Best Kiwi Metal Bands

The Top Ten Best Kiwi Metal Bands

Darklight Corporation

darklight is the best band at da mo. the other bands is all the same. darklight is diferent,awesome, melody, agressive. we can see the passion, we can see the music and not jus noise like the other bands. the best kiwi metal band. the best - fafu

Darklight Corporation is created with some of of NZ's Best Talents. They are Hard Working, Professional and have an Amazing Stage Presence, exploring boundries beyond standard Metal. Impeccble in every Realm m/

I have had the pleasure of watching this band perform live an found it to be a great experience. I had such a blast. go darklight you guys rock.

I went to the show in Napier and they tore the place apart and then I met them and they were such nice guys and hung out with us.
very good band.

8 Foot Sativa

WTF! 8 foot sativa are "the best metal band on earth!" NO. 1 is where they should be!

In Dread Response

the ginger one has somewhat of a prescene on the stage, just classy music

Because in dread response are amazing.

In Dread Response are awesome. Great music, great people, and great live.


hands down the best NZ metal! Carved and Created is such a solid album and they tear up any stage they play live on!

Best on stage band there is, amazing sound and amazing stage presence, also get along well with the crowd.

These guys are very talented and are going places. They work real hard and deserve to win, cheers.

Professional Stage performance with excellent crowd interaction and kick ass music!

Saving Grace

Some great tracks on video. I actually thought they were an overseas band. Turkey Shoot was just awesome- but my wife hated it!

brutally heavy, awesome riffs, intelligent lyrics. - asdasdasd007

Just One Fix

they are such a lovely bunch AND THE SINGER HAS SHINY HAIR!

the singer has BEAUTIFUL hair!


Death/thrash metal

Ulcerate Ulcerate is a New Zealand-based technical death metal band formed by guitarist Michael Hoggard and drummer Jamie Saint Merat in 2000. Over the course of the band's career, Ulcerate has become more focused on generating darkness and atmosphere than on sheer technicality.

Original. Innovative. Accomplished. Amazing.

Legacy of Disorder

The Contenders


Best kiwi band ever, Jennie is up there with singers like Doro, Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale. Paul Martin is very talented and has been in some of the best N.Z bands. Happy they are doing so well.

Fallen Order
Heavy Metal Ninjas

By a mile the most talented and technically influenced on this list. Soaring guitar lines and dark heavy technical rhythms. Should be top on this list they are extremely underrated not just in NZ, but in the Prog Metal world.

Dawn of Azazel
Abstract Survival
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