Amazing page for homepage... It has everything you need!

Great site! I'm going to make this my Homepage

Free site to join. Search in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Bing and more with 1 click.
Also, you can save your links online and access them anywhere, anytime. Edit this site, order your links into categories that you create yourself, add colors, customize it, add a profile image too! This site lets you navigate the internet with 1 click. Save your long URL shortcuts here and just login to your hchoo and click the links. Very EASY and FREE to use. - fabio.borges.12576

Thanks! I joined... I like the design too - fabio.borges.12576

Lame. A bunch of shortcuts isn't a home page. When I open a home page I want to see news stories--I don't want to have to open separate links to go to different news sites. This is garbage. - jhs39

I think I am in the majority... Productive people do not want a bunch of irrelevant "news" thrown at them for this reason this site makes sense... Short cuts to favorites sites to me is a plus. Being productive might not be your objective, so for that this might not be the homepage for you.

Lost all my categories that I had built up. I have not had anyone contact me to explain why my password will not allow me to get my home page or possible fix.

Great website, easy to use... should be number one on this list for best homepages

Don't like any home page that makes me sign in or join up. That defeats the purpose of leaving the Google world. Too damned many web sites want too much personal information

Wow!... This is a great idea. Great list I am loving hchoo.com

Wow! Look out Google! Hchoo.com is pretty impressive!

Very professional and welcoming homepage. I like the name too, hCHOO... Very catchy. I am shocked Google, or Bing hasn't purchased them yet. This is as good as Google if not better!.

Very nice and easy to use. I love that I can access my favorite sites from all my devices... Very good idea turned reality. My new home page

Nice look and feel. I like the mobile version as well. Easy to use and informative. You get my vote

Kept getting virus' from this page. Worked for awhile, then went belly up. Could be a much better page with some work.

This site is awesome and it should be number1.

Finally the internet made super easy... Great job hchoo

Horrible home page. Will crash and burn with no way of resetting, or fixing. Forget customer service.

Don't like the lay, can't understand why number 2

Any site listing Fox news as #1 is off my list.

4-16-2016: When I click "Visit Website" from this page, AVG detects two virus threats. Don't go there! AVG cleaned the threats, but when I tried again to "Visit Website", the same thing happened again.