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1 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Homepage of Google is easy but how to make it on my computer?

Best homepage you can ever have. everything is at your fingertips.

Easy, reliable and recognisable. Used it for ages and not planning to change anytime soon. A perfect starting point for any web user.

Easy to get to anything you are looking for

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Nice selection of information items offering many directional options

Simple homepage that has all of the best links. No advertisements, a clean look, and useful for me at work or at home.

It's the best homepage ever! Seriously, everything that all the other sites have, various options of search engines and news/mail sites, etc. But it also has really cool links behind the banner, which doesn't just change everyday, but changes every single time you reload the page! Why would you have Google, a search engine, with no extra links or news or suggestions, be your homepage, when here you can choose between several search engines, including Google, and have instant links to every major shopping, social, and news network? People who put a simple search engine as their homepage seriously lack imagination and/or curiosity.

BestHomepageEver is my absolute favorite. And I've tried a LOT of homepages! I like that I can decide where I want to go. Also, I don't have to immediately see "news" every time I navigate to the Internet. (Depressing! ) I get to see nothing except this page which allows me to choose what I want to do next. Yay! Thanks for the "Best! " BestHomepageEver!

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3 Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! is a web services provider, wholly owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc. and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

The new Yahoo homepage is just TERRIBLE!

I've been using it for about 14 to 15 years and I can't look at it. They offer NO customization and NO way to go back.

See ya' Yahoo.

Absolutely! And they are obviously politically leaning and post some of the most outrageous garbage I have ever read. They had problems with everything under the sun and refused to repair the problems. So, bye bye Yahoo for me too!

Just switched to Google from YAHOO! (D). Couldn't stand the Statist propaganda anymore.

Yahoo... what a joke. Yahoo has become nothing more than a billboard of advertisements mixed with 'run-of-the-mill' editorials to attract attention to even more billboard advertisements. It's a money sink!

This page sucks. They are always adding popup items that are down right annoying!

I am here because I am looking to replace yahoo. Pop up are redicoulouse. Advertising is obtrusive.

...and on top of it all; not enough that the cursor goes automatically to Yahoo search when opening a new page, now they started substituting my search engine from Google to Yahoo! I just buried them! (*;*) - ILMA

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4 Bing

You learn and see something interesting everyday, it's pro!

Bing works well for me with the exception of the bottom of the page which seems to be loaded with reports from liberal blogs. You see what seems an interesting article and you end up on some shady blog. Most likely because they are associated with MSN. Unless you like that kind of crap it comes up short.

changes pictures every day, its beast

LOVE Bing! The homepages are BUEATIFUL! And the best part about it is that you can hide the news, so it extremely safe! Love you Bing! Using you right now!

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5 My Perfect Internet

Here I have my favorite links there on the homepage, my choice, and a button to a page where the rest of my customized favorites links are. The best thing about that is I can access them from any computer even if it is not mine - no need to worry about not having them in a browser menu or not being able to access them because I am on someone else's computer. All of my content I choose to display like the games of my choice, my private email, my own social community where I have all my clubs and blogs. I set my own news feeds so I can see at a glance if there are any important articles of my interest. The ads are non-intrusive and many are from people I know. I have buttons to access all the rest of my favorite places to go, everything in one place, nice!

It is better experienced than explained. Whatever may be ones occupation, the perfect Internet is there to organize your so satisfactorily. From student to professor, from low class worker to top class, or whatever businessman or businesswoman, politician, etc. Simply take a tour and see for yourself. I love the perfect Internet.

My Perfect Internet is just amazing - I can say that because I use it everyday and with the amazing platforms they have My Perfect Internet is going to really appeal to the public more and more as they have the best privacy & security I have ever seen for a company that is member driven.

Truly a great safe place to get around the internet in the knowledge that my data will be safe because they DO NOT keep any DATA on file at all!

With everything in one place I can go anywhere with peace of mind it's just an amazing place to be.

I use Perfect Internet every day. It's a one site where I get everything that I normally do on the internet. They have lots of sites that internet users can use depending on their interests. I always download their free ebooks every week. I play free games for relaxation or to test my brain. They have lots of sites that they have that I use and I know other internet users would be interested in, example, their safe search engine without getting our ISP recorded, email server, free deal points that you can get to use to purchase free products, free prizes and cash jackpot, talent contest for musicians, etc. and once a year a Live Event for the winner and he/she is given free album, free limo ride and hotel stay, cash, etc. Perfect Internet site has everything for every person and I enjoy using it.

Yes, just like you I'm with My Perfect Internet 24/7... Excellent Website

To all friends and brothers and sisters of all parts of the world and to ask why the best home page for the Galaxy pi the Internet.. I say simple and useful you have to visit the page perfect Internet to discover yourself as a comprehensive University page for all the services you're looking for and all looking for services on the Internet and the impending are all available in one place, the beautifully and engagingly as perfect Galaxy Internet page and the first galaxies and the first company to all its services free of charge and not only that, but at the same time member participates and gives them a large part of their profits.

And thanks to everyone for all of the sounds of our home page of pi.

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6 Kadaza

From my testing of Kadaza I am finding the more I use it, the more engaging and enticing it becomes. There are customization features available such as creating a background and customizing your own tiles..


the best

Makes my internet life easier. Love the way its laid out.

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The amount of advertisement is absolutely disgusting. You can't open ANY news story without sitting through a shameless advertisement first and there isn't even an option to "skip". Absolutely disgusting and I won't use this this site again.

Their "New Look" is the last straw. I put up with the ads which were longer than the news item. I learned to ignore the "News items which only initiated a "Bing Search". Now this new layout is just too much for me.

I couldn't agree more. The new layout is awful and I also can't get it in English anymore - I live in Germany. There is supposed to be a way to change that but haven't found it yet.

I hate the new site and amount of advertising.

If it's not broke don't fix it. Your new format stinks, it's a mess. I have my own bookmark bar. I don't need yours. Searching for a new home page. I've permanently signed out of your services; no longer needed... !

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This where I go whenever I want to hide porn searches from my husband

Fair play to it, it's like the site knows all my Bookmarks

One of the fastest pages I have ever seen. Simple and easy to access linking lot of websites

Cool homepage that makes discovering and using new sites hassle free.

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Amazing site for Homepage! You can search different search engines with one click without it being too cluttered. Also, you can JOIN free and save your favorites/bookmarks online and access them anywhere. This saves so much time when navigating the internet. You can even customize the colors, order, organize, etc

It really is the BEST HOMEPAGE in 2013! I highly recommend it to everyone.

JOIN free and you can save your links online and access them anywhere, anytime. You can also customize this Homepage! It's free and easy to use. Also, search on any search engine with one click. Just type what you're searching for and click the search engine you want! FREE and EASY to use. JOIN and find out for yourself.

Google WAS my favorite homepage, but is now number one. Simplicity of Google, no random news, clean and most importantly allows me to search multiple places from one place. I can also save all my favorites/bookmarks and access them from any device. This is a great idea for a landing page... My new homepage is hchoo! Nice name too

Great site! no nonsense allows me peace of that it incorporates Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook search results and allows me to save all my links!...great idea- love it

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10 AOL.Com

After many years I have decided I had enough; previous comments hit the nail on the head!

Bias - always read bad news.

AOL homepage is terrible. Huffington Post is their news provider, some of their writers need to go back to school to learn grammar and punctuation. Their headlines are almost always misleading, and now they have an ad banner that is a short clip that plays automatically and is more than just a little irritating. I've used AOL for as long as I've had internet service and am looking for a better home page.

The Worst!

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11 Youtube Youtube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

Yes - AwesomeJawson


It is a very brilliant website with many things to see. I am positive that this is one of the very best websites ever, it even has great new videos for travellers, teens, and any person! Thank you!

As opposed to Yahoo, which I've used for a long time, with YouTube I don't have sports stuff "IN MY FACE" all the time. I like it that YouTube lets me pick and choose from a variety of subjects. So far it's free and that's a plus.

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12 TheTopTens TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

Wanna sprite cranberry

This is best.

Meta? - Ikura

How to get on this site please - RevolverOcelot

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13 DuckDuckGo

I have used DuckDuckGo for several years and love it!. I've had no trouble with it. If you access settings on your computer, you can set it to always use only this site.

I switched to Duck Duck Go about 3 months ago to get away from Google but so far If I want to use duck duck I have to hit the button on GOOGLE so I gained nothing! I cannot recommend Duck Duck Go because of this, I even keyed it as my preferred site, NOTHING! Not Impressed!

Respects privacy / finds what I search for as well as google

The greatest

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14 IgHome

This on is better than many of the ones that are listed above it.

I have used iHome of years. Now has become slow and deleted some of my gadgets? I'm looking for a new home page.

I used it for a year or so after Yahoo self-destructed. Although many gadgets don't work, and loading was slow, it was still viable. This week they "improved" it. All my gadgets disappeared. Loading is even slower, more gadgets refuse to work (I found one with a posted workaround just for IgHome -- so I'm not the only one. Now looking for something good.

Can set up previews to a wide variety of news, sports, entertainment, and other web sites. Very flexible. Also can set up a long list of shortcuts to any of your frequently visited sites.

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15 Protopage

Finally, a page I can customize Any way I want, using news sources, and favorite
pages, without a hassle. GREAT page!

Great options, everything works and it's fully customisable

I looked at all these homepages, and decided this one would work- it is perfect! I was able to completely personalize the page. I was able to add links to all my favorite web pages, even my mailbox! I can put my favorite news sites here, without ads (! ) cluttering the page. And, I get to choose the backgrounds, and can add my own personal pictures. Terrific homepage. I'm done with Yahoo and their horrible liberal news stories!

Simple, clean and efficient. What I want to see and nothing more. Best of all I get to pick the news sources and stories that appear.

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16 Funny-Google

Similar to google, but with your name in the logo...

This is very nice home page. I like this home page... I love this...

17 Twitter Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

Great site, but ruined everything. They ripped off Facebook, they shutdown Vine for no reason, and more.

Twitter is good because you can post messages while you can search and get updated with the world

Twitter is easy to use and has all your followings posts straight up as soon as you open the app. Twitter is also less cancerous than Facebook and you can stay anonymous whilst having a laugh and trolling.

Well, not exactly a homepage, but is my favorite site to start...

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18 Facebook

Probably one of the worst possible homepages ever.

Facebook is a good website but it's not good as a homepage.

Facebook is the best

Facebook not good for users for bad people, somebody use insults, chat, games with together, nonsense, and you how can tell it is the best? For many singers and their fellow? For Diplomacy peoples? and when
anyone not like say about this matter very soon tell he /she use bad words and annoying her/ him for what result? Just it is one of your amazing tool, people in Middle East or users just a chest for you. My like or seem photo top in there for beauty not
my thoughts, manner, personality( 8 months my father is dead and I enter there may be changes my sad or ).. sorry for you, more users and people in this world know what is Facebook?! Like me. You like post for them or see what happens in there, it is your opinion show, send or not, it is your Commerce " Play with people and users like Dara Farci (it is a name, means Persian so take red line) ( Thank you for good Technology in typing if I mistake...) your distinction good from bad, sorry if I speak harshly but it is true. In ...more

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19 Startme

Http:// has definitely been the best option for me so far. I've been using it for a while now and I haven't found a reason to keep looking.

Bye, bye Yahoo! Seems like Yahoo is trying to run people off, job well done! I'm permanently starting on Startme now. I can choose what I want to see, and every third article isn't an advert. Screw Yahoo!

I tried several start pages and this is by far the most amazing start page that I know.

I love this home page. I just got it this week.

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20, commonly known as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company that was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington.

I like this home page very much.

It's easy to understand homepage helps it to be the best online shopping site on the planet. - BKAllmighty

21 myway

Don't understand weather critics. Easy to customize, great info and access to full weather forecast, wind speed, radar, etc. No ads to have to deal with. All free. Also, completely satisfactory email. And, it is fast. Has a line that tells you how fast every time you hit enter and arrive at your destination.

I have tried Myway and the weather never changes, I have a couple of places listed and every day the weather is the same, they said they know about it and are trying to fix it, that was weeks ago, can't stand it any more... Moving on to find another one that works properly, see ya Myway.

Was the best. No more.

Used it for years, but it's time to change. As for the page, there isn't much you can change. The sunrise never worked, the weather never changes, and there is NO ONE to ask for help from. It's like they set it up and then went on one long vacation.

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22 Verizon

Ads in my face;no more on Yahoo!



Why would you even say that

24 Habbo

Do you think Habbo was better before the merge?
But I'm past the age of Habbo and I would never go on it ever again in my life. But I have memories.

Because it is just great! You can spend 5 hours on it that you don't even know. It is good for kids because they can learn to speak English with people, if nothing at all...

25 Dogpile

Great simple uncluttered homepage.

Serviceable search engine

26 Startific

Pretty different than all the other startpages out there, at least it's a breath of fresh air.

Everything at your fingertips, provide quite a lot of info. In just one place.

Startpage with a beautiful interface, where you just Drag & Drop everything, it's that easy! It's more than a worthy contendant for all major startpage service.

I just started using Startific, and I am liking it quite well so far. I enjoy that icons available on the pages that I can swipe inbetween, so I actually remember to visit certain websites that otherwise I would let many days go before even thinking about - I am either too busy or distracted to keep up with website visits, and this Homepage keeps me visually aware of what's going on.

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27 Netvibes

The HELP menu is worthless. If anyone is able to set it up the slightest change or addition obliterates everything. All work is wasted and starting again is just a waste of time. Find something simpler.

I've used Netvibes for years and find it very flexible. Add feeds as desired and don't find it difficult to use. I've often tried other home pages but always come back to Netvibes.

They make this so hard to use after an hour I wanted to shoot myself in the head. Unless you have a masters degree in computer science stay away from this one. - jhs39

Was easy enough to set up. Got all my news in one place. The only thing I don't like is a minor issue (with cookies expiring I think) that forces my browser to forget my password. But on the whole a very strong and configurable home page with no adds which keeps things just the way I like them.


Its not instagram. Me

30 Flickr is an image hosting service and video hosting service. It was created by Ludicorp in 2004. It has changed ownership several times and has been owned by SmugMug since April 2018.The Verge reported in March 2013 that Flickr had a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million more.

The name is perfect: This is the Homepage for the Internet.

It's very easy to remember, 3 name,

It's clean, not too crowded so it'll be easy on my eyes if I leave it on my screen (I don't want to stare at a blank page with just a search box all day long either),

It's got lots of useful links to other sites,

I can read the headlines in the News, Weather, Sports, and other current events, entertainment, finance, music, and lots more,

I can right away see the latest addition to popular YouTube channels and watch them, it's got different categories, it's perfect for YouTube videos,

I can select between just basic stuff or a page full of info.

I think IHP is very simple yet very effective and comprehensive. You can set it as your homepage and see what other websites are up to. This is what the homepage for the Internet should look like. I'll go with IHP.

This website is really cool, I like it the design and content. It's not complicated and it's really organized.

32 LinkedIn LinkedIn

It fits this list perfectly. It's meant to be one of the key Internet homepages. - internet

Simple and to the Point. I like it.

I have only visited but, This page seems to be very organized and beneficial!

Just visited it. It only took a few minutes to decide to change this to my homepage. It was simple, and provided fast, simple, and common links to popular sites.

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Very beatifull search engine and homepage

35 alterVISTA

A bit old looking and less functional than it used to be, but the same can be said for me. I still use it since I am familiar with the paradigm. Not much that will "excite" but it is functional for storing and grouping personal links so that they will be available across multiple computers (yes, I know browsers now have that ability) and when looking for things from remote locations.

Why is your website numbered on this page? I Wasn't able to view your website as I did the others.. Is this a joke? Your name doesn't match your actions, very frustrating.

Best Home Page I Have Worked With

My new computer came with another home page... Changed back to Excite... best move one can make.

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38 Google Earth

I just found google earth and I think iam going to really like it

39 PortalPanel

I think, users can try PortalPanel. Com. I believe, it is one of the most professional online web bookmarking in the market:
1) You can control your famous social networks.
2) Stores, labels and helps organize bookmarks with a unique link scanning feature that produces a picture thumbnail of each bookmarked page.
3) Creating Instagram Album
4) Calendar
5) RSS Reader
6) Library app is an old-fashioned (in the best way possible) information repository organized by country, region and/or state, and category.
It is a perfect homepage for your daily browsing.

40 Fox News Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Faux Not News

No fake news, only facts

Love this site. Not as biased as liberals think it is.

I love Fox News. No fake news here, Thank you.

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41 eBay eBay eBay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.
42 iloggo

Lets me start up with exactly what I need for my usual activities--perfect.

Nice, everything I look for...

For me iloggo replaces the standard Google homepage with one that isn't just a search bar but links to my most frequently visited sites presented as a logos.

Simple icon bases homepage... love it!

V 2 Comments

It is great! Simple and amazing... Just like Google!

44 HurryLess

Easily the best bookmarking site on the web. Clean, easy, a breeze to customize.


Been using Papaly for months now. Has to be my new favorite social networking site. Makes it easier to find relevant content for anything you might be interested in. I'm hooked, plain and simple.

I use it as my start page and I'm loving it. Makes my life easier searching through all my bookmarks. You won't regret trying them.

This is a great site for storing bookmarks online. In time, the makers of this site might develop it a little more, which might be nice (for picky people like me) but I can honestly say it is one of the best bookmarking sites I have ever seen.

Top & fast growing social start page

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48 Qkadoo

I finally found a place to call home. I love all the people. You can learn/earn and have so much fun. Never, ever before has there been a Company where you can like, comment, post and meet all new wonderful people and get paid for it... Awesome! This is a company that will be around for the long. When you have a heart to think of people from all walks of life... Now you know where belong... Amen! Congratulations... Awesome! Looing forward for the rest and the very best to come

Qkadoo changes the way we do business online - Facebook makes billions from our content. The Great Internet Rip Off - Qkadoo does what the others won't - Qkadoo is in Patent Pending status with there business model. The site that offers everything we already do AND pays us for doing what we already do. Qkadoo will rule!

Qkadoo is such a great place to be. What we do on Facebook we can do here & get paid. There is so much more, this is the place to be to socialize, have fun, earn money for the things we do on the website. We can open up our own store & earn from that. And so much more coming in the weeks & months ahead!

I love Qkadoo. Google 16 years, Facebook 10 Years, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, MSN all those companies and not one of them figured out how to or they just didn't want to share the Internet Wealth with those of us that provided them the content, which they took for FREE and never came up with a way to pay us for our content that has now made them Billionaires. Qkadoo - they figured it out - they have their system and method in Patent Pending Status. I say Hip Hip Hiroo Qkadoo! I will be a user for life. Can't wait for the Patent Pending Software to be released this week. Great Job.

V 60 Comments

Great little site with travel news and stories from all over the world. The layout isn't great but the content is quality. A great starting point!

Informative and interesting homepage. Every time I login to the internet I am transported to somewhere new. Having a travel site like this as a home page is a really good idea for someone who's a bit of a armchair traveller.


I am a Comcast customer. I tolerated the old home page because it had all the information that I needed in a reasonable format. Their 20 second news and entertainment clips were typically preceded by a 15 to 30 second commercial advertisement. You might hear the same advertisement multiple times in a row if you clicked on multiple clips. I stopped viewing their clips because of this. Today, they changed the home page into a piece of junk. It appears to be picture/video based, which is not my style. I like more text descriptions, with a small picture to highlight the text. I talked with one of their representatives online to vent my displeasure with the new format. I asked how I could get the old home page content/format back. I was told that this was the new improved format and that I could not go back. I indicated that I would be looking for a new home page, and mentioned a few that I was familiar with. I also told the representative that I did not request any changes or improvements ...more

Absolute trash. I could care less about every entertainment and Bollywood latest intrigue. And all this crap takes up the top half of you page. It is another NBC/Comcast abomination. I will no longer waste time putting up with this. And they expect to dominate the world. They have a one-word logo/branding statement and it is best summed up as "Arrogance is US" or "We Are who We Are" and their mission statement has to be "Our Way or the Highway". Their partner in buffoonery is their cable/server provider, xfinity/Comcast another can't seem to keep a connection up for more than a few minute. And they have essentially NO customer service because it's never their fault, always yours or someone else's. They must be trying to get to the pinnacle of secular greed. Anything and everything that will get them another buck. Profiteering Pirates.

The new video changes have made this page a complete waste of time now. It was a reasonable choice before. I cannot support this site with the setup as is. Maybe they will learn if enough people leave, but then again it is "NBC" we are talking about.

Biased and ugly. This is why the American people don't trust the media.

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