Best Liz Phair Songs


The Top Ten

1 Supernova

Best song for sure

2 Why Can't I?

No comments what artist like Justin fu**kr and selena Suck are getting votes who don't know abc of music... And this song is really awesome listen to it once

3 Extraordinary

I love this song, it is a bit sexual, but it is written in a good way, not in a disgusting way. And that killer riff in the beginning of the song is awesome. Liz is a badass singer and guitarist.

4 Jealousy
5 Carnivore
6 Whip-Smart

This song is so catchy, it sounds like a 90s cartoon theme song. It sounds like something that was in Rugrats.

7 Girls' Room
8 Everything to Me
9 Rock Me
10 Stratford-On-Guy

The Contenders

11 Insanity
12 Girls! Girls! Girls!
13 Go West

This song is relaxing and has a good vibe. This is some of the only quiet music I like.

14 Why I Lie
15 F**k and Run

This is her best song and most known song

16 Rocket Boy
17 Chopsticks
18 Ride
19 U Hate It
20 Smoke
21 Cinco De Mayo

This song is so catchy and fun. And the riffs remind me of 60s classic rock music like The Beatles. Not to mention, Liz has an awesome voice in this song, deep and sultry. This is about breaking up with a dude who has been a douchebag.

22 Dogs of L.A.

This gives me a Pulp Fiction vibe, don’t know why. This song sounds like something that would have perfectly fitted and would have been in Pulp Fiction.

I love this song. This is probably the most boring song ever, but I just really like it. I usually don’t like quiet and boring songs like this, but this one is good. It’s relaxing, and has a great smooth guitar riff and nice, simple vocals.

23 Johnny Feelgood
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