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1 In My Head

Why isn't In My Head number 1? Its an amazing song that's way better than any of his other spectacular songs. The beat is awesome, the lyrics are awesome and his dancing is awesome!

A great catchy song that would be hard to beat for his best song because its an amazing song that peaked at number 1 in Australia.

Favorite song of all time! (from JaSoN DeRuLo) way better than ridin solo. Second favorite song! !

In My Head is an amazing song JD! and when it's In My Head I feels like a cartoon song Ya get that joke? and this song took the gold star right here for being number 1 but has it got the gold star from other places?

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2 The Other Side

"In d beginning, I never thought it'd be You" Jason, our favourite! Way to go Jason. The Song is just Flawless, Beautiful. It's areal shame it is'nt No. 1 on this List, 'cause it really is. Listen to this song people, 'and get this song to the position which it deserves!

Great Song. Have it on replay. Should be in the top 5 definitely. It always on the loudest and makes me nod like a maniac. Great one Jason.

I love this song with passion! Means a lot! Loved this song since the day it came out and still do now! I love this man with a Passion too... But it definitely deserves to be at number one! Along with Don't Wanna go Home then Fight for you! One of the best songs he's let out, well in my opinion..

Take me to the other side. Good one JD Good one.

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3 Whatcha Say

I like it because its good to hear and not irritating

I love this song... It makes my day amazing even when iit started off bad! I have to hear this song at least one time a day! It is fun and keeps you smiling! It is easy to sing along with and I just love it! I love Jason Derulo, but I think I might love this song more than him!

The Best Song Ever In Meanings And Music Its Waaaa Woo

Love this song, so catchy!

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4 Don't Wanna Go Home

Hi I'm 10 years old and really love your songs 1 day I want to be a singer nearly everyone I know says my voice is really good but I don't think so. How did you become on top and this song is fantastic nothing needs to be changed about it.

Best song ever, love JD. In my Head's good too, but this is better. Amazing singing and beat. Hope you can make more like this. Wait for his new album. - SameerMC117

BEST CLUB SONG EVER! I literally can not stop listening to this song. I say that this one should be number on the charts because "i don't wanna go home! "


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5 Ridin' Solo

THE best breakup song... Ever! The lyrics are just too good, which when combined with the music, sure to get any person humming it!

Amazing songs, a lot of his songs are amazing

My favorite song ever and forever! I love this song so much! I w ill like it forever! Go Jason Derulo! That song is amazing and it clearly deserves to be in the top ten songs.

I love this song. I rock out to it.

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6 It Girl

This should definitely be in the top 3 let alone be in the top 10! It is extremely catchy and very easy to learn the lyrics for. So tell me what is to hate on this song VOTE FOR IT! Jason Derulo is amazing he just keeps making hit after hit and will be remembered for a long time.

A very good and refreshing song with its nine versus and awesome chorus. I needed a good song after all the new crap that have been releasing lately.

It Girl is amazing and definitely Jason Derulos best song ever! It is extremely catchy and I love the chorus and versus. In My Head is definitely his second best and very close to be as good as It Girl but just not there yet.

I LOVE THIS SONG, it should SO be number one it's so beautiful and AWESOME!

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7 Talk Dirty

Its the best in his upcoming tattoos album

Talk dirty is a good song because it has a really great tune and good lines of speaking

Awesome song...gotta be number 1...Jason is the best Music producer

Talk dirty to me x2


I Got Huge Crush On The Band

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8 Marry Me

Will you marry me? Great song

I could listen to this song all day all night without getting tired..

Absolutely love this song, one of his greatest songs ever made.

I love this song

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9 Fight for You

This song is amazing it is just like the song Africa the only bad thing about the song is the bass I love this song vote for it guys and galls

Great song that I really can't help but sing a long to it when it is playing on the radio. This is his best song since It Girl and it really deserves to be in the top ten. VOTE FOR IT GUYS!

His newest song and one of his best. I'm only voting for this because I want it to be in the top ten because it is very underrated and it needs to be voted so please vote for this song now!

I think it should be in top 5

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10 The Sky's the Limit

Perfect mix of sound and singing to make one of the best songs I've ever heard

this song has a really powerful meaning,

Makes me want to run on to the streets and sing my heart out! Probably the most exciting love song I ever could have been introduced too!

It's the best I adore it

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11 Trumpets

Best Songs Ever By Him, I love jason he has a great voice and an amazing talent and this song really show, maybe cause it's new people didn't know about it, but believe this song should be at least #1 or 2

The lyrics really gives me goosebumps that's how good they are! I love love love Jason Derulo so much

Wonderful trumpet sound in this music I can't decide which is better trumpets or if it ain't love.


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12 What If

A song that tells you that you can change the past and tell the future. It is the best song I have heard. Quite sad song. - chongxuefeng

This song makes me emotional every time I see the video clip. It basically means that you have a choice to keep the perfect life but suffer the consequences or forget what you love to make you a better person. ALSO DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!

I love this song! It has so much meaning to it and anyone can relate it, no matter what the age is. I love the beat and the lyrics that go with it are amazing!

I love this song so so so much!

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13 Undefeated

I love dis song.awesome. Jason derulo rocks

This song should definitely be more popular

This song is so good. It pumps you up so well too.

14 Breathing

Great new song by Jason Derulo which has an awesome beat and very catchy lyrics although the versus don't suit the song that much.


Great beats.. Great music.. Great voice..
And the lyrics just give me goosebumps

Absolutely savage song. Love it to bits, best song so far from Jason Derulo.
Keep doing what you are doing!

Jason can't top this. - PhenomentalOne

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15 Wiggle

Wiggle Wiggle. Just A Ittle Bittle

I Got One Question.. How'd You Fit.. All That.. In Them Jeans! Thanks 2 Samuel Sawene Letting Me Know Bout This Song!

You Know what to do with that big fat butt VOTE FOR THIS 2nd BEST IS STUPID LOVE

One of my favourite songs...please listen will become your favourite also
it should be no. 1

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16 Be Careful

This is my favorite song! His first album is extremely underrated and I'm not sure why he started to sing all of this newer crap...

I could listen to it all day and still love it as much!

One of the songs u can hear a 100 times n still like it


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17 Fallen

I love this song... I like this girl and I wasnt sure if she liked me and sang it to her it does miracles.

The song u wanna hear your boyfriend sing for you

Melting melody song

Lovely song

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18 Encore

Another one of my favesss

19 Blind

This song has a good beat that you can't get out of your head. And it makes you want to hug Jason and tell him, "I'm sorry! "

Nice but short if it is long better and best but this is another good song by derulo

I love the way this song sounds live with little instrument just a simple guitar and him...

Love made me blind

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20 Stupid Love

This is one of the best songs ever like seriously the lyrics are amazing and the video is so emotional that it makes you cry, this should be in the top 3

Best friend let me know about this song. It's really lovely.

This and talk dirty are his best songs. How are they at 11 and 27?

Why this I not in 2nd place

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21 Insomnia

This song is unrecognised by many. How dare they? They are then missing one of the most outstanding singles of Jason Derulo. - KAILASHLEY


22 Want to Want Me

Really good song to dance to.. I danced this song for an audition and got in to a dance school.. this song is just amazing!

This song is just amazing and deserves to be in top 5 so guys please vote for this song.

I don't like pop, but unlike other artists, he actually showed talent in this song - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

How is the "big fat butt" song above this? - allamassal

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23 Strobelight

This is such a sweet song! Brilliant!

24 Bubblegum

No one voted such a shame for what good song

Awesome song...!

This collab with Tyga was fire! U can't say it wasn't. I loved it

25 Queen of Hearts
26 Pick Up the Pieces

Awesome new song of his.

27 Cheyenne

Love this song one of his best songs off his newest album

This song should be in the top 5! Why oh why is it here? :(

I hate you public. You created my bias against Jason DeRülo. You made Wiggle, Trumpets, and Talk Dirty hits...but not this!? This is almost perfect. The beat is just subdued enough so that there's energy behind the song. The lyrics are fantastically complex, making it a journey to listen to. While it's still a little warbly at points, this is the best vocal performance Jason DeRülo will EVER drop.

Is he still a talentless hack? Yes. But will I give him a chance? Yes, this is a 5/5 for certain. - WonkeyDude98

28 Tattoo

Its absolutely amazing I love this one the most

Damn I've been listening to this one for years and still in my favorite Playlist, can't believe it's at 27, best song from the best singer, love you jason

This is the best, deserves top 10

Best song.. Deserves to be on top 10 list!

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29 Painkiller
30 Kama Sutra

Really awesome song

Well... I like it

Love dis song because its ou some

This is by far the best ★☆★

31 Zipper
32 Bleed Out

Such a beautiful voice. Exceptional singing ability especially in this song. The beat is incredible, too. The lyrics are great and not repetitive and meaningless. Go Jason DeRulo! Love you

This is such a good song!

33 Side FX
34 Perfect

This song is perfect as its own name

35 Rest of My Life

Don't know how this is 35, seriously listen to it, and garuntee you will want to hear it again. Get this up to the top 10!

Its really an amazing song very catchy and should b in his top 10

One of the best songs ever! Please listen to it guys! Pleaseee

This is the best! Song ever>3

36 Overdose

Nothing' better. Dude, Jason Derulo gets the roof spinnin'! His voice, his songs and his accent... Mind-blasting

37 Get Ugly

Absolutely love Jason and his music!

It is keel times a milikeels

it just is

<3 I love this. So awesome song.

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38 Fire
39 Vertigo

This is the song

Why is this 34? I mean it is his number 1 like its amazing! His voice is mellifluous and jordin sparks is amazing*-*

40 With the Lights On
41 Super Model

Best song ever it should be in top 10 in this list...

42 Swalla

This belongs among the top 5 songs by jason.

Awesome song after Wiggle.

Swalla is the best song by Jason Derulo so far.This should be at number 1 position no matter what.

43 Stupid Sayings
44 If It Ain't Love

Now this is what I call music! This song by Jason Derulo is his newest 2016 song and the song has an extremely catchy beat, along with the "ohs". The lyrics are amazing but what makes this song even better is the best. I love it!

Just listen to it

It's really good

45 Try Me

Come on guys, are you serious. The groove and beats in this song is dope as hell!

I can't understand how this is not number one already...

This song is absolutely incredible

46 Kiss the Sky

Hi I'm jillian and I just love this song you sang it at your concert in Billings MT. and I want to become a singer like you. And you made such a big entrance. I was front row and that was my fist concert on August 12, 2016 and yeah I'm 9 and I loved it. I hope I can see another one soon

It the beautifullest song ever!

It's new

47 Broken Record

Love this song :) It's a beautiful song about a guy who will never change for his girl despite all her begging, and he knows it too... If you haven't heard it, you're totally missing out!

It's one of the best song from Jason, I loved it. Listen to the words and enjoy the song.

Amazing song! You guys should listen to it! Beautiful and deep lyrics

48 Revolution
49 Calling My Angel
50 We Could Make Love
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