Best House of Anubis Villains

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1 Rufus Zeno

Rufous is the best but Victor is nearly as good I don't think Victor is evil evil like rufous

Rufus is the best villain! He is so scary, he even scares Jerome and Victor!

He is really scary! He is a really good villain!

Rufus cares about nobody but himself.

2 Robert Frobisher-Smythe

He actually tried to summon Ammut from the underworld, to eat every bodies souls! That is dark, why is this a Nickelodeon show?!?

I think he's the best because of his sinner work!

He is the best one because he is the most evil

I mean duh and does he ever change his clothes

3 Victor Rodemer

Victor is so mean I feel like he is just a really unkind person. I wish he was not as evil and as mean as he is. I wonder what it would be like to have just one episode where Victor has just a ounce of kindness where does something that is pleasant and something that benefits someone in an positive way not a negative way. Just one episode that is all I am asking for. I am sure some other people agree with me on this idea. I would love to know him as a nice person for a minimum of one episode and a maximum of three episodes. That is all just one episode that is all I want, I know his character is supposed to be mean and grumpy but I wish they would show for an episode or so as someone who actually cares about someone other than himself or his little secret society. Thanks so much!

I actually don't think that Victor is all that mean. Before his father influenced his personality, he seemed like a really nice person. He still does in some ways because he has shown that he cares for the students, such as in the Touchstone of Ra when he helps some of sibuna help the other half of Sibuna. He does care about others, unlike Rufus who cares about nothing but eternal life. That defines a real villain, one who will stop at nothing to reach his/her goal. Even if it means putting others at risk

Victor isn't completely evil, he just happens to want the same things Sibuna has. He is sort of a threat to Sibuna, and DEFINITELY grouchy, but not very evil. He is still my favorite "villain, " though!

I love Victor he’s my fave villain and my third fave character overall (only beaten by Patricia and Jerome)

4 Caroline Denby

She is just pure bad. I love harriet though, shes rly cute! I was so happy when I found out she came out of the hospital fine and helped the sibuna people wiv the touchstone of ra. carolines the worst I think cause I mean, frobisher didn't wanna b evil, he didn't have a choice, and in the end, I liked victor because he helped sibuna with sophia and the touchstone

Caroline Denby is not scary she does not scare me at all I love her like a sister

Denby is scary who know what she is up to all I know is she can't be trusted she works rfs I think she will here next season if there is

5 Vera

Vera is the best beautiful evil in house of anubis I wanted her to stay in the house

Vera is the most mean person on house of anubis

The thing about Vera is, she's not scary in a Rufus kind of way, she's scary in the sense that you never know her next move

6 Evil Patricia

Patricia is my favourite character

She is not that evil Fabian and Alfie are worsePatricia has got a lot of mischief inside he because they got KT so I imagen that she touched it

7 Eric Sweet

He was a nice person and I can't believe he's evil

8 Mrs. Andrews
9 Joy's Dad
10 Jason Winkler

I don't think that Jason is evil, he just wanted to live because he had an awful illnesss.

The Contenders
11 Scenkara

Senkhara definitely should have been higher on this list. I mean, she cursed people, frightened people, and had a lot of evil tricks up her sleeve. That sounds pretty villainous to me.

She killed king tut and was so close to murdering everyone in Sibuna and anyone associated with them. Also she tricked Nina all along and was going to STRAL HER BODY. what she is the number one villain

Senkhara is the scariest villain of them all!

She Was Creepy! I Would Run Away And Not Listen To Her!

12 Nurse Delia
13 Evil Fabina

I love Fabina and is so sad he is evil (sob) but he is so nice that he is really not that evil

14 Evil Alfie

The nicer you are the Eviler you come Alfie might be your favorite character but not evil AlfiePatriciaVictorMr sweetFabianRobertThere all the sinners but if Alfie is so so evil

15 Harriet Denby
16 Mr. Eric Sweet

He is so so evil because he is nice

17 Joy Mercer
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