Best Madonna Songs From the '80s


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1 Like a Prayer Like a Prayer

This song DEFINED pop music, and is one of the Queen's most celebrated songs ever. And Madonna's songs have always been celebrated.

She amazing I had to be her for this school thing

My all time favourite madonna song. May God give more power to her. Long live the queen. That's my prayer.

My favourite from the 80's.

2 True Blue True Blue

A really sweet song. Catchy rhythm and cute lyrics. This Song made me a true blue madonna fan.

Lurvve it she's just the best!

3 La Isla Bonita La Isla Bonita

A boppp
La isla bonita is pop perfection

This is my all-time favorite song. Thank you Madonna for this masterpiece - Irina2932

A true classic. Enough said.

A very good song too cool

4 Live to Tell

One of her most memorable hits. Many fans claim it as the greatest Madonna song of the 80's - Irina2932

Best song ever a true masterpiece from True Blue

One of my favourites

I absolutely adore this haunting ballad. true blue is one of my favourite madonna albums.

5 Like a Virgin

Madonna at her best. This song made madonna a global sensation. Sadly I am writing this comment in 2016 and its very unlikely that madonna will ever see the wilderness again.

One of her "sign" songs - Irina2932

6 Crazy for You

Amazing track about LOVE - Irina2932

The best love song I have heard till date. Madonna is the best

One of the best songs in world!

Scotty masters I love Madonna music of crazy for you on radio stations
make me happy hay Madonna I don't like katy perry anymore I have you Madonna

7 Holiday

Best Song from her First Album has anyone seen on YouTube when she would go to clubs and sing it.How I wish I was alive back then I was born in '99 sucks.

UNFORGETTABLE! Truly a Classic

8 Material Girl

A damn good song that Madonna did I enjoyed every word she sang it also has a damn good beat to it too.

The only song I like from her - OnMyBlockFan

This should be # 2 and # 1 should be Like A Virgin not 15 this song defined her career that's her nickname "The Material Girl"

The song you think of when you think of Madonna! Never gets old! Favorite song of all time!

9 Borderline
10 Angel

This should be in the 2nd position,it made madonna famous worldwide

The Contenders

11 Burning Up
12 Papa Don't Preach

My 2nd most favorite track by Madonna - Irina2932

Poignant and robust. Plus madonna looks stunning in the cover art.

13 Into the Groove
14 Who's that Girl

Now we all know who that girl is - Irina2932

15 Till Death Do Us Part
16 Spotlight

This great song should have been a big hit - Irina2932

Hi I just like this song it's really catchy. Not so much her othe songs. She is a good artist that has outlived her day. She has some really good songs out th.

17 Open Your Heart

Amazing Pop/Rock hit from her best selling studio album "True Blue". Classic Madonna - Irina2932

18 Express Yourself
19 Lucky Star
20 Oh Father

Great ballad. Everyone do check out sia's cover of this masterpiece.

21 Everybody
22 Cherish
23 Dress You Up
24 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
25 Think of Me
26 The Look of Love

Very beautiful ballad from her soundtrack album "Who's That Girl" - Irina2932

27 Promise to Try
28 Pray for Spanish Eyes
29 Dear Jessie

Amazing song & Music Video!

30 White Heat
31 Gambler
32 Act of Contrition
33 Physical Attraction
34 You Abandoned Me
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1. Like a Prayer
2. Live to Tell
3. Crazy for You
1. Like a Prayer
2. La Isla Bonita
3. Like a Virgin
1. La Isla Bonita
2. Papa Don't Preach
3. Like a Prayer


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