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301 React

Don't forget about this song! This has to be in the top 20s. Just listen to it. It's really catchy ^ ^

302 Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl (Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl)

This song is plain epic. Also, it is very creative. I love the part where in the middle of the song it's like " The Number you have dialed... Doesn't exist." One of the most creative vocaloid songs ever! Anyway, give this a listen!

After I saw Guilty Hearts dance to this song I really liked it because it was fast and catchy

303 Infinity
304 Toosenbo
305 3331
306 Tenohira
307 Orange
308 Strobe Light
309 Pianissimo
310 Seven Color Morning
311 86,400
312 Gigan No Namida
313 Heart Rate ♯0822
314 Named After You
315 Waltz of Anomalies
316 Resonant Gene
317 Earth Song

This song is the best! WHY the hell it is at #279?

318 Glow

Why is this at 303? This song is one of my top ten favorite Miku songs

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319 Distorted Princess
320 At Lightning Speed
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