Best Heaven Shall Burn Songs

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1 Endzeit

Best song ever! The voice, the melody, the guitar, the drums! I've seen them live and it was the best concert I've seen so far in my whole life! Love them

Saw them live a couple of months ago and It was spectacular! Really good drums, the voice is awesome and the guitar damn heavy!

This song is, quite possibly, the BEST song Ever! Unrelenting, but fully distinguishable, Vocal Ferocity; Devastating Drumming providing a fervent frenzied pulse for Shredding Attack guitars; a dynamic song structure with openings for Thunderous Eruption keeping the Spirit piqued/peaked; AWESOME Revolutionary/Resistance/Resurgence lyrics, etc. What HURTS, however, is how Heaven Shall Burn never even came close to creating a song nearly as good. I personally would NOT include any of HSB's other tracks in my Top 1000 metal songs. NONE of them strike that nerve of Defiance, Revenge, etc. in me; NONE of them impress me and leave me in awe of their musicianship; NONE of them get me even close to as Fired Up as THIS ^ does; NONE of them can give me the soul-chilling effect that THIS ^ does. Endzeit, although Masterfully composed, is but HSB's ONLY song.

2 Black Tears

Heavier, and for me, better than the original by Edge of Sanity. - 3raz3r

3 Voice of the Voiceless

Love the riff and lyrics. Thought it was a weaker one at first but it became a favorite

4 The Weapon They Fear

One of HSB's most iconic and well-known songs. A true death metal classic. - ashwinganesan

5 Hunters Will Be Hunted
6 Valhalla

It's an interesting Blind Guardian cover. It was so nice they invited Blind Guardian singer (Hansi Kursch) to provide additional vocals. - Metal_Treasure

7 Armia
8 To Harvest the Storm
9 The Omen
10 Bleeding to Death

The Contenders

11 Like a Thousand Suns
12 Die Stürme Rufen Dich
13 Like Gods Among Mortals
14 I Was I Am I Shall Be
15 Combat

Awfully Awesome...Melt and drown in Death Metal through this song

16 Godiva


17 The Only Truth
18 Counterweight

Counterweight not in the Top 5?! What's wrong people?

19 Straßenkampf
20 Numbing the Pain

This song is simply awesome and kick ass.
Best lyrics best riffs breath taking song.

Very emotional song! I love it. - Flav

22 Sevastopol
23 Forlorn Skies
24 Implore the Darken Sky

Both the original and the classic version are incredibly good!

25 Whatever It May Take
26 Beyond Redemption
27 Corium
28 The Few Upright

Awesome opener

29 Quest for Resistance
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