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21 Bleed - Soulfly

Soulfly is a groove metal band but this song isn't Groove Metal it's Nu Metal - christangrant

22 Clouds Over California - Devildriver

This song has awesome bass, vocals and guitar. It is pure awesomeness. Dez Fafara and DevilDriver are awesome at what they do and forever will be.

23 Mouth for War - Pantera

You can literally fight the world after hearing this song.

Twenty six is a disgrace guys. I mean those guitar riffs are hard an groovy and they r also addictive. This song's pumps us very well. An it is the real defnition of grooove metal.

24 Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch
25 Necroshine - Overkill
26 Hourglass - Lamb of God

I think Hourglass should at least be in the top 3 man... I mean come on... With those riffs, those drums and of course randy's mind blasting vocals this song surely deserves to be amongst the tops...

27 Inside Out - Anthrax
28 Fate Stepped In - DevilDriver
29 Destroy and Dominate - Chimaira
30 Set to Fail - Lamb of God

Just the definition of Groove Metal. The other songs are quite ridiculous compared with the porwerfull vocals, riffs and drums in this masterpiece.

31 Drag the Waters - Pantera
32 Territory - Sepultura

I agree

33 Bite the Bullet - Machine Head
34 Aesthetics of Hate - Machine Head

This is more thrash than groove...

35 Floods - Pantera
36 This Love - Pantera
37 Old - Machine Head
38 Deathklaat - Six Feet Under
39 Take My Scars - Machine Head
40 A New Level - Pantera

Try not to move any part of your body while listening to this song. (This song is too heavy to take that challenge „/)

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