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81 Waiting In Vain
82 She Has No Time
83 Where I Wanna Be
84 Do It for You

Pitbull would be a great voice for Shadow the Hedgehog.

Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost from the Pac-Man series.

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85 Lead Me On
86 Not In Love
87 Home
88 Never An Easy Way
89 Anytime

Such a peaceful track

90 Come Over Here
91 City Girl

That's one sweet song. Not popular, but people ought to know about it and hear it. This song will always be close to my heart.

92 All On Your Body

Amazing song, it shows a different side of Jay and on top of that it features Ace Hood who also did an amazing job!

93 Close to You
94 Pyrite
95 Can't Fall In Love

This should be in top10. I don't believe this is placed in95!

96 Message In a Bottle

These song was very wonderful awesome.. And also it was so sad - stephensmith

A sad song for lovers... I can't say anything about this son because it is difficult to describe it

One of THE best song Jay Sean have Love him
So much guys please vote for it to be number 1!

97 Used to Love Her

Hey, "the top tens", you have totally got to change this, I don't know why such a brilliant and beautiful song like "Used to Love Her", is at 101! God! That's dumb!

It is an excellent and melodious songs. The tune transports you to another world. One of jay seans best...

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98 Easy As 1,2,3
99 Tell Me Why
100 Yesterday
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