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21 Echo

I think I've listened to this tune pretty much every day since I first heard it in 1990. The superbly simple and repetitive bass riff, the shuffling background guitar, the haunting harmonics, the moody guitar intro, and the excellent saxophone-sounding lead. It's not a shred-fest, it's emotion embodied into five or so minutes of superb music. This is my number one Satch piece, and one of my favourite tunes of all time.

Very badly underrated

22 The Extremist

The extremist at number 17 are you kidding me... This should be up there

Surprised NOT to see this in the top 10

WHAT a RIFF man!
It will blow your hair away!... I'm now a permanent fan of Joe Satriani... Thanks to this song!

Great song

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23 I Just Wanna Rock

As the riff starts, you'll know a great song is gonna kick in. This is one of the greatest riffs I've heard from him. The solo jams through the song and you'll not be able to stop yourselves from jamming with it. My favorite from him. Joe is really a legendary guitarist.

24 Crowd Chant
25 A Train of Angels

This is such a great instrumental piece, very powerful.

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26 Andalusia

This song is absolutely amazing. Starting with the acoustic guitar in the beginning with a slower tempo then a couple minutes in, shredding the electric guitar. By far my personal favorite song by Satch.

My personal favorite... The Spanish acoustic coupled with breathtaking electric guitar gives you a high that even weed cannot... Laugh out loud

The one of the two songs that he composed when thinkin' about Asik Veysel, the flamenco parts and th metal keep is really cool...

This is my seconed favorite Satch song. It is is extremely well played but flying in a blue dream is just a little better

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27 S.M.F.
28 Raspberry Jam Delta-V

A masterpiece, best song to wake up to all days!

29 Made of Tears

I have to agree that the live version is the best, first time I heard it live I could not stop replaying it, love the intro and I think its cool as hell watching him play part of the song with his teeth!

The best song ever made by Joe Satriani

Live is a much better version just blows me away

Outstanding, such a glider song!

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30 House Full of Bullets
31 Musterion

Unique and beautiful. Can't believe Satch could still write music this amazing so long into his career. Most artists put out their best work in their first few albums, but Satriani is so consistent and in my opinion Musterion slightly edges anything he's put out in the past, balancing weirdness with elegance and beauty the way Joe only knows. I think as far as modern instrumentalists are concerned, Satriani has no rivals, just fans and students. Musterion should make that obvious if you are a slow learner.

Absoulute amazing song. My favourite solo of Joe Satriani.

What a race! Absolutely amazing song. Speechless.
I can't hold naming my other favorites (4): Dream song; Engines of creation; It�'s so good; and obviously If I could fly.
I should stop here because the list is to long!

32 Love Thing

Truly this song ia thing to love

This one's a beauty.!.. I mean it definitely deserves top 5!

An amazing song filled with emotion

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33 Ten Words

Just falling in love with it always when listening

Pure emotional rock song.

Perfect song, the best of Joe

Oh god!

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34 Cool #9

This really should be in top ten. If I could have a personal theme song, id want this to be it because the main melody and solo are so cool, hence the title. Great song that I never get bored of and is a blast to play on guitar... Attempt I should say.

This is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. The music lingers on your mind for a very long time. You can never forget its music.

Grand Theft Auto 3's backup Theme Tune

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35 Friends

This should be in the top 5! Great song!

Great song!
Should be much much much much much higher.

This is Joe Satrianis best song. No doubt.

36 Belly Dancer
37 Hands In the Air

Awesome Riff

38 Revelation

Best song in my opinion. The melody is out of this world. Followed by always with me always with you.

Fantastic song, beautifully written melody. Just love it!

That should have really been there in the top ten's.
What a feeling!
Goosbumps on the 17fret bend. That goes from D to Em.
Great (y)

39 Searching

Shocked to see it at #35 but I guess that's just my opinion. My personal favorite:).

Beautiful ; the title explains it better than I can

The masterpiece of this album

Should be in the top ten

40 (You're) My World
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