Best Items On Mega Jump


The Top Ten

1 The Magnet

Increase your attractiveness with the magnet. When you have the magnet, you'll notice that coins, stars and even other powerups can't resist you. Suddenly collecting items becomes easy as taking candy from a baby. - decorulez97

Especially at full upgrade! Watch the coins pile in!

2 The Supernova

You had better hang on tight for this one. The supernova is not unlike the fireball, but it has our hero rocketing at such break-neck speeds that he becomes the center of an extremely powerful gravity well. Suddenly all objects are drawn to you like moths to a flame. You will gobble up all the goodies in your path - no exceptions! - decorulez97

It's the magnet and fireball combined and it works really good. It's definitely most useful.

3 The Fireball

Hitch your wagon to this and you'll go sky-high. The fireball sends you rocketing upwards on a ball of flame and smoke. You'll barrel through coins, powerups and enemies because nothing can stop you with the fireball! - decorulez97

4 The Anti Gravity Boots

Strapping on these boots will have you running up the walls! Tap to jump or double-tap to switch sides! - decorulez97

5 The Jump Boots

Put a spring in your step by grabbing the jump boots. The boots amplify every jump you make - and they even amplify boost stars. The result is bigger, faster jumps that give you a leg up. - decorulez97

6 The Lucky Blast

Change everything around you into something useful - even enemies! - decorulez97

7 The Balloon

The balloon gives you a little extra girth, but you'll also be light as a feather. Grabbing this causes our hero to bloat a little. It will let you float upwards at a leisurely pace, plowing through enemies and other obstacles along the way.
- decorulez97

8 The Umbrella

Slow your descent by collecting the umbrella. This powerup lets you float downwards as gently as Mary Poppins, giving you valuable additional seconds to move left or right to catch the next coin. - decorulez97

9 The Boost Stars

Boost stars are plentiful in the world of Mega Jump. Collecting one of these stars gives our hero a boost, sending him careening upwards. Stars come in a variety of colors, each one more boost-tastic than the last: yellow, green, blue and red. - decorulez97

10 The Shield

Defend yourself against enemies, or even plow through them

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