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21 Tiny Daggers Tiny Daggers
22 Elegantly Wasted Elegantly Wasted

I'm shocked this hasn't even been considered!
I would have placed it in top 3 EASILY!

23 Not Enough Time

Highly underrated - this song is a classic!

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24 Guns In the Sky Guns In the Sky

Man I'm only 14 and absolutely love this song and all the others this should be higher up it's a great song so sad that it had to stop I'm sure they had more in them.R.I. P Michael you were awesome best I've seen ✌️

25 To Look at You To Look at You

Hmm #33? I'm thinking this poll is rigged. "To Look at you" is their best work

Their most atmospheric piece in my opinion

Totally their best song. Always reminds me not of a certain girl but how true love is and the shivers it sends up your spine and the longing in your heart for someone special. Chris R.

26 Just Keep Walking Just Keep Walking

Love it, such a retro early sound

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27 Kick Kick

Should be much higher--the title song from their best album should be in their Top 10 or 15. - Rocketman5000

Amazing song.. great opeing for the new album!

28 Dancing On the Jetty Dancing On the Jetty

Underrated song, could have been a smash and not overlooked!

29 Hear That Sound Hear That Sound

A great song, with a typical INXS, upbeat, fun sound in the verses, and a dreamy reminiscent chorus. This song's got character

30 Stay Young Stay Young

Great song from their early days

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31 I Send a Message I Send a Message

Love this song, why inxs is not played more often is beyond me...

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32 Freedom Deep Freedom Deep
33 Baby Don't Cry Baby Don't Cry
34 Same Direction Same Direction
35 God's Top Ten God's Top Ten

This is an extremely powerful, emotional, and beautiful song. How is this not on here?

36 On a Bus On a Bus
37 On My Way On My Way
38 The Loved One The Loved One

Looking to hear now. Their version of an already classic song done in original way, not just copying their heroes.

39 One X One One X One
40 The Gift The Gift V 1 Comment
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