Best Joni Mitchell Songs

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1 Big Yellow Taxi

Pure gold...

Excellent message, singable, widely accessible, and really fun! Not only my favorite Joni Mitchell song, but easily one of the best songs of 1970.

2 Both Sides Now Both Sides Now Cover Art

The #1 song of all time - RecklessGreed

Judy Collins version is my preference but what a Song
And Joni is an amazing vital talent - Billyv

3 Help Me Help Me Cover Art
4 Free Man In Paris Free Man In Paris Cover Art
5 Chelsea Morning Chelsea Morning Cover Art
6 Raised On Robbery Raised On Robbery Cover Art
7 Coyote Coyote Cover Art
8 A Case of You A Case of You Cover Art
9 Little Green Little Green Cover Art
10 Carey Carey Cover Art

I love this song! Obviously the best Joni Mitchell song

The Contenders

11 Woodstock Woodstock Cover Art
12 The Circle Game The Circle Game Cover Art

Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now
Cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town
And they tell him,
Take your time, it won't be long now
Till you drag your feet to slow the circles down

well, that's me right now - RecklessGreed

13 In France They Kiss on Main Street In France They Kiss on Main Street Cover Art
14 This Flight Tonight This Flight Tonight Cover Art
15 The Last Time I Saw Richard The Last Time I Saw Richard Cover Art
16 Refuge of the Roads Refuge of the Roads Cover Art
17 California California Cover Art

Wonderful song. Amazing voice, joy, intonation... this is among the best albums ever heard... Years and years its been, but the quality of this music stands the test of time.. What a gift

18 My Secret Place My Secret Place Cover Art
19 Cool Water Cool Water Cover Art
20 River River Cover Art
21 Sex Kills Sex Kills Cover Art
22 You Turn Me on (I'm a Radio) You Turn Me on (I'm a Radio) Cover Art
23 Down to You Down to You Cover Art
24 Song for Sharon Song for Sharon Cover Art
25 Blue Blue Cover Art
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