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21 Summer Love - One Direction

Darm good man

I love this

22 Heart Attack - One Direction

Yes I love niall too! So does my BFF. This song is fun and hilarious

This reminds me of the Demi Lovato song!

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23 Last First Kiss - One Direction

Hm.. Must be here!
i love this song since the first I heard this until now, so it must be on the list,
what an amazing song,
especially for Zayn, my favorite One Direction member, he's best,
love for zayn - Nina01

24 Company - Justin Bieber

And give each other company yeah this rocks

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25 Irresistible - One Direction

McFly wrote it and One Direction sung it. That's all I'm gonna say.

There's nothing wrong with McFly wrighting it and one direction singing it. It would not even almost be the same if some one other than one direction sang it but McFly is awesome for wrighting such an amazing song. They both COOL

26 Midnight Memories - One Direction

I love be direction and Justin Bieber

Oh yeah! I dance to this 1 all the time! So unique.

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27 Story of My Life - One Direction

This song really shows how much 1d have matured and progressed over the years.
As for JB I'm just gonna say "yuck"'!

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28 Fairytale - Justin Bieber
29 Drag Me Down - One Direction

People out there in the world don't ever let anyone ever drag you down with them

This is awesome and I love you harry styles and your high notes in this song too.Lots of love harry

Fannie hears it every day. She can't sleep without it.


30 Save You Tonight - One Direction

Love this song like nything <3 you HARRY STYLES

31 Truly Madly Deeply - One Direction

Most people don't know this song because it isn't on ITunes (it's a Target exclusive track or something) but listen to it, it's one of my favorite songs ever by them because it's so beautiful! ❤️

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32 Happily - One Direction

It makes me feel happy to be alive

33 Little White Lies - One Direction

It inspires people to always tell the truth

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34 She's Not Afraid - One Direction

LOVE it. I LOVE playing this album on my stereo, so loud it bugs my older brother, Jackson. AMAZING

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35 Over Again - One Direction

My favorite! I love this one. So pretty.

36 Don't Forget Where You Belong - One Direction

This is just an amazing song and it truly tells us how the guys miss their homes and families and try to remain grounded.

This one Niall wrote. He is my favorite. It's a beautiful song, really.

NIALL is my all time favorite. His BEAUTIFUIL blonde hair. I would cut my hair any day to look like his. But my mom says that because I'm girl I have to look like one. NIALL I LOVE YOU and this song

It always reminds me to never forget where I came from

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37 Taken - One Direction

Dramatic, romantic, cute and beautiful. Just perfect.

38 Somebody to Love - Justin Bieber

Best usher n JB forever... Love their dance

39 Perfect - One Direction

Best song ever

Fammie 's most favourite song.

It's PERFECT. I'm a belieber and a directioner. I LOVE THEM BOTH

40 Sorry - Justin Bieber

Nothing can be better than this

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