Best Icee Flavors

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1 Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is by far the best flavor because:
1.Blue is just a really appealing color for food and drinks
2. It leaves you wanting more!

because its tastes so good. and it has the sweet blueraspberry flavor that makes you have more!

Love! Hits the spot in this hot summer weather! This flavor is awesome!

So refreshing and amazing! Almost reminds me of blue cotton candy. Mm my favorite!

2 Cola

You should stick with the flavor Coke ICEE because...

1. When it is melted, you have a soda, while blue raspberry is no such flavor in soda.
2. It tastes like Coke, which is quite easy to fall in love with.
3. One of the biggest companies in the category of pop made this flavor.

Like if you agree --> (the three lines on top of each other and then the thumbs up)

HEy. I lUBb Coke flavored icee. NEver UnDer estimate the poower of sodaqqq

It tastes like Coke but is cooler and better

I like this flavor because it tastes just like coca-cola.

3 Cherry

So far the best. Cherry stands out the most. So awesome! I kind of like Blue raspberry not my favorite.

DELICIOUS! So much better than a mediocre flavor like blue raspberry. In fact I wish I had one right now. I love you so much Cherry ICEE. MARry me please

Way better than blue raspberry for sure!

Way better than blue raspberry! You people are nuts! Cherry is by far the tastiest flavor!

4 Lemonade

This flavor is so good it puts me in the best mood.

Gucci Gucci guccers


5 Cherry Lime

It's the best don't question my logic

By far the best

6 White Cherry

I love this flavor! I just get confused as to why there is such thing as "white cherry"! Is there such thing as a white cherry? Perhaps white cherry is a mix between red cherry flavor and sprite flavor, minus the red coloring! Regardless of the mysterious flavor, it is by far my favorite icee! Perfectly complements movie theater popcorn

Blue raspberry, red cherry, and coke can be found at burger king. White cherry is at a movie theater near me.

This is the best icee flavor ever! It's like red cherry only better! I wish more people carried this flavor.

They are getting rid of this flavor throughout my town. I'm pissed because it's the only one I enjoy.

7 Grape

Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Showstopping, Spectacular, Never the same, Totally unique, Completely never been done before...

I've never saw nor have I ever had a grape Icee before. I love grape-flavored drinks, so I really want to try this one out.

Good taste

The Star Movie Theater in Auburn Hills, MI used to have an ICEE bar with like 12 flavors. The best was grape and the 2nd best was Barqs rootbeer. When they closed it up I cried.

8 Green Apple

Green Apple and Watermelon are my two favorites, but I found one at Carowinds theme park that was sour Green Apple Watermelon IT WAS AMAZING!

Green Apple is the best flavor ever. I love the way it smells and taste

Just straight up delicious, that's all there is to it.

Green apple is my favorite and so is watermelon

9 Watermelon

This flavor is the best because it tastes like a sour patch watermelon.

It's my favorite fruit. I love it. :-)

Do blue strawberry everywhere

It's the best and realistic!

10 PiƱa Colada

every thing tastes better when you add pineapples to it. I have had pina colada before and it is very good but when you add it to icees it's like slurpp ahh paradise

Best flavor ever mix it with orange red and blue for the best combination of your life

I love Pina Colada! I can never find it but it's so good!

Best In Summer

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11 Banana

Found banana icee at a convenient store one time probably 15 years ago, loved it. Never found it again. Love the peach kind also. Can't find it anymore either.

I was at this nick resort and they had it AND IT TASTE LIKE HEAVEN

It's the best!

12 Strawberry

The best how can it be 27? It is obviously number 1 for me!

This is obviously the best flavor you scrubs

Strawberry is just great

My Favorite!

13 Orange Dream

This is a rare flavor that can only be found at the best places.

True to its name, it tastes like a dream! The flavor is not too strong nor too soft, and it has a lovely, soft orange color to boot.
Unfortunately, it seems to also be as flitting as a dream as I have only been able to find it twice.

Orange Creme is soo yummy in my tummy

14 Raspberry Lemonade

Classic! A little sour but the best things in life hurt you a little

This mixture is so good that it just makes my mouth water.

"Really fruity and tastes like summer! "


15 Lemon Lime

This has a very nice taste because of the lemon lime combination.

Lemon lime icee is good. I like it

16 Strawberry Kiwi

Classic Kool Aid Flavor

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