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41 Diary

Diary, written by Matt Barlow, is the best song by iced earth of all time. Only Dantes Inferno can be compared to it. As long as Diary is below Dracula, it is also the most underrated iced earth song of all time.

42 Colors
43 Ghost of Freedom

The song is really missing from top ten list

This ballad is very beautiful. Some of the best Matt vocals. - Metal_Treasure

44 Democide

A nice fast song. Be careful when listening to it in the car, can cost you lots of money

45 Transylvania

This song has some of my favorite guitar of all time.

Sweet cover of the Iron Maiden song. - IronSabbathPriest

46 I Walk Alone
47 Last December
48 The End?
49 Wolf

This is by far my favorite iced earth song this deserves higher than 45 it should at least be top ten oh yea great screams barlow

In my top 5, among with dante's inferno, a question of heaven, dracula, travel in stygian

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50 Disciples of the Lie
51 Hold at All Cost


52 Scarred V 2 Comments
53 Red Baron/Blue Max
54 Raven Wing

I know it's recent, but come on guys! We gotta get that one higher! It's one of Iced Earth's best! Chorus, riff, bridge, solo, everything about this song is awesome! It's definitely worth listening!

55 The Domino Decree
56 When the Eagle Cries
57 Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is an Iron Maiden song laugh out loud

Yep, this is a Maiden song but IE did a cover so it's not totally out of place. - Metal_Treasure

58 Dragon's Child
59 Cthulhu

How has anyone managed to get this song out of their heads is beyond me. Seriously, how did you guys figure it out?

One of the best IE songs of all time especially the opening part

60 Boiling Point

This song is awesome - not epic or complex but fast and energetic. From time to time Stu Block fully resembles Matt Barlow. - Metal_Treasure

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