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21 The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
22 Recharged

A great new song and several great remixes. This album deservers way better!

LIVING THINGS remix album!

WHY IS THIS IN LAST PLACE! It deserves higher than those Underground Albums...


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23 Underground XV
24 One More Light

Probably My favorite hybrid theory and another example of the fact that people hate change. The only difference between this album and Albums like meteora is that when the chorus comes their isn't a huge guitar riff, instead it is replaced by something digital is and more melodic although it is just as loud/heavy. - PewPewAssassin

I love all the songs in this album. Although Chester died all his songs will be remembered. The reason I like this album is cause they have my favorite category of music, Pop.

This album will gain a lot of popularity in some time. It released a few days ago but is already my fourth favorite album

What! It’s not my favorite but why is this album towards the bottom! Give Chester Bennington some respect. God Bless

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1. Meteora
2. Hybrid Theory
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1. Hybrid Theory
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1. Meteora
2. Hybrid Theory
3. The Hunting Party

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Linkin Park's Albums, From Worst To Best Part 1: LIVING THINGS
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