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It's the best homepage ever! Seriously, everything that all the other sites have, various options of search engines and news/mail sites, etc. But it also has really cool links behind the banner, which doesn't just change everyday, but changes every single time you reload the page! Why would you have Google, a search engine, with no extra links or news or suggestions, be your homepage, when here you can choose between several search engines, including Google, and have instant links to every major shopping, social, and news network? People who put a simple search engine as their homepage seriously lack imagination and/or curiosity.

After hours searching for a privacy conscious, AD free, non scrolling home page, I found BestHomepageEver! Could not be happier. I love the rotating pictures spread across as each opening of the browser is different. It has all you could want on one concise page and you barely need to scroll down to see what you are missing. I feel comfortable with this site as I worry about all my daily habits becoming information for the business world. Great links which all work, ta the, and you can even set up the homepage colors, etc you want to see. I love it and have recommended to all my friends and yakked about it on Facebook! And the genius behind this homepage is a Duck! Need I say more, lol!

The new page is great. Better than the Classic. I know that change is hard for some people, but this is a step up from the former version. Faster, simpler, with all these same functionality, plus more. What is not to like?

This homepage is the greatest. After using it for a while I'll never go back to MSN not because it sucks, but because this homepage is the absolute best. I was having somewhat of a problem with the homepage jumping in and out of sign in. I dropped an Email to Justin and with his suggestions for my end and whatever he did on his end I stay signed in all day until I sign out. Does anybody think MSN or Google or any of the others would do that? I used MSN for many years and I can guarantee you that they don't care enough to help you out with something like this. Another aspect: No commercials or fake news blasting in your face on this homepage, I get to pick my own, imagine that! Try it for 10 days and you will never go back. Get signed in so the link box will work and away ya go!

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2 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Used to use google until just recently 9-1-2020, when I found out they scrub search results instead of just being a neutral search engine. Try searching BLM is and see how all the results are scrubbed on google and no where else. I don't need that censorship garbage from a search engine.

Google is a search engine that changes and manipulates your results. It became obvious in 2020 when trying to learn about Antifa, Blm etc. Google scrubbed everything in autofill except blm israel... most others if you typed blm is came back with ... Marxist, racist etc.

Homepage of Google is easy but how to make it on my computer?

I vote Google because its simple and easy. Whenever I can't find the answers to I just go back to my home page and I search the question, website, topic, subject or the key word. A perfect home page for your family or starters. Add Google as your home page now! Information comes out your finger tips. Best home page ever! Go GOOGLE!

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3 Yahoo! Yahoo! is a web services provider, wholly owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc. and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Should change your name to "BooHoo", as you have pulled the rug out from underneath your trusted users with all the phony tabloid headlines you now interject, with realism. Are you really trying for Public Hysteria? You have an Awesome foundation, look, and ability to become a real and trusted site... Why not go there? Be real! Gain our trust! Report truth and give us the entire and honest story without taking sides. Let us (Readers) form our own opinions based only on TRUTH! There is far too much garbage out there that pollutes young minds... lead by example! Example; Reporter asks a Ferguson protestor why they were there protesting, and how they felt about the black eyewitnesses who corroborated the officers story? The interview subject knew nothing about that! Yelled out "Hands Up, Don't shoot! " People need to know the truth.

Have used my. Yahoo as my home pages since the mid-1990s. Historically, it was customizable and user friendly. Today, it is a stellar mix of incompetence and Maliciousness. Nothing works well. Ads are fine, but the ones Yahoo! Uses are visually offering -- things like old ladies shaking their fingers - are extraordinarily offensive. Yahoo! Has even messed up the weather, refusing to permit users to change cities displayed on the page. You may be able to add, but there is no subtracting or reordering. In short, it looks like a bunch of greedy corporate execs have hired a bunch of incompetent, silly children to sit around at late eating pizza, drinking colas or energy drinks, and snacking on candy bars to concoct new and increasingly useless features and designs to justify their running the company into the ground and collecting their severance pay before the company goes belly up, which it no doubt will. I am looking for a replacement, but my guess is the best alternative will be to go ...more

I loved my Yahoo homepage where I was able to pick the types of news that was important to me, but the most recent change is absolutely horrible. You cannot read the articles or comments because of the horrible floating and blinking ads that come across. If those weren't enough, if you have more than one page open, so that you can go from tab to tab, you start getting sound and video, sometimes ads, but sometimes on topic, when you are not there yet! Don't know who decided to make the revisions, but they sure were not made by an intelligent thinking business person who cared about their users. I'm searching for another location where I can be on the web checking financial or other articles while I'm also doing option trades. Yahoo has ruined it all!

Yahoo is the home of annoying. Insidious pop-ups with blaring audio that re-occur almost every time you move around on their home page. YAHOO SUCKS! Considering how lousy and irritating their interfaces and home page are it's a marvel that they're still in business. Also, forget customer service as I wrote directly to Marisa Meyer and have as yet to receive any reply (1 year and counting) so obviously nothing has really changed at Yahoo - they're still seriously "Wanged" and therefore deserve a toilet gown ending. Hopefully sooner rather than later. by the way, you don't really believe they read any of this, let alone give a damn, do you?

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4 Youtube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

2-8-16 Beware, You-Tube's homepage changed again and it's as worse as it was before. I can't choose what type of clips I want to see by either eliminating the clip or the row. Were forced now to see nonsense videos thumbnails and rows that you probably won't even like.

As opposed to Yahoo, which I've used for a long time, with YouTube I don't have sports stuff "IN MY FACE" all the time. I like it that YouTube lets me pick and choose from a variety of subjects. So far it's free and that's a plus.

It is a very brilliant website with many things to see. I am positive that this is one of the very best websites ever, it even has great new videos for travellers, teens, and any person! Thank you!

You tube is not just a very great page it is the only video and audio page of it's kind that I know! What are the others that are clean like you tube

5 Bing

Securest than Google, it does not collect information from your activities. less fake information than Google. very soon bing is going to be worlds best home page due to nokia. in 2011 gmail was number one, yahoo mail was number two, and hotmail/outlook was number three position. But now in 2014 outlook is in number two and very soon outlook will grab the position of number one. In five years Microsoft is going to be user's favorite. in the section of cell phone Microsoft will be at the top in market value.
Don't forget Apple starts from Microsoft, it's the game of time being.

Bing works well for me with the exception of the bottom of the page which seems to be loaded with reports from liberal blogs. You see what seems an interesting article and you end up on some shady blog. Most likely because they are associated with MSN. Unless you like that kind of crap it comes up short.

I used to like it. It made it easy to look into my different interest.
Now it is like walking in time square NY with the propagandist from the thought police.
Hearing and seeing garish loud snake oil hawkers!
What is that feeling? I left the city of confusion. Bye Bing.

So let me get this right. I can vote thumbs down but in doing so I have to select a reason from the drop down menu but if I vote thumbs up... no reason is needed? Yea right!

6 Facebook

Facebook not good for users for bad people, somebody use insults, chat, games with together, nonsense, and you how can tell it is the best? For many singers and their fellow? For Diplomacy peoples? and when
anyone not like say about this matter very soon tell he /she use bad words and annoying her/ him for what result? Just it is one of your amazing tool, people in Middle East or users just a chest for you. My like or seem photo top in there for beauty not
my thoughts, manner, personality( 8 months my father is dead and I enter there may be changes my sad or ).. sorry for you, more users and people in this world know what is Facebook?! Like me. You like post for them or see what happens in there, it is your opinion show, send or not, it is your Commerce " Play with people and users like Dara Farci (it is a name, means Persian so take red line) ( Thank you for good Technology in typing if I mistake...) your distinction good from bad, sorry if I speak harshly but it is true. In ...more

Probably one of the worst possible homepages ever.

It's a fantastic site for finding our lost friends

Facebook is a good website but it's not good as a homepage.


The amount of advertising is HUGE.
This website was set as a factory default homepage on my computer, and one look had me searching for the change homepage button!
MSN's homepage is so far left it can't be taken seriously! They publish scarily inaccurate articles with no opportunity to comment. I suppose they think the polls at the end give readers a voice...but they're fools to take these poll results seriously. Any thinking person would read the headlines and skip the articles. Only far left Trump haters would even finish reading the article, so only those readers would answer, making those results VERY skewed.

I actually like the layout... however I have grown tired of the misleading advertisements and the constant anti-Trump barrage of postings. Creating and/or posting ridiculous observations, hypothetical and what if's, obscure surveys and treating them as important news is an insult to one's intelligence. The only purpose it serves is to feed misleading garbage to those who already hate him and his administration and embolden his supporters. Before I change to another home page provider, does anyone now if there's a way to turn off all political postings and advertisements on the MSN home page?

I loved this site for Years and Years, but lately I can't read a story without it being full of folks that are clearly trump supporters (because of Their words, which sadly are crude, rude and really vile) and other Extemists that Literally Threaten anyone that won't agree with Their Hate, they call names, make threats, and have had a few show up on my fb page just to say Really gross Vile stuff for no reason at all, other than being hateful and to Bully. MSN has gone from a really great and pretty even sided site, to an extreme haters site with the seeming support of the site. Sorry for the rant, just want a decent site rather than a haters haven. Plus honestly don't like the new MSN look either. Sigh

Hate the new homepage. After many years of using this as our homepage, and setting things up exactly the way we wanted to see them - they have replaced our straightforward, informational "at a glance" page with a wall full of media fluff. We gave feedback almost daily, begged them to keep the original format - and then one day, it was just gone. And - so are we. We moved to the Yahoo homepage. Not perfect, but as close as we could find.

8 TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

I love My Perfect Internet becausae everything is centered there; all my links I go to, I go to them from there. It is really perfect in that way. And it is safe and secure and has so many fun and free things avallable; I really enjoy going there every day to see what new thing they are giving away!

I voted because I like how there is endless lists you can make and the homepage is pretty cool

Were on it right now so of course it's the best!

How to get on this site please

9 Kadaza

I absolutely LOVE this home page. It's quick, user friendly a no ads! Love the colors, the overview and the comprehensive web directory covering alsmost any subject. You can also personalize th start page in a few simple steps. Also, you don't need to register to use the customization features., which is pretty unique. I am using it as my daily start up page for years now, and I'll keep using it. Also my wife loves Kadaza. It's safe, easy and fast. My recommendation: make kadaza your homepage for a fast Internet browsing experience!

It doesn't get any better than this! No ads. Simple, fast, clean and attractive. Single click to the most popular sites with links to everything from email to financial news and all categories in between (like social media and sports). It's been my only homepage for 3 years and as long as it's around I won't use anything else. Customizable homepage is easy to use and fast loading. Thank you Kadaza!

I've used Kadaza for a few years now, so it's something of a comfortable old house shoe that still fits well for me. Pretty standard stuff, but that's good news: there are no "fad of the moment," "trendy," "hipster" components to it, so you know it'll be there after all the other fads have long faded.

From my testing of Kadaza I am finding the more I use it, the more engaging and enticing it becomes. There are customization features available such as creating a background and customizing your own tiles..

10, commonly known as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company that was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington.

One of the best if you've grown tired of being bombarded with click bait and other annoyances like Bing pushing their extension over and over and over.

It's easy to understand homepage helps it to be the best online shopping site on the planet.

Good source for e-books and regular books, plus for general shopping.

I like this home page very much.

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11 Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

Twitter is easy to use and has all your followings posts straight up as soon as you open the app. Twitter is also less cancerous than Facebook and you can stay anonymous whilst having a laugh and trolling.

Twitter is good because you can post messages while you can search and get updated with the world

Great site, but ruined everything. They ripped off Facebook, they shutdown Vine for no reason, and more.

Well, not exactly a homepage, but is my favorite site to start...

12 hCHOO

Amazing site for Homepage! You can search different search engines with one click without it being too cluttered. Also, you can JOIN free and save your favorites/bookmarks online and access them anywhere. This saves so much time when navigating the internet. You can even customize the colors, order, organize, etc

It really is the BEST HOMEPAGE in 2013! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Lame. A bunch of shortcuts isn't a home page. When I open a home page I want to see news stories--I don't want to have to open separate links to go to different news sites. This is garbage.

Don't like any home page that makes me sign in or join up. That defeats the purpose of leaving the Google world. Too damned many web sites want too much personal information

Lost all my categories that I had built up. I have not had anyone contact me to explain why my password will not allow me to get my home page or possible fix.

13 DuckDuckGo

I'm tired of being forced to look at ads, ads popping up from recent searches and political bias in the searches. Bye-bye Google. Hello, DuckDuckGo!

I switched to Duck Duck Go about 3 months ago to get away from Google but so far If I want to use duck duck I have to hit the button on GOOGLE so I gained nothing! I cannot recommend Duck Duck Go because of this, I even keyed it as my preferred site, NOTHING! Not Impressed!

I have used DuckDuckGo for several years and love it!. I've had no trouble with it. If you access settings on your computer, you can set it to always use only this site.

The best search engine there is. Goggle and the others have become so biased they just omit things that don't fit their political beliefs.

14 IgHome

I used this site for years and it worked great with all the Gadgets functioning. Then they got a new server and NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. So far, I have sent three (3) HELP Requests via e-mail that was acknowledged as "received" but, to date, ZERO RESPONSE and ZERO HELP. I load the Gadget for the Drudge Report and the Homepage loads it three or four times. Not to worry though, as soon as I leave the Homepage the Drudge Report Gadget completely DISAPPEARS over and over again. Same is true for my Gmail Gadget expressly designed for this Homepage.s I am moving on - this Homepage is much too frustrating and the host is totally non-responsive.

I used it for a year or so after Yahoo self-destructed. Although many gadgets don't work, and loading was slow, it was still viable. This week they "improved" it. All my gadgets disappeared. Loading is even slower, more gadgets refuse to work (I found one with a posted workaround just for IgHome -- so I'm not the only one. Now looking for something good.

Can set up previews to a wide variety of news, sports, entertainment, and other web sites. Very flexible. Also can set up a long list of shortcuts to any of your frequently visited sites.

I used this site for years. All my gadgets stopped working. My links have become static and the search function through Google no longer works. I would avoid this as a homepage for those considering new ones.

15 LinkedIn
16 Startme

Bye, bye Yahoo! Seems like Yahoo is trying to run people off, job well done! I'm permanently starting on Startme now. I can choose what I want to see, and every third article isn't an advert. Screw Yahoo!

Startme has definitely been the best option for me so far. I've been using it for a while now and I haven't found a reason to keep looking.

I tried several start pages and this is by far the most amazing start page that I know.

Sleek, intuituve, and user friendly - this homepage should definitely be in the top ten list. Easy to organize and customize _your_ perfect homepage.

17 Google Earth

I just found google earth and I think iam going to really like it


Why would you even say that


Its not instagram. Me

20 Flickr is an image hosting service and video hosting service. It was created by Ludicorp in 2004. It has changed ownership several times and has been owned by SmugMug since April 2018.The Verge reported in March 2013 that Flickr had a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million more.
21 AOL.Com

AOL homepage is terrible. Huffington Post is their news provider, some of their writers need to go back to school to learn grammar and punctuation. Their headlines are almost always misleading, and now they have an ad banner that is a short clip that plays automatically and is more than just a little irritating. I've used AOL for as long as I've had internet service and am looking for a better home page.

Horrible layout that seems to be redesigned just to be redesigned. It offers nothing new except for annoying ads, a confusing and misguided attempt to be edgy and no customization ability. I left MSN for the same reasons but at least they have an option to remove feeds you aren't interested in. Not sure who I'll go to next but I won't be staying with AOL.

AOL homepage is a biased left wing job. Lately they changed the appearance of the page and it is cluttered but overly simplistic, almost like its aimed at grade school children.

Cannot take AOL any more. Bait and switch headlines and useless nonsense about the Kardashians and which wannabe is showing her bare something.

22 Protopage

I looked at all these homepages, and decided this one would work- it is perfect! I was able to completely personalize the page. I was able to add links to all my favorite web pages, even my mailbox! I can put my favorite news sites here, without ads (! ) cluttering the page. And, I get to choose the backgrounds, and can add my own personal pictures. Terrific homepage. I'm done with Yahoo and their horrible liberal news stories!

This is what a real homepage should be. take a look and play with it for awhile, learning curve is not a big deal. only one thing I would suggest is that when creating a widget I would like to create it and I fill in the links, although there may be a way to do that I didn't find it yet.
but overall this page is fantastic. I am recommending it highly especially if you want a page with no nonsense, all your stuff is there, it doesn't disappear, saves what you save and appears to be on point. time used is only a few days but I'm that impressed.

Came here to find something to replace yahoo, and protopage is it for me. If you like the old My Yahoo, then this is for you. News, Weather, Daily Cartoons, and sticky notes make it the best

This page insist I allow cookies before I can enter. I wish I could comment more about this page but since I refuse to allow cookies on my machine I have no other input about this site.


I think this site has more usefulness to it than just a homepage.

The sheer number of sites listed under various categories make it unbelievably valuable and is truly a unique site on the internet.

This where I go whenever I want to hide porn searches from my husband

One of the fastest pages I have ever seen. Simple and easy to access linking lot of websites

Fair play to it, it's like the site knows all my Bookmarks

24 eBay eBay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, and became a notable success story of the dot-com bubble.

Ebay is an alternative to Amazon and you get better prices there on occasion.

Worlds biggest yard sale.

other shopping

25 Netvibes

Was easy enough to set up. Got all my news in one place. The only thing I don't like is a minor issue (with cookies expiring I think) that forces my browser to forget my password. But on the whole a very strong and configurable home page with no adds which keeps things just the way I like them.

The HELP menu is worthless. If anyone is able to set it up the slightest change or addition obliterates everything. All work is wasted and starting again is just a waste of time. Find something simpler.

I've used Netvibes for years and find it very flexible. Add feeds as desired and don't find it difficult to use. I've often tried other home pages but always come back to Netvibes.

They make this so hard to use after an hour I wanted to shoot myself in the head. Unless you have a masters degree in computer science stay away from this one.

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