 'Holiday' but this one deserves the first place cause I think it's a beautiful song, and the original version and the Broadway one. It's just so beautiful and this feeling I feel is beautiful too. It brings me back to 21/01/2014, the day I listened to this song and Green Day for the first time. I watched the whole video so amazed. I know I'm not a fan for a long time but you ...more

This is a very speical song which has touched many around the world. Although some of the lyrics can seem obscure, it essentially describes the horrors of war and the fact that the soldiers tasks do not match what they really believe in. It practically gives a 21 gun salute both to those who died and to those willing to 'raise up their arms into the sky' and ' give up the fight' to stop the atoricities. Although it was not quite as successful as some of the songs below it, I believe it has such a strong univerasal message that it has to be included in the top five. One line that particularly struck me was ' do you know what's worth fighting for, when its not worth dying for? ' Need I say more?

Can't define this song.. Just.. Ahhh it's so addicting I can't sleep without listening to it. And after waking up I listen to this, too.. It.. It has something enchanting, mesmerizing in it... The lyrics, the thoughts.. It reaches the inside so deeply.. And. And. The voice.. I LOVE the VOICE.. So.. So mind provoking and killer voice.. I love billy's voice and yes the guitar and every damn thing about this song.. The music, the everything speaks my words and to my depth.. This and the boulevard of broken dreams.. These two are my favorite of Green Day. I love them after these songs. And yah all of the songs are awesome- so different from any other band.. The intensity... And this song is EPIC

see first of all the way this song is made surely will attract in the first attention... I am kinda bored of it because I used to hear this 25 times a day!... but I will vote for 21 GUNS because now revitaling it again I hear it 30 times a day man!. ITS THE BEST SONG OF THE UNIVERSE EVER MADE MAN...

This song tells my story and I lost my love when he died in war, and he sounded and looked just like billie joe armstrong... Green Day was his favorite band and this was his favorite song... When I listen to this song I can hear him still singing it to me... This song means the world to me

Really good relaxing groovy song its always the best song to listen to when you are going somewhere far and its easy to play and sing its so good its like if some one else hears the song they'll probably think the ones that are playing are expressing themselves

The song is extremely expressive and I LOVE it. The more you listen to it, the more you listen even more, the more you like, the more you listen even more. The experience with the guitars and other instruments gives it an expressive kick. Move it up to first place!

All the Green Day songs are great but this one is exceptional. All the aspects of a rock song are well covered lyrics is great, guitar is flawless, vocal is also very smooth. In other words it is one of the best rock song ever made.


Though I only like three Green Day songs in total, those three are among my overall favorite songs as well. I think that 21 Guns should be first on this list, as a matter of personal opinion, but oh well. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is also a great song. :3

I loved Green Day when I was younger, but then it kind of died off for me. When I looked them back up years later, this was the 1st song I listened to. I had never heard it before, and I didn't need to listen to it twice to know how much I loved it. Green Day is my favorite band, and to me, this is one of there best songs! Billie is amazing, and so is Mike and Tre and I'm so happy that I looked them up again!

Go back to this song after not listening to it for a few months and you'll get why it deserves to be the top. The first time you hear it after a long time, you'll cry.

I actually remember this song from my childhood... Me and my parents used to go outside and listen to Green Day until 120... This was the first one I heard and it made me love Green Day so much... Green Day is my childhood

It is the definitely best song of Green Day. Every line in this song has a deep meaning have different meaning of pain in most of lives... Simply love this song man. That's why I vote for it.. Long live Green Day...

When my friend listened to this, he suddenly began crying. Then he thanked me for sharing this music, because it was exactly what he needed. This music is pure magic, and a very touching memory

This song is an anthem for the 21st century. It changed the music scenario and everyone knows the song from beginning to end. Definitely deserve to be number 1. Everything is right in this song

Awesome song. Just one of the best songs I've ever herd. This song just rocks. The solo is great. Just love playing this song on my guitar too. You guys have to listen to 21 guns. You'll love it

. . . the reason why I LOVE this song cos. . . it was playing when got my 3rd kiss on the lips. . . she was so beautiful. . . good times - SmoothCriminal

Awesome song. Exceeds in rock talent with good and meaningful lyrics carrying a love story along with it. To be honest with you, this is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Damn Putting Boulevard Over Basket Case is harsh. Green Day is more than just American idiot you wouldn't know apparently with every damn song off the album on here.

Man this song must be number one. It is just epic epic epic

Green day rock
No one can match there standards. Jesus of suburbia must not be on this list

I think this is even better than boulevard of broken dreams

This is so sad at times... when I make a movie, I'll put this song as the theme... or play it at the end creditz - SmoothCriminal

I don't know why everyone thinks that this is their best song. I think it is good but it isn't that good. The chorus and middle verse I think are the best parts.

No band ever will, ever has of ever going to make a song like this. I can't dream of 1 single day without listening to 21 guns. The best song ever!. Green Day forever.