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21 Soldano

The best, wort the money. hard to find a used one, if you buy one you'll keep it. there's nothing better than Soldano.

22 Dime
23 Behringer

I have this amp and still good.

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24 Two-Rock

Since I bought my custom reverb v2 I am finally satisfied and no longer search for the perfect amp. For me this is it.

Bloody amazing. You got a real piece of machinery when you got one of these. They may not look like much but when you plug them in...
I would recommend this more than almost anything if you got the money.

Great amp great look great sound

Damn expensive yet somehow they still seem cheap for the value. Nothing like it, so versatile and barelyno sound you can't make with one.

25 Traynor

They should be in top 5.

Great acoustic amp

I used a Traynor 200 watt bass amp with 6-10" speakers in the 70s. Amazing amplifier. Ran a Fender Precision bass with nylon strings through it.

I stumbled onto a 1970's Traynor YBA-1 and it soon became my favorite amp. I still have my trusty old Fender Quad Reverb and a Traynor YVC-40, but the YBA-1 just seems to make my guitars sound so much better.

26 Diezel V 1 Comment
27 Bogner

I have the Bogner Shiva Combo plus Reverb and it has the best possible created sound someone can ever listen to... Excellent for Blues, Rock
Hard Rock...

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28 Egnater

Been playing on a Rebel 30 head and 1x12 cab for about 2 years. Great tone and very durable. Good for medium gigs.

Have two egnater 112 cabs, great quality build, great looks and great sound!

Using a Rebel 30w for rock and country. Sounds great and is very durable.

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Hello point to point, hand wired, Pete Townsend, David Gilmore etc etc etc may be a little expensive but blows away the other British high wattage stuff eg. Marshall, Orange, Laney etc

Handmade in the UK, Used by artists like: The Killers, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and many more!

30 Kustom

Love my 72 hardtop. Great vibrato and tremolo effects. Add reverb and you can obtain tones that are unique. Great building block to finding signature tone.

31 Victory

Just insane sounding!

32 VHT
33 Belcat

Alright! Because belcat is belong to the top ten best amps! Rock on!

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34 Jet City

Been playing them for years. Soldano tone for less money. Amazing amps.

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35 Acoustic

I got one at guitar center f$&@ing amazing. One of the best brands out there if you don't have one you should try one out I love it

My church just bought an Acoustic lead guitar series G20 20W 1X10 combo, the tone is amazing for such cheap amp ($89.99). Only time will tell how long will last.

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36 Bad Cat

You pay boutique prices, but you get boutique results. Bad Cats are brilliant in a studio setting. They can definitely hold their own live as well.

I've owned and played a ton of amps (Fenders - old and new, Vox hand wired, marshalls, z's, bogner, tone King, etc etc) and my 2001 Bad Cat is the best I've ever heard.

37 Dr. Z

In my opinion, the best compared with others like Marshall, Fender, Vox etc.
This is a verry great amp for the right price. I'm saving my euro's to by me the Dr. Z Wreck!

Guy Olieslagers Belgium (Europe)

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38 Matchless

Blows any amp I have ever played totally out of the water. Pure tone with just the right amount of compression. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but it is the only amp you will ever need! You will spend 5 times the price of a Matchless on amps in your playing career & still won't get the tone you really want. Over drive, oh yeah!

Simply amazing. Cleanest I have ever played through. Not a bright sound but crisp clean sound. I bought a Matchless 15/30 with only one knob, master. A great amp to compliment my pedals to.

39 Suhr
40 Ashdown Engineering
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