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21 Feelin' So Good
22 Goin' In

This song should enter top five. One of her best songs. Listen to it and vote guys! You should love it like I do. Thank You!

Its one of her best songs, I always want to dance when I listen to this.

Should had been TOP #3 how did 'papi' got there

It's a amazing song! Why don't vote it?

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23 Hold It Don't Drop It

Her best song and best performance

24 Que Hiciste

Love the guitar piece at the beginning!

I love the guitar piece at the begining!

25 Do It Well

The electronic song which she sounds best on. - mholland1997

Very exciting

26 I Luh Ya Papi V 1 Comment
27 Ain't Your Mama

Best song for women rights

Loving it

How I got into J Lo in the first place

Plus I sound amazing when I sing it

28 Dear Ben
29 Follow The Leader ft. Jennifer Lopez

I really love this song it's so amazing. Actually j lo is so talented and awesome in writing and singing songs, you can't even choose between her songs the best singer ever

Real Catchy song, and even though it was in the Spanish market, the American mainstream would have really enjoyed it. One song to actually listen. Top 10 at least

Its just an awesome song! And the video too! It dosen't deserves 23! It must be in the top 10.!

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30 Loving You
31 Mile In These Shoes
32 Como Ama Una Mujer
33 Si Ya Se Acabo

One of the most beautiful, touching and emotional tracks from Jennifer Lopez. This song should have been released as a single - Irina2932

34 (Can't Believe) This is Me

To me, this is her best song. However, she hasn't the voice to give it the intensity and the passion a great voice could provide it with. If this song was sung by another singer, it would make a very powerful ballad.

35 Mouth 2 Mouth

Love dis song catchy lyrics and music is just Fantastic! Must listen guys... This one rocks... What is it doing here must be in top 10...

Whoa jenifer and enrique are the best bes for sure its awesome qw life si never possible without it

36 Should've Never V 1 Comment
37 Still

The best... Awesome lyrics on the floor is nothing in compare with this still is not a stolen song though... This song is a legend only real jlo fans do love it

38 I'm Glad

Cracker. Sexy video, banging instrumental, good concept. Love you j lo

39 Starting Over

She sings this song with huge passion. I never seen anything like it.

She sings very good and this songs demostrated it.

40 T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)

Great songs jennifer lopez just rock this song will.I. am is also great! The tune is great! Great song should be at top eleven!

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