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1 Blue Raspberry

because its tastes so good. and it has the sweet blueraspberry flavor that makes you have more!

So refreshing and amazing! Almost reminds me of blue cotton candy. Mm my favorite!

Love! Hits the spot in this hot summer weather! This flavor is awesome!


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2 Red Cherry

So far the best. Cherry stands out the most. So awesome! I kind of like Blue raspberry not my favorite.

DELICIOUS! So much better than a mediocre flavor like blue raspberry. In fact I wish I had one right now. I love you so much Cherry ICEE. MARry me please

Way better than blue raspberry! You people are nuts! Cherry is by far the tastiest flavor!

It the cherry bomb!

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3 Mountain Dew

I wanna try this so bad I have heard its so good - michaelwalton

The BEST flavor..but HARD to find

Best Icee ever - ItzPhantasy

Tastes yummy awesome suggiouin

4 Green Apple

Green Apple and Watermelon are my two favorites, but I found one at Carowinds theme park that was sour Green Apple Watermelon IT WAS AMAZING!

Green Apple is the best flavor ever. I love the way it smells and taste

Just straight up delicious, that's all there is to it.

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5 Coke

HEy. I lUBb Coke flavored icee. NEver UnDer estimate the poower of sodaqqq - TheAxlErmin

It tastes like Coke but is cooler and better

My favorite it's so good! They should have it in every icee(R) stand but I also like blue raspberry, that kind really makes ICEE(R) really shout out!
But I will always love the Coca Cola(R) icee the best!


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6 Watermelon

Do blue strawberry everywhere

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7 Vanilla

It's like ice cream in icee form. Love it!

Vanilla ice with chocolate chips!

8 White Cherry

I love this flavor! I just get confused as to why there is such thing as "white cherry"! Is there such thing as a white cherry? Perhaps white cherry is a mix between red cherry flavor and sprite flavor, minus the red coloring! Regardless of the mysterious flavor, it is by far my favorite icee! Perfectly complements movie theater popcorn

Blue raspberry, red cherry, and coke can be found at burger king. White cherry is at a movie theater near me.

This is the best icee flavor ever! It's like red cherry only better! I wish more people carried this flavor.

I think the flavors are so good together

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9 Strawberry Fanta V 1 Comment
10 PiƱa Colada

Best flavor ever mix it with orange red and blue for the best combination of your life

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11 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

I love Dr. Pepper it is so wonderful. I have a lunchbox of it that how much I love it so much I will die for one. I love it.

You haven't lived until you try the Dr. Pepper vanilla float freeze at Taco Bell! - MEparandriod

12 Bubble Gum

this should be the top ten because evry kid likes bubble gum and its actually is really good and it should be the very first good flavor.

Never tried it, but every kid I know loves bubblegum, including me! Bubblegum is my life.

I wish I could find this again. The best icee I ever had

Where get bubble gum icee and I don't know where it.

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13 Peach

Love how abstract the flavor is

I've been drinking Icees for over 50 years and peach is the best flavor I've ever had.

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14 Grape V 2 Comments
15 Cherry Coke

It is the best flavor and it gives you that big burst of pazzaz in your mouth!

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16 Sour Green Apple-Watermelon V 1 Comment
17 Golden Punch

The only reason that Golden Punch isn't higher on this list is because it's so damn hard to find. I literally haven't seen it in ten years. It's like a damn unicorn.

Where can I find the golden punch icee in baton rouge, Louisiana?

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18 Coconut

M so good! At water and ice, mix it with wedding cake! MUAHAhaha so god

19 White Chocolate
20 Big Red

The dankest of the dank. Period.

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