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21 Umbrella
22 That's Where I'm Coming From

This one should be higher on the list!

23 Homeless Heart
24 Hottest Girl In the World

This song just makes you want to get uo a DANCE the night away! Every time I listen to this song inside I'm saying I know I am laugh out loud, laugh out loud till you can't find your voice

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25 Outta This World
26 Hold Me Down
27 Billion Lights

It is the best JLS song ever I LOVE them however the song makes me cry because they have split up. Hope they get back together.

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28 Close to You
29 That's My Girl
30 Crazy for You
31 Unstoppable

The best B-side easily! More people need to hear this track!

32 Proud

Great song also it reminds you if you pay a little bit of money to charities it will help the children so much and whenever I hear this song it reminds me of my childhood so I think that this is the best JLS song

This song is so cool and it was for sport relief so it is really popular, even with non-JLSters. This song makes you love JLS even more! Please vote!

33 Go Getter
34 Pieces of My Heart

It is a new song that came out in 2012

35 Mary

Definitely JLS' best song. It makes me want to cry every time I hear it

36 Give Me Life
37 The Other Side of the World
38 Don't Go

Melodious Chorus. Rock You Aston

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