Best The Hoosiers Songs

Vote for your favourite song by English Indie Rock/Pop Rock band The Hoosiers.

The Top Ten

1 Goodbye Mr. A

Love this song! Has to be the best song I've ever heard! MUST be their trademark, it was the first song I ever had on my mp3 and the first time I had ever liked a song. THE HOOSIERS ROCK BIG TIME!

I've been listening to this song for ages, it never gets old, favourite song!

Obviously a very popular song but it never gets old. The intro is awesome too and the lyrics are catchy!

2 Worried About Ray
3 Killer

This is the best song from this band, unlike most of their overrated singles. Vote this song!

4 Worst Case Scenario

Dunno why I love it so much, but, I would definitely recommend listening to it and then you would understand why I love it.

Sadly, there arnt much reason why I like this song
I grew up with it, the tune is awesome and the video is really funny

5 Cops and Robbers


6 Choices
7 The Trick to Life
8 Unlikely Hero

Brilliant song with an even more brilliant music video to go with it :) good job boys you've done it again!

9 A Sadness Runs Through Him

Beautiful song, and definitely one of, if not my favorite Hoosiers song.

This should be in the Top FIVE! One of their best

10 Bumpy Ride

Guys should listen to this song it's awesome just lovin it when ever I listen to this song I feel like I am havin a bumby ride best song ever of hoosiers just love the song so much - ccr.koirala

The Contenders

11 Giddy Up
12 Run Rabbit Run
13 Clinging On for Life

Not their best.. But honestly Deserves to be in the TOP TEN!

14 The News from Nowhere
15 Handsome Girls and Pretty Boys
16 Impossible Boy
17 Everything Goes Dark

Top 5, definitely must listen

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