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41 Ladies and Gentlemen

Again another tune that deserves to be higher - espyorkshireman

42 Doomsday

One of the highlights off the new album, extremely catchy chorus - wolphert

43 Velociraptor

42? Are you kidding? This song so cool. I just can't understand, why only 42..

This song really doesn't deserve last place, there's no other song quite like it! So good - wolphert

Porque esta en ultimo lugar que les pasa

44 Last Trip (In Flight)
45 Come Back Down

Nice acoustic song, different from most of their other tunes.

46 Sun Rise Light Flies

This song also isn't in the list, and I love it because it recreates the style of the Beatles in the introduction. If you need a music file of this song, or british legion, just let me know

47 Apnoea

This song also isn't on the list :P

48 Julie & The Mothman

The most underrated song ever. A cool two note hook continued on a synthesizer and needs to be recognised. I love kasabian. Will be my favourite band for a while

49 Bumblebee

I've only heard the live version so far but when the studio version is released this needs to get to the top ten! Such a beast.

This song needs to be so much higher up the list. The song is electrifying to say the least. Best song on 48:13.

This list is worthless until this gets to at least the number ten slot.

Soon as I heard it I knew it was an instant classic - wolphert

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50 Explodes
51 S.P.S.
52 Treat

The future sound of rock. Best song on 48:13.

53 Glass
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