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61 Back to Shalla - Bal

The solo is a legend. He most likely broke all of his strings.

I listened to this song 10 times in a row, I'm not kidding

This was my introduction ot Satriani, for me is this is in the best musics with summer song

62 Jumpin' In
63 Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness
64 Lords of Karma

How is this at #63? It's got some of the best rhythym playing he's ever done.

65 Mind Storm

One of the heaviest grooviest rifs ever! Eveybody should listen to that song!

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66 Dream Song

One of the best melodeies Satriani has ever made.

67 Wind in the Trees
68 Sleep Walk

Classic oldies theme.
Soothing on the ears, albeit too short to leave you satisfied. Worth a mention on the list nonetheless.

69 Three Sheets to the Wind
70 Lies and Truths
71 One Big Rush

His most powerful song

72 Longing
73 Light Years Away
74 Speed of Light

My first Joe Satriani song, this is by far the best song by him

So much fun to listen to, very joyful

75 Littleworth Lane
76 Down Down Down

Flawless, a very emotional work of art, Tells a story. The best one in the record.

77 What Breaks a Heart

I'm shocked that What Breaks A Heart is not even a contender. Its one of the bests. You must listen to this & then come back. - Taz

Best song ever

78 Psycho Monkey

Original, groovy and pure Satch!

79 The Phone Call

Off the "Flying in a Blue Dream" album.

80 Moroccan Sunset

This song is a one big perfect guitar solo.

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