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41 Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif is a British film actress and model.She is one the sexiest women in the world.she has won the title of the sexiest woman of Asia twice

You are one of the best actress for me, I also want to become an actress like you and for that I need your help, will you help me? My friends says you are as beautiful as an actress, so my aim is to become an actress like you, please help me.

She is a best & fabulous dancer of Bollywood

Super I am a loving fan of you


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42 Sunil

Sunil Shetty is not only a great actor but also a great dancer!

He is not only a comedian but also a great dancer

Sunil is best dancer

Best dancer

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43 Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir steals the stage and my heart too...

He should be above shahrukh khan

Ranbir kapoor great beshram

Best dancer

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44 Ankan Sen

He is a awesome dancer, he have to be on 10 position

India's youngest and one of the best dancers! After winning Hrithik Roshan's Just Dance show he has risen to fame. He was specially commended by Hrithik. A 17-year-old's magic is a muct on this list!


45 Harman Baweja

Hrithik Roshan number 1 dancer and Harman Baweja is No 2 dancer.

46 Tiger Shroff Tiger Shroff

He is the one who can dance perfectly His body is amazing and he dance like international star. 2015/2016 in these years he have to no1.

Tiger shroff is best he is fantastic performer he is flexible he can do all dance steps easily

I love his stunt and his amazing moves. He is best dancer

He should be number 4 at least!

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47 Malaika Arora Khan

You r best dancer of all time in Bollywood you r so great you r best item dancer in India of all time you r so good


48 Farah Khan

She choreographed all the steps of muni badman and shela ki jawani song


49 Geeta Kapoor

She was fab in dancing
And she was very beautiful
She was a very gracefull dancer

50 Gauhar Khan
51 Karan Pangali V 1 Comment
52 Gaiti Siddiqui
53 Ram Charan

I don't know why he is not in top 10. As a dancer, I can say that he has got the best grace and the best dance to the music. Awesome dancer.

He can't be replaced by anyone

Upcoming but talented and promising. Few years down the lane, he will make it to the top 10.

Awesome dancer.. His Grace is super

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54 Pawan Kalyan

He dances grace.. That's enough

Very stylish dance chiranjeevi sir copy

No one can match his style..He creates history with a small dance step

Most popular actor Ps ok is number 1

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55 Ram Pothineni

I'm your die heart fan... Wanna meet you 1 time... Please.. Love you

He always adds humor to his dance, I just love it!

He very good dancer"you steps is very looking

Best actor in the world.Yours biggest sister fan Esha😊

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56 Akhil Akkineni

Akhil is very speed and energetic dancer.. Ha have perfect grace in dances.. He is my all time favorite dancer.. Once check his dances in YouTube..

Akhil is very good dancer and spring and snaking dancer

Akhil should be in top 5. He is one of the best Indian dancers. No doubt in it.

Akhil very speed and dtylish and super dancer

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57 Sanjeeda Shaikh Sanjeeda Shaikh

One of the finest dancers in India currently.

Whichever competition she takes part in, she wins! She is a great actress too, but she is a better dancer than an actress. Love to see her dancing whether in her shows, reality or serial or in awards.

She can dance on anything, she can accept any challenges for dance and do it!

I love Sanjeeda Shaikh's performances
Elegant dancer.. - akankshanimonkar

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58 Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian film actor best known for his work in Tamil cinema. He is one of the most successful actor in Tamil Cinema. In addition to his acting, Ajith Kumar in a sabbatical, participated in the 2004 British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racing driver and was ranked more.

Thala always masss..

59 Punit Pathak

U r very good punit

Best dancer,very.. Cute and handsome,great master and actor.May punit ke panthers win love you a lot :-))

60 Shruthi Hassan

Superb dancer in all actress

She is very good dancer

Sruthi haasan is very talented in dancing and action 3 movie she is mazing

Love you

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